Chapter 3 – Pregnant?

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Lynn took a document from her bag and handed it to Martin. She said to Bella, “Oh sister, this is your medical report which shows that you have been pregnant for more than a month. In fact, the results came last night, but I originally wanted to show it on another day, not today. Now...” She looked at the big screen with some embarrassment and continued, “So far, you should sincerely apologize to Martin.” “Pregnant? How is that possible?!?” Bella grabbed the medical report, and disbelievingly looked at the red line her eyes widened in horror, “HCG212.4, normal pregnancy!” How could it be? She checked the name, age, and date of the medical examination in the report repeatedly. It was accurate, but how could it be her? Her hands that held the medical report loosed abruptly, and her head became dizzy. Only one thought appeared in her mind, and that was that the erotic dream was indeed real. Martin saw the medical report fall beside his feet as soon as he lowered his head. He looked at Bella, his face pale, he was choked with complex emotions. Anger, resentment, sadness, and more. He stepped forward and held her slender shoulders, he looked into her eyes and said word by word, “Bella, I believe you as long as you say that wasn’t true.” “Oh, Martin is too gullible and foolish. It is not worthwhile to love this woman,” said someone. The spectators were shouting, and the journalists who were standing in the last row rushed to the front of the crowd with their cameras and snapped pictures of Bella wildly. The scandal of this wealthy family was so exaggerated and quirky that it will be a hit. If Bella denied firmly that the woman in those lewd photos wasn’t her, she really couldn’t explain this medical report. The tearing pain in her body lasted for more than a week, and her menstrual cycle was late by half a month, she recently vomited every morning... She held a fluky mentality and was unwilling to accept the authenticity of the “Erotic Dream.” On the evening of Ann's trip to the casino, someone snuck into her room. But how could she explain being raped? She hadn’t seen the man's appearance clearly. Bess stood in the crowd and wanted to rush to her daughter, but she was held back and surrounded somehow by some “Madams,” and even her mouth was covered by someone. Conspiracy! It was a planned frame. “Bella...” called Martin while pain flashed through his eyes. He knew precisely Bella would never admit to anything she had not done. According to her temperament, the fact that she was in such an absent-minded state could only explain one thing, that she did have s*x with other men. Ruthlessness flashed through Martin’s eyes and the gentleness that was there disappeared instantly. He then composed himself fast to face the lights of the media as well as the spectators and said, “I must apologize to everyone for seeing such unbearable pictures. I have known and dated Bella for four years. I blame myself for the things that happened. I was up to my ears in my work and hadn’t given enough time or concern to her.” He faintly glanced at dumbstruck Bella and said to her, “I'm sorry.” Then, he turned to the guests again, and with a deep bow, he continued, “I’m afraid I cannot pursue the relationship with Bella. I'm sorry for everyone having their time wasted. Today's events are canceled. There is still a buffet, so please eat, drink, and enjoy yourself.” Everyone at once regarded him as a true gentleman due to his sincere attitude and forgiveness to some extent for Bella. At the same time, Bella undertook all the pressure from public opinion. “It is so shameless for her to give up such a good man and have affairs with another man.” “It was unexpected that she longed for s*x so much and had love affairs with that many men! What a slut!” said another. Bella walked out of the hotel blankly with the accusing fingers that pointed to her and the blinding flash close to her body, she seemed to be lifeless. She was like a soulless corpse, aimlessly loitering on the street. Her legs were so heavy that she was unable to move and leaned against a tree on the road. She slid herself down slowly. How could it be? Who was the man with silver-gray eyes? Why did he ruin her life like that? Tears blurred Bella’s sight, and her body turned ice-cold in the midsummer heat. She held her legs tightly and buried her head between them, her body trembled fiercely. A car stopped abruptly in front of Bella, and two men jumped out of the vehicle to lift her up from the ground. Bella was surprised, her eyes widened, and she asked, “What do you want with...” A cloth with an odd smell covered her mouth. She had lost consciousness before she finished her sentence.  The two men threw her into the car and drove away fast like a gust of wind and as if they had never appeared. ... When Bella woke up that evening, she found that she was in a big bed surrounded by darkness. Where was she? Was she kidnapped? Bella fumbled out of bed and walked her hands along the wall to find a switch to turn the light on. “You’re awake?” A man’s voice asked in the darkness. His cold voice arose in the room without any variation in tone. It could be hard to determine any context, whether it was a statement or a question just by his words. Shocked by this sudden voice, Bella pressed herself against the wall tightly, and held her breath to listen to where the voice came from. The light chased the darkness away instantly with the sudden flip of the switch, and the whole room was as bright as day. The sudden strong light made Bella involuntarily raise her hand to block her eyes. After she had adapted to the light in front of her eyes, she made eye contact with the man who had falcon-like sight. The man that stood in front of her had a muscular and tall figure, with the buttons of his white shirt loosely fastened to the chest. His firm chest muscles loomed, which made him very appealing to any onlooker. Further up, his handsome and attractive face had deep and chiseled features. Under his dashing eyebrows were blue eyes and sexy lips slightly opened under his straight nose, the combination of his whole was a fatal attraction to others. This man was unbelievably handsome, but Bella was not an i***t. She knew that the more beautiful things were, the more dangerous they were. His eyes were so beautiful yet harsh that they seemed to devour the world. Bella swallowed hard and asked, “Who are you? What do you want?” Charles Williams glanced at her slightly, and he completely ignored her questions. Then, he lifted her delicate chin with his slender fingers and asked with an arrogant look, “Pregnant? Huh?” After he slowly swept to her abdomen with his azure eyes, he appeared somewhat proud and said, “I’m surprised that you got pregnant in one night.” His smug look showed that he was proud that his semen was potent enough to have made her pregnant on the night she thought was just a dream. She hated him immensely. Bella stared at him coldly, after standing still for a few seconds, she finally gathered the courage and uttered, “Were you the man that night?” Her body shivered when she questioned him, not knowing whether that was out of excitement or hatred.
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