All Started With A Forced Marriage (Completed)


“You... You don't come near me! Sir, you…. you are good-looking and so rich, you can find any beautiful woman you want. Please, please keep your composure.”

“Of course, women like you would never get in my bed. But you are the selected woman, only you could give birth to my child. “

Bella had been made the laughingstock of the whole city. Taken away by force before she could prove her innocence by the Lord, Charles Williams. The one and only “King of the Sea” and the only duke rising from a civilian in the beautiful British Columbia.

That dangerous man forced her to married to him. She tried everything to get away from him.

But he told her that she could never leave without giving birth to his child...


Hi, my dear readers, my book: Mr. Possessive Guardian: Please Let Me Go! is on the shelf, here is the blurb, hope you like it:

At home, he was her guardian,

In school, he was her professor,

In bed, he was her husband,

Her mother died, and a strange man conquered her home, dispossessed her heritage, and became her guardian and professor.

To her surprise, he even wanted to be her husband!

He used his possessive love and supreme power to lure her heart step by step.

After she fell into his love trap, everything changed...

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Chapter 1 – An Erotic Dream
A young woman was sleeping soundly in the king-size bed in the first class of a cruise ship, whose slim and delicate body was exposed to the strong light. Hot, so hot! The heat in her body steadily stroked the girl's young and tender nerves, and her slender legs unconsciously rubbed against each other, as if looking for something. The snow-colored skin, which almost integrated itself with the sheets underneath, gradually changed from pure white to silver gray. She was like a flower blooming slowly and waiting for people to pick it up. So awful! Bella Brook felt that she was caught in a dream in which she had always told herself to wake up, but failed no matter how hard she tried, where her head felt groggy. There seemed to be someone talking, but the buzzing eardrums of Bella stopped her from hearing what they said. “Lord, it looks as if she has been drugged. Shall I detoxify her first?” said a wrinkled female doctor in a white coat standing by a tall man with a look that called for respect. The man was elegant under the light, but he said ruthlessly, “No, check her body first.” The female doctor walked to the bed and scanned the girl's skin bit by bit with the cold instrument in her hand and said, “Yes, Lord.”  A hum rang out of Bella’s mouth after each touch of the instrument. That hum struck the heartstrings of the man gently. His body somehow had a reaction to the girl's soft moans. He frowned an eyebrow as he had never had such a feeling towards anyone before.  This girl is unique.  Just before the man was about to leave, the female doctor put away the instrument in a respectful manner, and she said with great excitement showing on her wrinkled face, “Lord, I've checked her body and she's still a virgin. Also, the blood sample report shows that she is the person we are looking for!” After a pause, the doctor asked, “Shall I detoxify her now?” The man did not reply to her but instead walked to the bed with grace. His powerful and cold aura instantly brought a chill to the air. As if sensing the chill in the air, Bella's body started to tremble a little.  The man paused for a moment and slowly commanded, “Get out.” His voice was low, steady, and powerful. The female doctor replied, “Yes, Lord.” Then she bowed, backed out, and gently closed the door. Bella saw the man before her eyes in a daze, but she could not see anything clearly. She struggled to shake her head and wake herself up. She tried to see what the man looked like. But a shadow came before her eyes and the man hugged her. "Hmm..." Bella involuntarily let out a moan. The man's body which was full of hormones made her feel burning hot. She wriggled in the man's arm out of control, hoping for something desperately.  "Hot... Help..." Bella kept murmuring.  Her beautiful soft body in his arm and her alluring moans sent an electric current to his spine. He couldn't help hugging her more tightly.  "Hmm... Please help... I want... Hmm..." She mumbled, her mind was a mess. Her moans were then stopped by the man's hot lips.  Bella could feel that someone was kissing her and the man's hand was caressing her body, sending shivers down her spine. Something was building in her belly. She couldn't resist it anymore and let herself indulge in the desire.  Aargh. A sharp pain hit her all of a sudden, but it soon turned into strange yet exhilarating feelings. She felt like a boat floating up and down in the sea of lust. Soon, she found her release beneath the man... ... The next day.  Looking at the pretty sleeping face of the woman in his arms, the man frowned and quickly got out of bed and left the room. The corridor of the first class was lined with people in black and at the forefront was a rotund man bound with strong rope. As soon as the cabin door opened, all the men in black lowered their heads. The leading man in black walked over to the man and said, pointing his finger at the person on the ground, “Lord, we caught a man who was attempting to enter the cabin.” The handsome man being called Lord looked at the camera in his hand and glanced at the cabin door behind him. Ignoring the man on the ground, he said with an ice-cold tone, “Throw him into the sea.” That man dared to have some wicked ideas for Lord's woman. He was doomed.  ... In the room.  Bella woke up to the call of a good friend. When she opened her eyes, she saw that her friend Ann Jones was looking at her with great concern. When seeing her waking up, Ann quickly asked, “Bella, are you okay?” Bella touched her head and expressed, “I am Ok! Just a bit of a headache.” She not only had a headache, but her body was aching like a vehicle had crashed into it. Bella sat up and looked at the pyjamas she wore last night and secretly lifted the quilt. She found that the sheet had no stains but some wrinkles. Thinking back at everything that happened last night, Bella thought with a forced smile that it seemed to have just been an erotic dream she had last night. She rubbed her sore arms and wondered how having an erotic dream could feel so real. The feeling of distention in her body and the silver-gray eyes of the man which were remembered vaguely by Bella were so real. “Bella, are you okay? Did something happen last night?” said Ann with her fluttering hands in front of Bella and a worried expression. Nothing! It was just an erotic dream. Bella blushed, she was embarrassed to say this kind of thing to another. She turned to look at her roommate and asked, “Ann, do you know anyone who has silver-gray eyes?” Fearing that Ann might misunderstand something, she hastened to say more, “Some people's eyes are brown and some blue. Who has silver-gray eyes?” Ann touched her forehead, glanced at her sourly, and said, “You assuredly have no fever, but why do you talk nonsense? Some sharks and dolphins have silver-gray eyes, but they are not human.” Sharks and dolphins... Bella thought that she must be confused by the dream. It seemed that her twenty-year-old body really needed a man. “Okay, okay, get up quickly. The cruise ship will approach the shore in the afternoon, and we can enjoy the scenery more at sea,” said Ann. Then she took the clothes from the bed and threw them to Bella and asked, “Have you seen my camera?” Bella changed her clothes while she replied, “No! Didn’t you take it to the casino last night?” Ann waved her hand and said with a faint fluster flashing through her eyes, “Why would I take the camera to the casino?” The azure coast was boundless, vast, and distant. Bella stared carefully at the dolphins that were chasing the cruise ship to make sure whether their eyes were silver-gray or not. “Hey, did you miss Martin Smith again?” said Ann. She carried a red wine glass and shook it demurely, “The cruise ship will be pulling into shore soon so you can be relieved. You will see Martin immediately.” Bella didn't look at her but said with a deprecating tone, “He said that he would not pick me up due to an important meeting.” When she was leaning on the handrail with her hands, and staring straight at the sea, she patted Ann on the arm and asked pointing her finger at the place where the dolphins surrounded, “Ann, is that your camera?” Ann looked over and found that there was a black camera floating with the waves among the seven or eight white dolphins. Ann waved her hands unnaturally and said, “Oh man! Who knows? Cameras always look the same.” After taking a sip of wine, she changed the subject and added, “Hey, have you ever thought that Martin maybe with another woman instead of doing work?” Was he accompanying another woman now? Bella dated Martin for four years since high school at the request of her parents. She didn't know whether she liked him or not, but she never thought about the above question. After all, they would be engaged next month. But now, should Ann not care about her own camera? After all, she was very concerned about it before. Bella blinked and looked at Ann with an inexplicable feeling in her heart.

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