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Neil and Francis were at the Football stadium in Dubai, and Francis confessed his feelings towards him but unfortunately, Neil rejected him twice and that was because he said he was more interested in a natural-born woman than a gay, transgender or transwoman. However on that very day too, Neil kissed Francis and something happened between them in the dark alley but after that, Neil disappeared without telling anyone even his parents and elder sister the reason why. When Francis heard that from Princess, he was devastated so, he told her everything even their intercourse which surprised her dahil ang alam niya ay ayaw ng nakababatang kapatid niya sa gay, and that gives her confusion. *** “That was very wrong. Terribly wrong. Fvck. What’s wrong with me? Bakit ako pumatol sa kaniya? I shouldn’t have. I am going crazy. And this is not right. Now, I have to leave,” Neil mumbled inside of his head in dilemma and he started the engine of his car and left the football stadium where Francis was. In no time, he reached the palace and without saying a word he passed by to his parents who were both sitting in the living area and talking, he went straight to his room and collected all of his things. He also grabbed a big suitcase and placed all of his things inside of it. “I cannot longer stay here, or I will go crazy,” Neil murmured again in his head when he remembered what happened to him and Francis unexpectedly. “What are you doing? Where are you going and you are packing your things?” tanong ni Queen Kristine nang pumasok siya sa kwarto nang anak niya because she was bothered sa kinikilos nito, at nabigla siya nang makita niya ang ginagawa nitong pag-iimpake. “I am leaving,” maikling responded ni Neil while packing his things na pati files na kailangan niya ay isiniksik niya sa loob ng suitcase niya. “What? And why? Why are you leaving? May I know why? You can tell me anything, my son. Is there a problem? Please, tell me so, I would know why you are doing this. You are making me worried,” nag-aalalang sabi ni Queen Kristine sa anak niya na lumapit pa nang husto rito to let him know na she will always be on his side no matter what happens. “Mom, I will stay in the Philippines for a while. Okay? So, do not worry. I will keep in touch with you naman,” malumanay na paliwanag ni Neil while looking directly at his mother’s eyes to let her know na he’s alright and nothing is wrong with him. “But why? Why are you going there?” sunod na tanong ni Queen Kristine na hindi tinitigilan ang anak niya. But Neil did not talk anymore and he closed his suitcase after grabbing all of the things he needed, and then he started walking going through the door while Queen Kristine followed him because she did not get an answer to her question. And with that ay umalis na si Neil ng palasyo na hindi man lang nagpaalam sa father niya dahil he doesn’t have time to explain himself more. He rode in a private plane and finally left the country of Dubai without planning to go back anymore. ————— NEIL’s POV “This place will do,” sambit ko sa sarili ko while checking out the place kung saan ako mag-istay for how long I don’t know. No one recognizes me here so, it’s the best hiding place. And so, I unpacked my things sa master bedroom na big enough for me. Actually, the whole house is big enough for me since I’m gonna live alone. Kukuha na lang ako ng maid to clean once in a while to keep the place clean and neat. A ring called my attention so, I fished out my phone into my pocket and looked who’s calling. Oh, it’s Dad. For sure Mom told him already. Well, I don’t have a choice so, I picked it up and put it in my right ear. “Hello, Neil?” my Dad spoke in the other line. “Yes, Dad? Why’d you called?” walang ganang tanong ko at naupo ako sa edge ng kama ko. “Is that really you? If that is really you tell me something that the real Rashid-Al would only know,” naniniguradong banggit ng Dad ko. And I rolled my eyes on that because he always does this to me. And to me only as if someone would snatched my phone and something had happened to me. “I had a twin brother but he died inside of Mom’s womb when you and Mom got separated on the day of your engagement,” I simply told that only Rashid-Al would know because as far as I know, Mom and Dad did not publicize that news, and that was because we do not want anyone to ask more questions about it. It’s a traumatic experience for Mom and we do not want her to have depression just talking about it. “Okay, you really are a Rashid-Al. So tell me, where are you and why did you leave the palace? I’m listening,” Dad directly asked and I can tell by his voice na he will not stop calling me unless I answer all of his questions. “I’m here now in the Philippines where people don’t recognize me. It is true that it’s a safe place just like Ate mentioned,” I replied without telling him why I left Dubai. I will not answer that. “And why?” he questioned anyway. “Dad, I’m a big boy now, okay? Stop asking me like a teenage boy,” asar kong sabi kahit na gusto ko na siya babaan ng phone but I wouldn’t do that because I do not want him to think that I have no respect to him anymore. “Just answer the damn question, Neil. Or, I will go there by myself and I will force you to come back here,” he demanded as always. “You gotta be kidding me,” I retorted. “Don’t give me that attitude, son,” he hissed. Well, I better answer him with convincing alibi or he will really fly here and forced me to come with him, and I do not want that to happen. “Dad, I flew here because Philippines is a nice place just like you and Mom said. And just like my elder sister who found love here. And guess what could happen to me, I might as well found the love of my life here. I do not know. But I am hoping. You see, I am getting old so, I want someone to live with me. And, oh, I want you to cut all of my credit cards. I want to live on my own. You know, by myself. And… I want to find someone who don’t show up just because I have a lot of money and my parents are the ruler of Dubai,” I sweetly mentioned even though I have no interest for finding one. I just want to live on my own. I want to know what will happen to me without all the ravishing things around me. Oh, come on, Dad, bite it. I couldn’t think of any excuse anymore. I prayed. So, he will stop pestering me. “You sound sincere. Okay. You take good care of yourself there, alright? If you need anything you know where to find us,” he responded that made me smile. “Thank you, Dad. Bye,” I only said and I hanged up the phone. Finally! Then, I checked my credit cards on my phone and just like I wanted, Dad freezes my account. The only account that left in me now is my own credit card with a billion dollar in it. This will do for me to start living on my own. — — — “Hello, Danny?” King Noha spoke over the phone with his deep voice while he is sitting comfortably on his chair at his office. “Tell me, how’s your daughter? That’s a good thing. Listen, I need your help. My son is there, and I am worried as hell. Can you help me? I will be the one to pay for your expenses, everything including your daughter’s medication. Just…help me track my son,” pakiusap niya para updated pa rin siya sa mga ganap na nangyayari sa anak niyang lalaki. And because he couldn’t let his only son be away from him, especially he carries the title of ‘Prince’. — — — I am doing my cardio exercise in the top of the sun when all of a sudden my business phone ring. I answered it right away after seeing the guard’s caller ID. “Good afternoon, Sir. You said you are looking for a housekeeper, right?” the guard asked in the other line. “Yes, I am. Have you found someone?” tanong ko curiously because I really need some help when it comes to chores. And because I am not used to it. “Yes. His name is Danny and he is coming over there now. He is from our agency,” the guard told seriously. “Okay. Thank you,” I responded and hanged up the phone. And right after I hanged up, the doorbell rang so, I stood up and get the door. “Yes? Who are you?” I asked just for confirmation because he might not the man the guard was telling me about. “Name’s Danny Lee, Sir. Ako po ‘yung nag-a-apply as housekeeper,” nakangiting pagpapakilala niya sa sarili niya sa akin. Kaagad ako napangiti at binuksan ko na ang pinto as he confirmed his name. “Please, come in,” I mentioned and I invited him inside of my house. I led him to the living room and we sat in front of each other. “Ask ko lang po, matagal na po ba kayo naglilinis?” magalang kong tanong in a Filipino language. “Yes, Sir. Nagsasalita po pala kayo nang tagalog,” natawang sambit niya na nabigla sa sinabi ko. “Yes. Fluent ako sa tagalog and because my Mom taught me. Dito rin kasi siya nanatili nang tinataguan niya ang Dad ko. Anyways, Anu-ano po ba ang alam niyong gawaing bahay?” kwento ko pero kaagad ko nilihis dahil ayaw ko magkaroon siya nang idea kung sino talaga ako. “Marunong po ako sa lahat ng gawaing bahay. Gardening, paghuhugas ng mga pinggan, pwede rin po akong carpenter, tubero, painter, lahat po ng household chores. Kayang-kaya ko po lahat ‘yun,” masiglang sagot naman niya sa akin na naging dahilan kung bakit napangiti ako. “That’s good to know po. If you want po dito na kayo mag-stay. Libre po lahat. All I need lang naman po is to keep my favorite place clean and neat,” magandang balita na hatid ko sa kaniya. “Talaga po? Pero okay lang po ba na isama ko ang kaisa-isa kong anak na babae? Dalawa na lang po kasi kami. Namatay na ang nanay niya sa panganganak sa kaniya kaya ako na lang ang bumubuhay sa kaniya ngayon. ‘Wag po kayo mag-alala mabait po na bata iyon,” pakiusap niya sa akin. “No worries po, you can stay here po as long as you want. May kwarto po sa may lounge area, you can stay there po,” mabait ko rin na sagot sa kaniya since I can tell na he’s really nice at wala siyang gagawin na masama sa akin or sa bahay ko. Isa pa, my house is inside of a subdivision kaya if they try to do something the guard outside will report it to me naman. He’s the perfect man I am looking for. Now, I can work and go wherever I want. ~ I started finding a job at hindi naman ako nahirapan maghanap. Ang una kong trabaho dito sa Pilipinas ay isang waiter sa bar na sobrang dami nang tao but the good thing is no one knows who I am. There were girls hitting on me while I was working but I immediately declined, and that was because I am not interested. Then, I also become a singer in wedding venues with a mask on so, they won’t capture my face, and because I get to received a big amount of money. I hid my identity wherever I go. After a year when I got my savings, I began traveling around the world as a tourist. I stayed for two weeks in every country I visited, and go home in the Philippines whenever I want to. But then after two years of being a housekeeper, Mang Danny talked to me and said na hindi na siya makakapaglinis dahil sa osteoarthritis niya na tinanggap ko naman kaagad. Well, he’s old na rin kaya hindi ko siya masisisi pero he recommended his daughter, Wendy, na sinabi niya na marunong din sa gawaing bahay who was still in the school daw kaya wala ngayon. I didn’t decline and I approved it right away even though I haven’t seen her. All I need anyways is someone who can keep my place clean and neat at hindi kami magkakaroon ng problema. And I bet he knows that already. “You can pass to her the duplicate key I gave to you so, she can clean here. Do not worry I often get home kaya makakasigurado po kayo na wala akong gagawin na masama sa anak niyong babae,” I mentioned, giving him assurance na wala akong gagawin na masama sa kaisa-isa niyang anak na babae. And because I am not interested, pero syempre hindi ko na ‘yun sinabi. “May tiwala po ako sa inyo, Sir,” mabait na replied sa akin ni Mang Danny, and I know from there ay nagkaintindihan kami. Itutuloy…
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