Chapter Two

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Tana “Someone needs to clean Master Casen’s room and quarters.” Nigel addressed us. I looked around the room and many were avoiding looking at Nigel, hoping not to garner his attention. I don’t see why there is such an issue. So, what if Casen was born by a different mother. That didn’t seem to be the only issue though. Many staff don’t like his American ways and attitude. No one was going to volunteer. I decided to take my opportunity. I want to clean his room. He is very handsome. I waited for a couple of more beats just to make it seem as if I wasn’t eager to clean it. I raised my hand. “I’ll do it.” I said with an edge of displeasure in my tone. “Thank you, Tana. This will become your permanent job.” I scrunched my face and scoffed some to portray my dislike when I was jumping for joy inside. Nigel gave me a sneering smile. I got along alright with most of the other staff in the house. Most of them were ancient, but there were a few of us who are younger compared to the older staff. Some have been working for decades here, or in the industry for decades, even if they worked in some other home. Nigel is the oldest of the staff and head of us. He likes to remind us he worked serving the queen in his youth. If some of the other elderly staff could turn their noses up at me or laugh at me right now, they probably would. I brooded until the morning meeting was finished. Nigel doesn’t like it if you enjoy what you are doing, especially those of us that are young. He thinks we should deal with difficult situations to toughen us to be the best at our jobs. I am the youngest female working in this estate. I may even be the youngest female living here. I honestly don’t mind working here. I was lucky to get hired, but the last staff member passed of old age, and they needed a replacement quickly. I was sent there because I keep quiet and to myself mostly. Nigel felt he could mold me into an insufferable prick like him as well. He doesn’t know that I’m just working here until I finish school in spring. I may have to continue to work here for a few more years, but as soon as I find a job where I can dance for a living, I will be leaving. I honestly don’t mind either. The fact that I will get to look upon Casen Carrington makes staying on longer a pleasurable thought. I collected the supplies to clean his quarters. I made my way to my room before going to clean his rooms. I collected my phone and earbuds. I tucked them into the apron at the front of my grey uniform dress. My long black hair was tightly coiled into a proper bun on my head. I had to wear the stockings with seams in them. Americans refer to them as nylons. I don’t mind wearing them, but if the seam is out of place and Nigel sees it or one of his spies tells him, I have to do extra chores. I even have to wear black heels that were worn as the style decades ago. It didn’t matter to me. I love dancing in heels. I checked to make sure everything was in place and made my way to Casen’s quarters. I collected the vacuum from the storage closet closest to his rooms. I knocked on his room. I didn’t hear a response. I knocked and opened the door, slowly peering into the sitting room of his quarters. I couldn’t hear anything. “Master Casen.” I called out loud enough but not too loudly. When I didn’t hear a response, I made my way to his bedroom door. It was ajar. I peered in the room, and I didn’t see him. “Master Casen.” I called out again. I shrugged my shoulders and popped my earbuds in and chose music from the piece I have been working on for my final dance exam where I need to dance in front of the teachers and students. I can’t get into trouble if I am caught listening to music or dancing really. Nigel knows I study dance and music. I’m supposed to be mindful, as I clean though, to make sure the masters of the house don’t catch me dancing around. The music is usually classical whenever someone has checked to see what I am listening to. I set my playlist to be like that. If I see Nigel or other staff, I skip to the next song. Every other song is classical. They would not approve of what I listen to on the tracks they don’t know about. I set to work cleaning Casen’s rooms. I opened the curtains to let the sun brighten the rooms. I love the smell in here. It smells like a crisp forest smell. It permeates the whole space. I sniffed at his colognes in the bathroom and while I pick up on them too, the forest smell overpowers the cologne. I wanted to run through the forest with my arms spread wide as I let nature envelop my senses. I danced around as I cleaned. I made sure to clean everything thoroughly in his room. I can pretend to clean deeply every day, but use the time to work on my choreography too. There is more space to dance in here than in my tiny room. Once I was finished, I sought out Nigel to approve of the work I did or if he was going to make me do something more. He was in his office. “Nigel.” I said as I knocked on his open door. “Come in.” “I have finished Master Casen’s quarters. Would you like to inspect them?” I took a tone that was monotone with some displeasure hinted in it. “I am certain they are adequate, Tana.” I gave a nod. “Do you want me to continue to ask for my work to be checked, then sir?” “No, you may carry on. Don’t let me down though. You will be helping in the kitchens if you do.” I gave another nod and waited for him to dismiss me with a flick of his hand. Normally I would be rushing to my room to change and rush out the door to make my way to my dance class, but I don’t have classes today. I made my way to my room to change at least. Once I changed and let my hair down, I snuck to the training rooms. We are not allowed in them unless they are being cleaned. There is still a large window where you can see into them. I hid in the stair well across from the window. I sat up on the first upper landing and looked in on Casen and Orien training. They were fighting with swords. Real swords. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Casen blocked a strike to his front. He was pushing against Orien’s sword. Orien released his pressing against Casen’s sword. Orien spun and tried to strike Casen from his side, but Casen blocked it. I wanted to cheer aloud. I continued to watch as they moved on to fighting hand to hand. I enjoyed the view of Casen’s bare chest. I wanted to touch his chest all over and maybe kiss it too. I watched as they looked as if they were going to finally leave the training room. I don’t know why they train, but I enjoy watching Casen when I can. I rushed up the stairs before they came out. I don’t want them to know I was watching. I made my way outside to the side lawn after collecting my jacket and boots to help keep me warm. I popped my earbuds back in and walked to the spot where I like to practice. The tree’s branches are low enough that it helps with stretching my legs. I worked on some choreography until it was dinner and it started to get dark. I was cold in this late October air, especially once I stopped dancing. I deposited my jacket and things in my room before heading to the kitchen for dinner. “When are we leaving exactly?” I heard Casen’s voice coming down from upstairs. “After we eat dinner,” Orien’s voice responded. “Good because I need to let loose at the club.” Casen replied. I ducked down the hallway. I had come down as they descended the stairs. My heart was beating so loud in my ears I almost didn’t catch where they were going tonight. I ate my dinner as fast as I could. I rushed back to my room and rushed into my small bathroom to shower and get myself ready. I watched as they left. I waited for ten minutes before I left too. It took about that long for my small car to warm up properly anyway. I drove into London telling myself I was a fool for following them to the club. When I got into the club, I spied Orien dancing with a blonde quickly, but I couldn’t see Casen anywhere. I moved to the bar near Orien when he finished dancing and ordered a beer. Orien saw me and gave a quirk of a smile showing interest. I pretended not to see it. As the bartender handed me my beer. I moved off to the side where I couldn’t be seen, not that it would probably matter. I look vastly different than I do when I am in my uniform. My hair was flowing down my back. I didn’t quite fit the mold of the other girls in the club though. Many were wearing revealing clothing that was tight, short, and showed off a lot of flesh. I had a green body suit on with long sleeves that hugged my upper body with a flowing black skirt that fell to my knees. I have black heels with a normal radius in the heel part instead of the thicker heel for the ones I wear with my uniform. I had my black hair pinned and resting over my left shoulder. I kept my make-up simple too. I don’t have many extravagant clothes. The body suit complements my crystal green eyes. I usually wear colored contacts to make them appear brown. It was suggested I wear the colored contacts to detract interest from men. I know it is just to make me not stand out. I had issues sustaining work before because of my crystal green eyes. Many co-staff were jealous and would report me for being inappropriate with the men in the household. Of course, nothing could be proven because I was never inappropriate with them. Right now, I don’t have my contacts in. I noticed Casen coming down from the stairs above. He looked mouth watering. I couldn’t take my eyes off from him all night. I danced with a few guys who asked me just to be on the dance floor with him. I let the guys lead me in dancing. They weren’t bad, but I can tell Casen is better. He knows how to dance. Orien isn’t too bad either, I observed. I left with enough time to warm my car and drive back to the estate. I still have to get up and clean his rooms in the morning along with anything else if I am made to clean. It has been such a long night already that I’m looking forward to crawling into my bed. ~~~ “Next weekend is Halloween. Master Corbin has decided to have a Halloween ball. He informed me this morning. The ballroom will need to be cleaned and decorated for the event.” Great, more for us to clean up. I made my way to Casen’s rooms to clean them. I started thinking about the club the other night. I’ve noticed him leaving most evenings. I couldn’t go because I have had class, but maybe I can get closer to him if I go tonight. I wore jeans and a red top. I hid myself in the corner watching Casen dance. Orien was drinking a beer at the bar. I was soon dancing with a dirty blonde-haired man. He gripped me harder than needed and he smelled a little foul from the beer he'd been consuming. He stepped on my toes one too many times. I had to guide him off the dance floor. I felt arms wrap around me from behind. They were strong, as was the chest my back was pressed against. I was turned and I glanced up to see Orien. I quickly looked down to not look in his face. “Dance with me?” He asked. I nodded. He led me to the dance floor, and the music changed to a slow song. He embraced me in his arms tightly. Orien couldn’t see my eyes or face because of how close he was holding me. He swayed with me and made me feel like I weighed no more to him than a feather. I was right, though he is a good dancer too. He knows how to lead a woman while dancing. Orien smelled good, but not as good as the crisp forest smell that fills Casen’s rooms. I almost got lost completely in my thoughts that I hadn’t realized the song ended. I pushed away from Orien’s arms, keeping my eyes down. I stepped away from him when I saw Casen approaching and Orien turned to see him more fully. I slipped behind other people. I noticed Orien searching the club for me. I slipped out and made my way to my car. I felt like a fool. I want to be close to Casen, but the second he approaches close to me I run. I won’t let it happen the next time if I get the opportunity. I want to gain his attention. I need to be braver.
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