Chapter Three

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Casen I watched enviously as the students who study dance poured out of the building. I wish I could be one of them, but my father would never allow it. I have a mind for business, but dance is my passion. I reluctantly made my way to where Frank was waiting for me with one of my father’s Rolls Royces. “Good Afternoon, Master Casen.” “Hey, Frank. How is your day going today?” “It was good.” He opened the back door for me. I paused at the door. “Tell me how you really feel.” I said quietly. “It was good sir. I was able to catch up on my book as I waited for you.” “Oh.” I hadn’t thought that he would enjoy the time with himself. I mean he’s getting paid to sit there waiting for me and suddenly I wished I was a driver. You need to learn how to drive with the steering wheel on the right side of the car first. You also don’t know how to drive a stick. Thank you brain for reminding me of my failures. I thought as I climbed into the car. Orien usually gives me a ride, but he had to leave early for something to do with his family. I supposed I needed to get used to being alone again anyway. I am definitely heading to the club after dinner. It's been my only peace lately. I also want to hang out with Orien before he moves away. I pulled my phone out and fired off a text to Orien. Me- Club tonight Orien- Ok I took my bookbag to my rooms. I tossed it on the floor near the couch. I still love that I can smell the cinnamon and apple smell. I’ve tried to find what they put in my rooms when they clean it to produce the smell like a plug-in but can’t seem to find anything. They must spray the rooms, though I have never known an aerosol spray to last so long with the scent. I inhaled deeply for a few deep breaths to let the scent calm me and soothe me. I changed into shorts and a t-shirt to head to the training room. My dad will throw a fit if I am not training daily to be the best for the family image and his games. “Casen.” My dad’s voice boomed in mind link I can normally block everyone out, but I can’t block his mind link no matter how hard I try. “What?” “I wanted to inform you I have decided to host a Halloween ball next weekend. You need to prepare.” “Fine.” Great, just great. Another ball I don’t want to attend. I’m sure it’s for more political reasons he decided to have it than to just have fun. That will mean I need to pretend to be the perfect prince for him. I suppose him telling me will help fuel me in the training room. I snatched up the gladius sword after I set my phone to play music, since I was alone to train. I enjoy the sword. It seems to feel natural to me. It was only about two feet. These are the swords Orien and I enjoy training with a lot. We both have a knack for them. You have to get close up to your opponent. It risks more danger and injury, but it is easier to swing faster, and we can flip it in our hands unlike the hilts on broadswords. I can flip a broadsword, but the part of the hilt that extends can cause problems sometimes if it hits my hand. I began twirling the gladius over the back of my left hand, chuckling as I made it spin in a circle. It was picking up speed the faster I twirled it. I tossed it up and caught it with my right hand, continuing the twirling without interruption. I was even faster with my right hand at spinning the sword. It is my dominant hand. I chuckled as the sword whizzed in circles and made a sort of humming sound. It made me wonder if this was where they got the sound for light sabers. I may be imagining things too. I proceeded to practice my slashes, strikes, and blocking poses. I took off my shirt because it was sticking to me from sweating before I practiced some of my hand to hand fighting techniques. I can flip a little more freely without worrying about hurting Orien when I am alone. I jumped and did a roundhouse kick. I did a back handspring. I laid on my back and tried to kick my legs up to jump on to them. I couldn’t get it the first few tries. I closed my eyes and listened to the music. I let it flow through my body and let it guide my movements. I tried to kick up onto my feet from my position lying down. I didn’t think and let the music guide me. I jumped around when I opened my eyes, and I was back on my feet. I was drenched in sweat by the time I finished training. The shower felt amazing as it washed my sweat-slicked skin. I took my time. I am looking forward to releasing some of this negative energy tonight on the dance floor. My phone chimed with a text, and I read that Orien was going to meet me at the club. I responded before I hung my towel back up and walked into my bedroom to go into my closet. I chose some of my worn jeans to wear. They are perfect for dancing, unlike the designer ones my dad had purchased for me from the family’s personal shopper. My dad won’t think I’m going out, especially when I wear something like this. I tossed a t-shirt on. I put my favorite sneakers on too. It was time for dinner and dealing with my dad and brother. I took my spot at the massive table. I had to wait for my dad’s arrival before I could eat and get out of here. Callum entered and took his seat opposite me. He was in a suit and tie as usual. Ever the perfect prince and son. I honestly don’t understand why he still holds a grudge when his mother ran off with one of her lovers. I hear she might be pregnant too. She enjoys spending lavish amounts of money. I know my dad cut her off over half a year ago roughly. It doesn’t matter her lover or lovers are loaded. It’s the only way to get in her bed. My mom didn’t know dad was technically married when she met him. I don’t understand why he hooked up with my human mother either. My mom is a beauty though. She is kind and caring. Maybe that is what attracted my dad after his wife was always selfish and cold towards him. I don’t know and don’t care honestly. “Are you planning to go out this evening?” He asked in an accusing tone. “What does it matter? I can do what I like in my free time.” “You don’t need to be embarrassing the family.” “Dancing at a club is not embarrassing the family. No one knows what or who I am. You may want to go out some time. Maybe it would loosen that stick you seem to have permanently stuck up your *ss. Excuse me, *rse.” He glared at me. I smirked at him. Our dad entered then. He took his place at the head of the table. Plates with covers were set in front of us, then the covers were removed. Dad inhaled the roasted chicken with a roasted mixed medley of vegetables. I do have to admit it does smell delicious. He was chatting largely with Callum. I tuned them out mostly. “You will be expected to wear tuxedos and masks which I will make available to you for the ball.” Hooray, he’s going to thoroughly ruin Halloween for me too. I nodded curtly and Callum vocalized his agreement. I wanted to leave. I’d rather be anywhere having fun for Halloween than here for another stuffy political ball my father has planned to prove his might just because the gossip has picked up since the possible pregnancy of his wife by her lover. ~~~ “Are you still looking for that girl you danced with the other night?” I asked Orien as he scanned the room. “So, what if I am.” “I think she is a figment of your imagination. A beauty with crystal green eyes. They don’t exist.” “She did.” I shrugged. Orien couldn’t have been too upset at not finding the girl. He was making his way upstairs with the red head that just asked him to dance a few minutes ago. My attention was drawn to the dance floor. There was a circle forming around a dancer. I moved to the dance floor to get a closer look. It was a black-haired girl. Her long hair was covering her face as she danced like no other girl in here. She lets the music guide her body. She is what I have been looking for in a dance partner. Snap out of it and dance with her. My brain was right. I squeezed through the crowd. The crowd was clapping rhythmically for her in time with the music. Guys jumped in the center with her, but they couldn’t compare to her. She spun away from the guy who had just given it his best shot to entice her. She collided with my chest, and I caught her to steady herself. She turned her back to me and started rolling her hips as she stepped out in sways to each side. Just these simple steps had my d*ck twitching in my jeans. I wasted no time grabbing her hand and spinning her. I felt a jolt of electricity run through my hand where our flesh was connected. I dipped her and I lost my mind as we owned the center of the dance floor. She let me lift her and spin her. The control she has over her whole body as she dances has me mesmerized. She smells like cinnamon and apples too. I want to taste her. I want to f*ck her. I still haven’t gotten a good look at her face as her hair seems to be covering it, including her eyes as we dance. She let me toss her over my shoulder as she twisted around my body like a snake as she made her way to the floor, and she jut her hand through my legs from the back of me. I grasped her hand and pulled her through. She twisted her body to face mine as she grabbed onto my th*ghs and had her head turned and rested near my hip and groin. If we were naked, one small turn of her head and she could take me in her mouth. The song had ended. The crowd that gathered cheered. I was breathing heavily, and she was too. I helped her to her feet. She was trying to straighten out her dress and fix her wild hair. I tried to help her with her hair. I brushed the side of it to tuck it behind her ear when the most beautiful crystal green eyes looked up into mine. My heart began pounding. She is gorgeous. I didn’t think and I grabbed her hand and rushed for the stairs. I dragged her into my secret alcove. My lips slammed into hers. She tasted like a sour apple martini. I slid my tongue in her mouth, deepening our kiss. She clutched at my shirt and shoulders. I lifted her dress with one of my hands while the other one caressed her perfect br**st. I found the hem of her underwear. Her belly dipped and fluttered at my touch. I slipped my hand beneath her waistband and moved it to cup her p**sy with my hand. She squirmed slightly at my touch. I dipped my middle finger into her folds. She is dripping wet. I’m so f**king hard right now. I tore my mouth away from hers. “I need to taste you.” I rasped out harshly. “I, I…” Her voice quavered. I couldn’t wait. I removed my finger and put it in my mouth, sucking her off my finger. My eyes wanted to roll in the back of my head. She tasted divine. I dropped to my knees and took both my hands, ripping her panties. I stuffed them in my back pocket after I freed her to my mouth. I used my fingers to part her for me as my tongue dove in circling her bud with my tongue. She gasped and bucked in my mouth. I grinned against her. She smells just as good as she tastes. I thrust my fingers into her body to stimulate her more. She is tight. She hasn’t had s*x in a long time, by my guess. I can understand a little about that aspect. I adjusted my fingers to hold her lips open for me as my tongue dove into her center and I f**ked her with my tongue. Her hand drove into my hair, and she dug her nails into my scalp as she pushed my face deeper into her. Her gasps and pants fueled me. I rubbed my thumb over her cl*t, and she tightened her grip on my hair. She pulled at my hair too as her orgasm broke over her body. I lapped every last drop of her up. Her taste is indescribable. I have never tasted a woman like her before. She had started to cry out when her orgasm hit, and I heard her slap her hand over her mouth as she moaned and screamed into her hand. I want nothing more than to hear her noises without a barrier, but this is not the place. I stood and dug my wallet out of my pocket. I grabbed the condom I slipped in there and tucked my wallet back into my pants. I unbuckled my belt as I quickly shoved everything down my body. I ripped the condom open and sheathed myself with it. She was biting at her hand still as the last remnants of her release were coursing through her body. I grasped her legs, lifting her and spreading her body open to me. My d*ck lined up at her entrance. I pressed my head in her body. I rolled my hips and buried myself in her body. Her body went ridged. I felt it too. It wasn’t that she hasn’t had s*x in a while. She has never had s*x before. “I’m sorry. Are you alright?” I asked as I peppered kisses all over her face. I will die if she wants me to pull out of her now. She feels amazing as her walls are surrounding and clamping me in her body. She took a few deep breaths. Her eyes locked on mine. “What are you waiting for?” She asked. I pulled back and pressed back in. Her legs wrapped around my hips and her arms around my shoulders with her hands thrusting into my hair at the back of my head. I didn’t need any more confirmation. I thrust into her welcoming heat. I kissed her, thrusting my tongue in sync with my d*ck. Her body fits me perfectly. I’m not a small guy either. Her head lolled back as I f**ked her. I groaned and breathed heavily into her neck, sucking and nibbling at her delectable flesh. Her moans got deeper, and I claimed her mouth again to silence her. My dragon feels like he is riding me closer to the surface. He almost seems like he’s dancing with excitement below my skin. I pounded into her body hard and fast. I would be gentler, but I have lost time as to how long ago we left the dance floor. I reached between us and began rubbing her bud to help get her back to another orgasm. I’m not going to last much longer myself and I want to c*m with her. She dropped her head to my shoulder and began biting at my shirt and shoulder with her increased noises of pleasure. Her walls clenched hard, and she was screaming into my shoulder. I roared into her neck and shoulder as well. I couldn’t stop how much I was c**ming in the condom. I hoped it would hold it all. Her walls kept milking me. My body shuddered when the last of my climax poured into the condom. That was the hottest and best s*x I have ever had. She was draped around me as we breathed heavily, trying to get our breaths back to normal. I kissed her head. I pulled out of her body holding the end of the condom at the base. “I, uh need to go clean up.” She stammered. She adjusted her dress to straighten it out. I wanted to stop her, but I had my jeans at my ankles, and I was trying to remove the condom in the near darkness without making a mess anywhere. She slipped out from behind the curtain. I made quick work of removing the condom and pulling my jeans back up. She had left a stream of light coming into the alcove when she left. I threw the condom away in the men’s bathroom and cleaned myself up and made myself more presentable. I rushed downstairs to find her so I could get her name and number. I want to see her again outside of this club. I scanned the room and couldn’t seem to see her. She may be still in the bathroom. I found Orien at the bar. His eyes widened when I got closer. I know he can smell her. I can smell her all over me. He arched his brow. “Beer.” I asked the bartender. I looked Orien more directly in his face while the bartender placed my beer on the top of the bar. I set a few bills on it to pay for my beer. “The crystal green-eyed girl is real.” I commented. “Where is she?” I was confused. Doesn’t he recognize her scent on me? “Uh, the bathroom, I think. I’m sorry dude.” “Why are you apologizing?” “Because well… Because I just had s*x with her.” He sniffed at me closer. He wrinkled his nose and gripped my shirt to bury his nose in it and inhaled deeply. He let go of my shirt and a look of recognition finally crossed his face. “She smells different on you.” “What does she smell like to you?” “Like vanilla and cinnamon. Now she smells like cinnamon and apples.” “I smell the cinnamon and apple, not the vanilla.” “There is no vanilla smell any longer.” I chatted with Orien for a little bit. I kept my eye on the bodies moving around and I couldn’t see her or smell her. “Do you think she skipped out?” I asked Orien. “You said she was a virgin. It's possible she left. You don’t exactly come standard sized.” He’s right. Most male dragons are gifted in the size department below their belts. “You want to get out of here then?” I asked. He nodded. We made our way to the park again before we changed into our dragons. He flew to his place when we got closer to where we needed to part ways. I spun in the air. I feel elated. My dragon is happy. I’ll just have to find her again. I’m not done with her yet. I landed and made my way up the driveway. Callum was waiting for me again as he has every night I’ve gone out. “You had s*x with a human? He won’t be pleased.” “Hey, he had s*x with a human and I’m half human in case you forgot.” I swear he snarled. “Clean yourself, you reek.” He said through gritted teeth. “What’s the matter, Callum? Jealous?” I smirked at his blatant snarl now. Nothing he can say will dampen my spirits. I rushed to my room. I stripped my clothes and smelled them. I rubbed my pillows with her scent that remains on my clothes. I forgot about her panties I had tucked in my pocket. I grinned to myself as I tucked them next to my pillow.
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