Sold To My Billionaire Ex-Husband

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Vienna Marie had a very tough and toxic relationship with Hans Matteo-her ex-husband. She moved forward and work hard to live until an old business man offers her a marriage. Vien used the old man obsessed with her to have an annulment with Matteo.

Months later, before their marriage... The old man died due to heart attack. All of the property of the old man was transferred to her daughter. Vien came back to poverty and went home to her parents knowing that her mother is suffering from kidney failure hence, her family is fully indebted.

Vienna was offered a job to be a stripper in one night and can earn thousands of money. Being desperate, she accepted the offer. She was sold for 5 million pesos without knowing that it is her ex-husband whom she spent the night with.

What would happen upon knowing that her ex-husband who is now a billionaire was the one who impregnated her?

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Chapter 1
Vienna's Point of View. I was staring at my ex-fiance's grave. I took my handkerchief and wiped my fake tears to show my grieve. All I can hear are people's sobbing. "H-He's such a great father... I can't believe he would leave me like this!" his daughter said while whimpering. I looked at her, and I knew how angry she was—knowing her father would love to marry a woman like me. I am actually happy that he died before we got married. I don't love him, and just used him to get out of poverty. He's a wealthy business man. "Oh my beloved Francisco! I will miss you so much!" I cried. Althea, her daughter. Looked at me like she was disgusted with me. I forced a tear from my eyes and fell down in the grass. One of Francisco's guards held my arms and tried to pull me up. I sighed. I'm already tired of faking everything for him. All I need is his money, to live my life, happily. I wiped my tears and stood up. People who joined us at his funeral are going home. Until it's just me and Francisco's daughter with her boyfriend. "Dad is gone. I hope you'll also disappear from my life," she said, and looked at me. I slowly laughed and crossed my arms. "Your father promised me to become the director of his company. He has already talked to his lawyer about everything, so I'll be seeing you again at his company," I said. "Attorney Bernal? I bet you won't own anything because you're not married to my father, and you'll never be my stepmother!" she grinned her teeth in anger. I looked away. I suddenly felt nervous because she was right. We didn't get married, so I don't know if I have any rights for his property. "He's here." I looked up when she spoke. I saw her looking at a black car arriving in front of us. A man with a black suit got out of the car, carrying a case. He smiled at Althea. I frowned, wondering who is he? "Attorney Bernal, I'm very glad to see you here. In such perfect timing," she said and saw a smirk on her lips. My lips parted when I realized that attorney Bernal and Althea are obviously close to each other. "I'm sorry that I came late. Condolences, Ms. Rosales." He lend his hand and Althea immediately shook it. I felt like it was over... I hope Francisco left me something at his company. I need a work to make money! "I bet you are his fiance?" The Attorney looked at me. "Yes." I nodded. "Well, after what I heard about my friend Francisco. I'm also in a deep sorrow. He's a good person and everybody knows that. He trusted me as his lawyer for ten years. Apparently, this is all the property that he has," he said and opened the case he was holding. I gasped as my heart raced. I watched him take a lot of paper from the case and read it. I looked at Althea, she seemed to be happy. "What did my father tell you, Attorney?" Althea asked. "About the property?" The attorney stopped reading and looked at us. "Yes!" I answered nervously. "Well, in the legal paper I am holding. Everything he has will go to his only daughter, Althea Rosales." He handed the papers to Althea. I almost lost my breath in nervousness. This can't happen! He must have left something for me, because he told me that he loves me! "Let me read that!" I forcedly took the paper from her hands. They are all shocked in what I've done. My eyes widened when I saw that the properties of him was all in Althea's name. I held my head out of frustration. "N-No..." I held the hand of an attorney. "Attorney Bernal, maybe there's something he left for me—anything like a position in their company. Any contract for me—" Althea cuts me off. "I told you, Vienna. My father is only seeing you because you're a gold digger who's easy to get—" I immediately slap her face. "Your father never lays his hands on me, because he respects me as his lover. Your attitude obviously comes from your late mother." Her boyfriend almost held my arm but I stepped back. I glared at him. "Don't you ever touch me!" I said. "How dare you!" Althea shouted. Her boyfriend stopped her for taking a revenge in me. I threw the papers back to Althea and walked away as fast as I can. I held my tears from falling as I felt the true kind of pain. The truth that I'll be going back to my family who neglected me four years ago. I don't have anything right now, only the money that Francisco left in my wallet. I thought I'll never going back to my family after so many years... But here I am. **************** I went back to Francisco's condominium unit to get all of my things. I put all of his expensive watches in my luggage. I wore a mask before leaving, so nobody would recognize me. I went to a pawnshop, and gave all the expensive watch of Francisco to exchange into money. I got three hundred thousand pesos, but it feels like it's not enough for my living. I took a cab going back to my parents house. I don't know where to work since I didn't have a chance to finish my studies because of my f*cking ex-husband. While on the trip, I slowly lean my head on the window of the car. I bit my lower lips as I felt my heart aching like something sharp is stabbing it. I remembered how they hurt me before... Flashback Matteo held my hand. I looked at him and smiled. I know he'll never leave me. He's such a great person. He showed love I'd never felt from anyone before. "Are you scared?" he asked while looking at the pregnancy test I was holding. "Honestly..." I looked down. I don't want to lie. "I'm not scared of us having a baby. I'm really happy but I know that my parents will get mad at me. I'm just twenty, you're twenty-three. I'm still studying and you're a high school graduate only." His smile suddenly fades away. "My love, are you belittling me because I never got my college deploma? You know what's the hidden story behind it, right? My father died and left the car workshop to me. I'm his only son and my mother doesn't know how his business works..." He held my cheeks. I felt guilty. I don't want him to feel that way, I just felt like the money we have is not enough to give what our child needs. "I-I'm sorry..." "Love, I will do anything for you. Don't worry about anything. I'll be a father and provider." I can see the sincerity in his eyes. "Thank you... I love you so much, Matteo." I kissed his lips and smiled. "Let's go and tell your parents." We're both holding each other's hands while leaving the car workshop to go in my parents' house. We rode a small cab to go there. I am still afraid of what will happen, but as long as Matteo is with me, I know that I'm safe. My little brother, who is playing outside the house, saw me with Matteo. He immediately ran towards me to give me a hug. "Sister Vien is here!" he shouted in joy. "Vien, Matteo, come inside," My mother said while her hands are full of soap. She's probably working again. "Good afternoon, Mrs. Castillo," Matteo greeted my mother. We entered the house and saw my father sitting down with a cup of coffee in his hands. "Papa, I'm with Matteo." My father immediately looked at us and smiled. I suddenly smelled the fragrance of cigarette smoke. "What brought the both of you here?" Mother asked and sat down beside my father. Matteo and I looked at each other. We are waiting for who will speak first. Matteo tapped my back and put his attention to my parents. "We just wanted to announce something..." I could sense the nervousness in the tone of his voice. "What is it?" "I'm pregnant..." I whispered. My father stood up in shock while looking at us like he was about to kill us both. "I promise to be a responsible husband and father to your daughter—" Matteo didn't have a chance to finish his sentence when my mother slapped him. "Mama!" I shouted in shock. "Mama, Papa... What happened?" my little sister came, wearing her school uniform. "Go get your brother and stay in your room!" my father shouted. I closed my eyes. I feel my heart racing. I don't know what to say or do, I'm afraid! "How can you be a responsible person if you got my daughter pregnant! Don't you want to have a good life with her?!" my mother shouted in anger. "We will have a good life because—" again, he couldn't finish his sentence. "Leave! We'll see if both of you will really have a good life. How could you make such a big decision when you knew how hard living in poverty is!" Mama almost lost her breath while shouting. "M-Mama... I trust Matteo in everything..." I whispered while my tears started to fall down my cheeks. "I can't accept that child. I want your college deploma, not that d*mn baby!" I closed my eyes when my father shouted at our face. Matteo held my hand and stepped backwards. "You don't have to say painful words like that, Mr. Castillo. I'm going to marry your daughter and I'll prove myself, I'll show that I can be a responsible person." End of Flashback ********************

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