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"Please have a seat," King Noha told while sitting in a white couch when Princess Lorainne and Neil came to his office. "What's going on?" Princess asked curiously at nauna na siyang naglakad towards their parents. "We have something to tell you," sambit ni Queen Kristine calmly mula sa kaliwang side nang kaniyang husband. "I don't like what I am thinking," bulong naman ni Neil sa sarili at lumapit na siya sa parents niya, sitting in one couch together with his elder sister and in front of their parents. "What is this about?" tanong ulit ni Princess na hindi mapalagay sa upuan niya because she can sense that something is up. Tumingin muna sa isa't-isa si Noha at Kristine as if they agreed in one thing and then, they turned their heads again towards their children. "Well, I called you two here because I want to tell you both that we are retiring. Me and your Mom from the throne. We have decided to passed the throne to you, Neil, since your elder sister don't want to and you are next to the throne. But don't worry we will guide you all the way if you need any help," mahinahon at maayos na sabi ni King Noha sa dalawang anak nila. "I thought you only get to passed the throne when you turn 65? But you two are only 50s," banggit ni Princess na may pagtataka as she knows very well the rules of their country. "I already changed that, and I noted that the King and Queen can pass their throne to the next successor whenever they wish to retire," King Noha replied answering his daughter. "So, I can pass the throne too to the next successor?" mabilis na tinuran ni Neil in a serious face. The three of them turned their heads at Neil dahil nabigla sila sa sinabi nito na hindi nila inaasahan. "N-no, you can't. W-we also noted—" Queen Kristine contradicted immediately and think of something to counter her son who outsmarted them— "that the next successor have to render 45 years before passing it to the next successor. Right, honey?" And she turned to her husband and rose her eyebrows at him to give him signal. "Y-yeah. Absolutely. Your mother is right," sagot ni King Noha na nakuha kaagad ang gusto ipahiwatig ng wife niya sa kaniya, at saka siya lumingon kay Neil para hindi obvious na they made it up just now para hindi ito makatanggi. "45 years? Really?" sambit ni Neil na hindi naniniwala sa parents niya dahil he can tell that they just made it up. "Yes. Mr. Charles already put it in our strict rules as I ordered," mabilis na tugon ni King Noha at tumingin kay Mr. Charles na nasa kanan niyang side at nakatayo lang. Nagulat naman si Mr. Charles ng tawagin ang name niya pero bago siya sumagot ay tumingin muna siya kay King Noha who is giving him signals na kaagad niya nakuha so, he nodded. "Yes. Yes, I did, your Majesty. I already put it in," he told seriously at saka siya lumingon kay Neil. "Do you want me to get the book, your highness?" tanong niya rito na walang pag-aalinlangan to let him know that he is not joking even he is just riding King Noha's command on the spot. "No need. I believe in you, Mr. Charles," Neil dismissed quickly because he knows that Mr. Charles do not lie. "So with that, Neil, you are the new King. The passing of the throne will happen next week so, I want you to clear your schedule until next month because you need to pay a visit to every nation within our jurisdiction," paalala ni King Noha sa bagong King na kaniyang itinalaga. "What if I decline to be a King?" sunod na tanong ni Neil na hindi inaalis ang tingin niya sa father niya. "You can't, my son. The crown cannot be passed on to others unless the whole first royal blood died in a tragic event. The crown must remain to the first royal blood," paliwanag ni King Noha para ipaalam sa anak niya na wala ito ibang choice kung hindi ang tanggapin ang korona or titulo as next ruler of Dubai. "What can I say more? I guess, I do not have a choice," kibit-balikat na response ni Neil as if he was forced to be the next ruler of Dubai. "Then, it's settled. You, Neil, is the next King of Dubai. Prepare yourself on Sunday and we will be having a big ceremony. Mr. Charles, please call the President and the General as we will be having an important meeting," anunsyo ni King Noha at utos niya kay Mr. Charles na nasa tabi niya. "Yes, your Majesty," magalang na sagot ni Mr. Charles at lumabas na siya nang opisina. "Congratulations to you then, my little brother," nakangiting sabi ni Princess sa kapatid niya at pwersahan niya kinuha ang kanan kamay nito to express her gratitude towards the new King of Dubai. "Don't even start, or I will terminate you in this palace," asar na sambit ni Neil dahil she should be the next successor and not him, but because she declined, siya tuloy ang ginawang King. But Princess just stick out her tongue to tease him more. — — — The day of coronation finally came, many people are in front of the palace to witness the passing of crown to the next successor that is still unknown to them. Also the other countries are waiting for the announcement that they hope will change the world for the better. "As you can see, there are a lot of people here now in front of the palace to witness the passing of crown to the new King or Queen. And as you all know, King Noha and Queen Kristine only have two children and they are Princess Lorainne and Prince Neil. Who do you think will be the next ruler of Dubai? Stay tune here and we will bring you the latest news about the coronation," the news reporter told in front of the camera. The big bell in the palace ring when the clock strikes to 12pm and that is the signal to start the ceremony. "Good afternoon to all of you, I am pleased that you are all here to witness the coronation of the next ruler of our beloved country, Dubai. Say no less, I am delighted to serve this country, but I am afraid I can no longer be your King. Let's not waste time anymore. May I present to all of you, your new King, King Neil Gabriel Jang Rashid-Al," anunsyo ni King Noha at lumingon siya sa likod niya to give way to the new King of Dubai which is his second child, Prince Neil. Hearing his name, Neil stepped forward and faces all the people as he is new elected King of Dubai. "Long live, King Neil of Dubai! Long live, King Neil of Dubai!" Everybody cheered and they all raised the flag of Dubai that on their hands to welcome the new King of their country. The General at the side with an army suit raised his right hand to silent everybody and the crowd become quiet, whilst all of the cameras are focused on Neil's face to wait for his speech. "Thank you, everyone, for welcoming me as your new King of Dubai. I am hoping that everyone will cooperate with me. I will say no more as I know action speak louder than words," Neil spoke seriously and he bowed his head to give respect to everyone who welcomed him. "Long live, King Neil of Dubai!" the crowd cheered again while waving the flag of Dubai that they are holding. ***
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