The Ugly Luna


"I may look ugly in your eyes, but eventually, you will love me still." That’s what Thalia said to her mate, Alpha Aldric. Thalia grow up in the orphanage after her parents died. She becomes Omega despite being born with Gamma blood from her father and Alpha blood from her mother. It is because she is ugly due to the curse of her father's ex-girlfriend, a witch. She thought her destiny will change once she meet her mate. That turned out to be just the beginning of her intense suffering because her mate did not accept her ugly appearance. How can she make the Alpha of Blood Rose fall in love with her if he treats her worse than the Omega? What is the cure for the curse that will help her to turn back her true beauty? Follow the lives of Thalia and Alpha Aldric here in The Alpha and His Ugly Luna.

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Prologue "I swear! You won't be happy with your mate, Juric! In the few years we have been together you promised that I would be the only one you would love and be with forever, but you are a liar!" Brianna heartbreakingly said to Gamma of Gold Heart Pack, Gamma Juric. She is heartbroken and feels cheated by the fact that Juric chose his mate over her. She is a witch and has a long relationship with Gamma Juric. They were happy to be together then and full of dreams, but everything had changed when Gamma Juric found Nasia; his mate from the Brilliant Pack. "Forgive me, Brianna, but my wolf weakens when I can't be with Nasia. She is my mate, the Moon Goddess destined for me. Believe me, I love you but we're not meant for each other," Gamma Juric pleaded in response to Brianna, but he loves his destined mate too. "I don't care who's destined for you! I hate you, especially your mate! If you love me, you can turn your back on her for me!" Brianna demanded from Juric. "I can't turn my back on Nasia, Brianna, because she is pregnant with my child," Juric said sadly. Despite being of different species, Juric loves Brianna, after she helped him back then when he almost lost from fighting the rogues. If not for Brianna would have been dead a long time ago. "Then I curse your child! She will be ugly as soon as she is born by Nasia. You will not be happy, Juric! I swear!" Brianna shouted angrily and she suddenly disappeared from Juric's sight. It hurts for Juric to break up with Brianna, but he has to give her up because Nasia is Alpha's daughter from Brilliant Pack and she is his mate. Sighing deeply, Juric went back to the Gold Heart pack house and went to Nasia in their room. He's afraid that something might have happened to Nasia because of Brianna's curse. Juric smiled when he saw his mate sitting on the sofa and embroidering a dress for their child that was about to come out. "Juric, here you are. How are you?" Nasia asked him softly. "I'm okay, Nasia. How's our child? Don't you feel something in your stomach?" he asked his mate nervously. He approached Nasia and kissed her neck. Only the smell of Nasia can give him strength and make him feel better. "I don't feel anything else, Juric, except for the strength of our baby's kick on my stomach. In a few weeks, I might give birth. I can't wait to see our child," Nasia said happily to Juric. Juric never told Nasia about his meeting with Brianna. He does not want his mate to know about talk and his separation from Brianna. "That's good to hear, mate. Tomorrow I will return to the forest with the warriors. We haven't found yet the rogues that take the Alpha's son of Blood Rose Pack. We must find the kid because he is the next Alpha of their pack," Juric told Nasia. "Be careful, Juric. Ask Moon Goddess for help to find the child of Alpha Imre and Luna Julienne." Juric nods and kissed Nasia. He knelt to kiss her womb, he whispered, "You will be a beautiful and kind child. Your fur will be beautiful as snow. You are going to be the unique pup of the Gold Heart Pack." It was as if their child in Nasia's womb heard what Juric said, so their baby kicked. The couple feels happy that their child is very active and responsive. The next day, Juric returns to the forest to find the rogues who took away the son of his best friend; the Alpha of the Blood Rose Pack. The rogues stole Alpha Imre's eldest son so he asked Juric for help. Even though Alpha Imre has his own Gamma, he trusts Juric to find his son, Aldric. "Thank you for your help, Juric," Alpha Imre thanked Juric. He went and join in search of his son too. "It's nothing, Alpha Imre, that's what friends do. But we can do it from here. Go home to support your mate, Alpha Imre. She needs you by her side right now," Gamma Juric replied to his friend. Alpha Imre looks defeated and conflicted. He wanted to stay and search for his son but half of his mind is worried about his mate. "I do not know what to do. I couldn't smell my son in this place. Those rogues better ready, they will pay for what they did,'' Alpha Imre grimly stated. "I will take care of this, Alpha Imre. We will find your pup,'' Gamma Juric assured his friend and he tapped him on the shoulder. Alpha Imre sighed deeply. "All right, I trust you to find him, Gamma Juric. I need to go home to accompany my mate because she was so sad since our son is taken." Alpha Imre said goodbye to Gamma Juric and his warriors before he ran home quickly to his pack; to be with his mate. After weeks of searching the forest, they failed to find Aldric. Gamma Juric could have found him quickly if he had asked Brianna for help, but he no longer wanted to have a relationship or indebtedness to his ex-girlfriend. It was hard to find the child because the rogues are spraying something to hide their scent so that they can't smell Aldric, who is only three years old. As Gamma Juric was walking down the stream he heard in his mind link the cry of his mate. Gamma Juric realizes she is giving birth to their child. Juric calls the warriors under his command. They quickly come towards Gamma Juric and waited for his instruction. "Stay here and continue to search the trail of Aldric. I have to be home for a while because my mate is about to give birth. Search this stream. I have a strong feeling that Alpha Imre's son is near," he instructed his warriors. "Yes, Gamma Juric!" they answered in unison and spread out. Gamma Juric didn't stay long as he quickly ran fast to the pack. After hours of running, he came out of breath when he reaches their room. He realizes that his mate had already given birth but he is concerned about why his pack members are huddling outside their room. They are murmuring something but just stop when he arrives. He opens the door of their room, excitedly enters, and immediately comes to Nasia's side. "Nasia, how is our child?" he excitedly asked Nasia who was carrying their baby on her chest. "Juric, our daughter is ugly! Why?" Nasia cried out. Juric was nervous about what Nasia said afraid that Brianna’s curse on his child come true. Trembling, he held and looked at the child. His lips parted and he backed away when he sees his daughter’s face. He can’t recognize his child. She is ugly like Brianna said. "Juric, why is our daughter's face like this?" Nasia is still crying when she asked him. "Don't worry, I will do everything to make our child beautiful." Juric trying to assure his mate. He needs to talk to Brianna. She has to remove the curse from his child. He knew it wasn't their daughter's real face. Before he could calm down his mate, he heard one of his warrior minds link him, so he said goodbye to his mate. "Nasia, I will leave you and our daughter for a while. Take care of her because I will give her back her real face. I have to leave first." He kissed Nasia on the forehead and so did his daughter. "Be careful and come back right away," Nasia told him weakly. He left and run back to the stream where his warriors are already waiting for him. Breathing hard he asked his warriors about the news. "Gamma Juric, the rogues took the child to that place. We found rogues camping there with the boy." One of the warriors said and pointed to the steep cave. "Get ready, we will kill them and take the child!" Gamma Juric commanded and they strode towards the cave. Some of his warriors shifted into their werewolf form but he chooses to stay human so that he could carry the child later. They slowly entered and one by one they strangled the rogues who were guarding the mouth of the cave. Other rogues noticed them and the fight began. Blood is everywhere, and the child was hiding in the boulder; watching the pack warriors and rogues fight each other. Gamma Juric killed the right hand of the leader of the rogues. When he killed him, he hurriedly took the child. While he was holding the child, his chest suddenly ached and he felt a sadness that he could not explain. He knew something bad had happened to his mate because even his wolf, can't feel him. 'Joemiric, don't hide. You need to be strong,' he begged his wolf. He came out of the cave carrying Aldric, but on his way out he is blocked by the leader of the rogues. "You can't take that pup away from me!" the leader of the rogues said angrily. "Boris, you've always been a traitor. You will not succeed in your plan to overthrow Blood Rose Pack. Don't use Alpha Imre's son just because you're planning something bad!" Boris is a former Beta of Alpha Imre, but he became treacherous when he found out that Alpha Imre's mate is Julienne; the woman he is secretly interested in. He planned to kill Alpha Imre but he didn't succeed. When Imre learned of Boris' betrayal he threw him out of Blood Rose Pack. Boris joined other rogues and even became their leader. And because of his anger at Alpha Imre, he kidnapped the Alpha's son. "That child is mine!" Boris shouted and grabbed the child at the same time. Fortunately, Gamma quickly avoided Aldric away from his reach. Boris circled them and watched their every move. Gamma Juric slowly lowered the child to the ground so he could focus on fighting Boris. Boris angrily attacked Juric with his sharp claw and hit Gamma Juric in the shoulder. Quickly, Gamma Juric evaded and injured Boris in the face as well. They exchanged blows after blows. Boris has many wounds and only a few on Gamma Juric, but Gamma Juric didn't expect something sharp to land on his back causing him to fall. A rogue stabbed Gamma Juric with a sharp and pointed stone, and it penetrated his stomach. He was on his knees in excruciating pain. Boris pushed him to finish but suddenly someone choked Boris's neck and broke it. Boris fell lifeless to the ground. The rogue who attacked Gamma Juric was also killed by Alpha Imre's warriors. Gamma Juric saw who killed Boris, it is none other than Brianna. "B-Brianna?" Gamma Juric weakly said her name. Brianna comes quickly to him and hugs him. "Forgive me if I was late. Why don't you ask me for help?" Brianna cried to Gamma Juric. Blood comes out of Gamma Juric's mouth while caressing Briana's face. He is dying. "Why did you help me? After I leave you for my mate, I didn't dare to ask you for help." "Because I still love you." Brianna cried hysterically. "Don't talk anymore, I will treat you." "I won't be around much longer. I only ask one thing of you, my Brianna," Gamma Juric said softly. "What it is, my darling?" Brianna asked crying and scared for her love. "Please remove the curse on my daughter," he pleaded with Brianna. Suddenly, a Gold Heart warrior appear and told Gamma Juric what had happened to his mate, Nasia. "Gamma Juric, sad news, your mate is dead. We will take you to the hospital, " the warrior sadly stated. Juric knew something bad had happened to his mate so he won't last long either. He held Brianna tightly and pleaded. "Please, take away the curse from my daughter." "Forgive me, my darling. I can't take the curse on your daughter anymore," Brianna sadly replied to him. "But only one thing can return to her true beauty." "W-what is it, B-Brianna? W-what can break the curse on my child?" Gamma Juric weakly asked. "She will only return to her true beauty when she gives birth. The curse will disappear when she gives birth to her mate's child," Brianna explained. The moment Gamma Juric heard her words, his breathing stopped. He died in her arms. Brianna could do nothing but cry as she hugged Gamma Juric's body. When Alpha Imre heard that Aldric had been found and he immediately went to the place. He took and hug his son from his warrior that carrying him. He is sad to see his best friend's lifeless body. He orders his warriors and from the Gold Heart pack to carry Gamma Juric's body and prepare his burial. Gold Heart pack is covered with sorrow when they lost their Gamma couple in one day. They buried Gamma Juric and Nasia at the same time and place. Brianna, on the other hand, did not mingle with the world of werewolves after the loss of her love. And the child that Nasia gave birth to was taken to the orphanage because she is ugly so no one in her family would take care of her. Nasia died from internal hemorrhage a few hours after she gave birth. Before Nasia died she named the child, Thalia.    

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