Episode 1

1072 Words
MAXWELL’S POV “Have you taken all the necessary documents?” My Father asked me as I was about going to the office. “Yes sir. I have taken the necessary documents, including the letter from Wilson’s company.” I told my Dad. “Okay good. Make sure you attend to them with all diligence and remember it’s quality over quantity.” My Dad told me sharply. “Make sure to not overwork yourself because of your health, you know you are just recovering.” My mum interrupted “Mum, I will try not to.” I said with an heartwarming smile “He is a man and he is supposed to work, sweetheart have you forgotten that no food for a lazy man ?” My father asked, shifting his gaze to my mother. “My love, I didn’t forget. But do you also remember that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?” My mum asked him a rhetorical question. “Well, my son is not Jack! He is Maxwell.” My Dae said, as everyone burst into laughter by those words. “Dad, mum. I have to go now, I’ll catch up with both of you after work.” I said waving my hands to them, opened the door and left the house hurriedly. As I step out the mansion, I felt the warm morning sunlight in the sky. The cool breeze of Oklahoma blew softly on my skin and I could feel its tenderness all over my body with goosebumps as an obvious reaction. My SUV car and escorts were waiting for me outside so they could take me to the office as the son of a billionaire. “Here sir. Please come inside.” Kelvin—My right hand man said opening the door of the SUV car. “Yeah, thank you.” I responded sharply entering into the car, sitting at the back seat while the driver drove us all the way to the office. While in the car, I was thinking about the workload ahead of me, the meetings with the staff and my health at the same time. I had always been hardworking right from time and it continued when I became a full grown man to the extent that I could risk my health without thinking twice just to be diligent and accomplish lots of task within a short period of time. “Here we are.” I said from the back seat while Kelvin came down to open the door so I could come down. The three car escorts that followed my SUV had to wait till I close from work so that they could take me back home. I didn’t care about how they will feel waiting inside a car outside for hours, all I cared was how I was being treated as the son of a well known billionaire in the country. “Good morning Sir.” Sarah greeted me trying to help me with the briefcase that I was carrying in my hands. She was my secretary at the office. “Morning: what time did you resume today?” I asked her sharply. “An hour ago sir.” She responded calmly “Well, not bad.” I replied her walking straight into my office and sitting down on my chair as the manager. “Sir, is there anything you will like me to do for you?” My secretary—Sarah asked me immediately after settled down. “No. Nothing for now, let me settle down and if I need anything I won’t hesitate to call you.” I told her “Alright Sir.” She said, walking away from my office with immediate request. I removed my suit and hanged it on my chair, ready to work. Checked the files on my table and began to glance through them one by one. Just then I remembered keeping some money in my drawer the previous day before going home, I paused the checking of files and checked my drawer for the money but unfortunately I couldn’t find the money where I kept it. “What?! Where is the money? I kept it here yesterday?” I asked myself, I scattered my table and drawer looking for the fifty thousand dollars cash but I couldn’t find it anywhere in my office. “Is this a joke? Or did I take it home? No…no.. I didn’t take it home. It was right here when I was leaving yesterday.” I said to myself while alone in my office. I moved closer to the telephone and called Sarah to come right into my office. “Sir, you called me?” She asked, with a countenance of confusion. “Why did you take the fifty thousand dollars that I put in my drawer?” I shouted angrily. “Fifty thousand dollars? No. I mean I don’t even know that there was money in your office sir.” She explained “You know you resumed just a week ago, it won’t cost me anything to sack you right now! So it’s better you just go and bring that money wherever you kept it.” I said “Sir I didn’t takes the money. I’m seriously not aware of any money.” She insisted trying to prove herself innocent. “Who did you plan it with?” I asked her again. “Plan? I will do no such thing sir. I will never do that.” She responded. “Really?” “Yes sir.” She nodded her head. “Call me every other staff in this office to meet me in my office right now, everyone should drop whatsoever thing they might be doing and come here now!!” I ordered her authoritatively. “I will do just that sir.” She said, trembling and hurriedly went out to do what I instructed her to do. I hated theft with so much passion, I hate people cheating or stealing from me. I preferred them asking instead of doing illegal things. I was a tough and disciplined man who was bent on dealing with anyone that crosses the line. I kept on searching for the money while Sarah went to call the staffs, my eyes were red and my countenance was fierc e and ready to deal with the culprit in any way that I can so that others can learn.
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