chapter 2

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Nathan POV In his hand was the second returned official letter he had sent to bring her back to the pack. The first had not been returned, he knew she would have opened it, curiosity would have gotten the better of her, if she had not felt the responsibility to answer her Alpha’s letter. Nathan knew that they had not parted on good terms but it was time that Jay-la returned home. He had seen her on TV by mere chance, standing outside the front of a court house speaking to the press about the case she had just won for a client she was representing in a high profile divorce case. 6 long years had passed and she seemed bright, strong and filled with confidence, she had looked amazing dressed to kill in that dark blue skirt that was tight all the way down to her knees and a soft cream blouse which had clung to her body in the breeze, her bright green eyes had seemed so full of life, her comments to the press were straight to the point, no non-sense and she didn’t answer anything torrid or gossipy. Life away from the pack seemed to suit her. His chest had ached a little, knowing he was the reason why she was out there and not here. He and Havoc, his wolf, had watched her with great interest. She had always wanted to be a lawyer. Work in the packs legal department, not much cause for divorce lawyers with in wolfen society, but contract law was rife and if he remembered correctly that was what she was specialising in, while studying. They had watched from the lounge in the common room, his Beta – Jackson, Gamma – Stephen and Delta – Ethan had all also seen her on the TV that night, as all 4 of them had been having a drink and hunting for a movie to watch to wind down after a long day, Jackson had been in-charge of the remote and was flicking through the channels where her beautiful face had popped up on the screen, her name and law firm were rolling across the bottom of the screen it was a recap of the news of the day in the human world. None of them had seen her since that day, the day he had forced her to leave. She had left and never come back, just as he had ordered her to. Looking at her beautiful face, she had grown into a very beautiful young woman, just 26 now. Listening to her voice he had felt a pang of regret and now realised he missed his long-time friend, they’d grown up together, trained together and been lovers once. Now there was nothing and she was gone. ‘Bring her home’ havoc had growled at him, and had been relentless in the days that followed to bring her home, just wouldn’t shut up about it and so he had agreed with his wolf, and made the decision that it was time to bring her home to the pack where she belonged. So he had sent the first official letter to her after Jackson had tracked her down. It hadn’t been that hard, less than a day, clearly she wasn’t hiding just staying away. Now he sat in his office over a month later annoyed and verging on angry. She had ignored the first letter, or so he thought, there was a possibility she had not gotten it, but he didn’t think that was it, Jackson would not have made a mistake, they had all grown up together and she had been just as good a friend with him as she had been with Nathan. Actually, Jackson had been really pissed off about her sudden leaving by Nathan’s order. That day, Nathan had been angered and so had Havoc and they had responded without much thought. That fateful day he’d sent her away, acted solely on instinct, but had not given it much thought since that day either. Not til he had seen her on the TV. Sophia had been really pissed off that she had not been stripped of rank and turned from the pack by his father Alpha Blaine, at the time. She had demanded that Jay-la be made a rogue for the insult, but his father had simply stated ‘No, its inappropriate under the circumstances.’ those circumstances being he knew that Jay-la and Nathan had been sleeping together for just over a year, and he felt there was more to it, that Sophia had probably over reacted. Due to the move she had made that week the letter should have arrived, it was possible that she hadn’t received it, but there was also the possibility that she had read it and ignored it, moved to avoid him. Turning the letter over in his hand he looked at his Beta “So this is how she’s going to play is it.” “You did order her to leave and never come back” Jackson replied simply, “if she didn’t get the first letter and returned the other 2 perhaps she doesn’t know the content.” he was leaning casually against the wall, He appeared board. Nathan returned his attention to the envelope and stared at it for a long time trying to decide a course of action. He nodded to himself after several minutes of contemplation, “Alright, let's make it really official. Something she can’t just ignore without the threat of retrieval.” His eyes moved to his Beta. Jackson sighed heavily and turned those grey eyes on him, a frown on his face “you sure want to do that?” “ Yes” Nathan replied firmly. “send it to her law firm, and make it to be signed for, so we know she got it.” His mouth quirked in a smug smile, ‘Lets see you ignore me now little wolf’ he thought ‘I can play as well as you can, only you can’t ignore me. I am your Alpha and you will do as I command’
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