Chapter 1

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Chapter 1- ENGLISH "Ugly! Ugly! Ugly! Get out of here, your ugly woman!” the children shout at me. I just smiled at them and laid the tray with food on their table. Living for eighteen years here in the world, I was used to being called ugly by children. I want to prove to them that I'm not ugly, but I can't show them any evidence. I couldn't shift in front of anyone without showing them my wolf, a very rare and special one. Of all the wolves here in the Gold Heart Pack, I am the only one who couldn't shift, or that's what I want them to believe, and the only one who is ugly. A werewolf that couldn't shift is lower than Omega, that's me. Even though I want them to know I wasn't, my wolf told me to keep her my secret until the time is right to show everyone who I am. What can I do if I am ugly, I was born that? From childhood, I experienced the insults of my fellow wolves. Many say that even if I find my mate he would not accept me, I feel sad but my wolf would always cheer me up. Right now, there is a little party here at the orphanage where I grew up. I help take care the orphan children like me, with Head Omega Lenette. She is the only one that ever kind to me in this place. There were guests from another pack and almost all of them seemed disgusted, looking at me. “Ohm! In my whole life, I have only just seen an ugly wolf. Maybe her parents are ugly too,’’ the beautiful woman said to her pack mate while looking at me in disgust. "What's the use of having a beautiful face if a behaviour is ugly as yours!" I heard one of her female pack mates say. She looked at me and smiled sweetly. I also sent her a sweet smile. "Daisy?" The woman said, irritated, not liking what Daisy said to her. ‘Just ignore what that witch said, Thalia. We are much better than her,’ Athena said, which suddenly appeared in my mind. I just smiled at what Athena said because she was right. 'We are going to the hill. It's better to spend time with birds and other animals, we won't receive any insults.” I replied to Athena and started walking out of the dining hall of the orphanage. ‘Hey!’ Athena shouted excitedly in my mind. I ran towards the forest, and when I got to the deep area of the forest, I shifted to my beautiful white wolf, Athena. I let her control my body and watch through her eyes our way. She quickly went to the waterfall and climbed onto the highest rock near the crystal clear water. Athena moans and lies on the rock while watching her reflection in the water. ‘Oh,’ don't you see? Even though we are called the ugliest in this place, we are still better than them, ’Athena assured me. Trying to boost my confidence. It works and I do believe her. 'You're right. I hope we can always be like this so that they know that we are different from all wolves. We have fur like snow,’’ I replied gladly to Athena. Unfortunately, I have to keep Athena a secret from everyone. And keep them believe, I can’t shift but what they don't know was that I already when I was sixteen years old, here in this very place with the help of my godmother. ‘What if we see our mate? What if we find him?' She asked me sadly. I knew Athena needed to see her mate. But how can we find our mate we can't interact with other wolves for a long time because they hate us? 'Do you think when we find our mate, will he accept us?" I also asked her sadly. Athena suddenly disappeared and shifted back to my human form. Good thing I can shift without ruining my clothes, they simply disappear too, unlike the rest of the werewolves whose clothes are shredded if they shift, so they have to remove them first. I heard crackles and I feel like there is another wolf in this area. I looked around but saw nothing but the fox up in the tree. I decide to watch the full moon, and wonder why my wolf is beautiful, but why am I so ugly? I have no resentment because I know that everything that happens has a reason. I just hope someday I can find my answer. "What are you sad about, my goddaughter?" I smiled when I heard her voice. I was not mistaken; it was my witch friend who was behind me. I turned to her with a broad smile. “Witch Brianna! I know it was you!’’ “What are you doing here, child? Are you sad again, that's why you are here?’’ she asked me softly. She walks in my direction and sits beside me. “There are many visitors in the orphanage, so I decided to leave. They might not be able to eat well when they see me,’’ I sadly replied. When I was young I always saw her in this place. She is my secret friend and no one knows I have a witch friend. Some people think that witches like Brianna are dangerous. But Brianna was kind to me and always reminded me that I am not as ugly as people see. I don’t even understand what she means, but I’m glad I have a friend like her. "Come home and there's a surprise waiting for you. Athena and you will surely like who is coming. I know you’ve been waiting for him for a long time,’’ Brianna said meaningfully to me. ‘Thalia, come on! Let's go back!' Athena suddenly came to my mind again. She seems excited about what she heard from Brianna, but I'm hesitant. “We aren't waiting for anyone, Brianna. We’ll go home later when the wolves leave,’’ I reasoned. It saddens me with a disgusted look every time they see me. “You make your destiny, Thalia. So, whichever you want, that will be your destiny. Go home while it’s not too late!’’ Brianna stated before she suddenly disappeared from my sight. I remained seated on the rock and ignored what Briana said. ‘Let’s go home, Thalia,’ Athena uttered again. “Later, Athena." I protested. "They will only go to tease us there. Besides, the dinner is not over yet. There will be a reason why they won't swallow their food if they see us." ‘Humph! It’s up to you.’ She said sullenly and suddenly hid in my mind again, blocking our connection. "Athena, don't sulk," I told her, but she no longer appeared in my mind. I just let her because I know that she will appear again later. I stayed at the waterfall for a few hours before returning to the orphanage. When I returned, the children were asleep and there were no more guests. I slowly entered the kitchen so that Head Omega Lenette could not see me. But I was just at the door when she came to me. “Where are you from, Thalia? I've been looking for you here but I can't find you. Where are you going, huh? You know there’s an occasion ‘don’t you?” Head Omega Lenette scolded me. I just lower my head, feeling guilty. “I will wash the dishes, Ms Lenette. Go to sleep,” I said with a bow. “I can't sleep because Alpha Ezekiel and the Alpha of the Blood Rose Pack are outside. Bring them something to drink from the acacia tree on the edge of the orphanage,’’ she commanded. "Yes, Miss!" I replied sparingly. She put the drink on the tray and told me to take it where Alpha Ezekiel and the Alpha of Blood Rose pack are hanging out. There are also children's playgrounds on the side of the orphanage, so it's nice to hang out there. As I approached, Alpha Ezekiel was sitting alone on the chair in front of the round table. "This is the drink prepared by Miss Lenette, Alpha Ezekiel," I said; and set down the tray with the drink. “Thank you, Thalia. How are you?’’ the Alpha of Gold Heart asked me with a smile. I shrug when he smiles at me. He is handsome and almost all the women in our pack love him. Unfortunately, he already has Luna, whom he found last year. “I'm okay, Alpha Ezekiel. Still ugly,’’ I replied with a smile. I looked around. "Miss Lenette said, the Alpha of the Blood Rose Pack is with you?" "He's in the back and talking to someone. Oh, there he is," Alpha Ezekiel replied. I looked at what he looked like. I was surprised when Athena suddenly appeared. “Mate”! Athena said excitedly. I'm staring with wide eyes when mine and Alpha of the Blood Rose's eyes met. He seemed unable to move when he saw me.

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