The Alphas Son

1077 Words

His Silver eyes pierce through my soul making an arousing shiver go from my spine to my core. I shift in my seat uncomfortably. I know he can smell my arousal as I can smell his.

He stares at me for a few seconds without blinking. My wolf makes me want to crawl over to our mate and throw ourselves at him, but I'm stronger and more stubborn than that. I wait for him to make a move but he doesn't.

He pulls his eyes away from mine and walks through the entire room and out the back door. His heavenly scent of forest and cologne getting fainter the further he goes.

My wolf whimpers. I feel hurt. Did he just completely ignore the fact that we are mates? I feel anger build up inside me. All I want to do is follow him and give him a piece of my mind. Who does he think he is? He just walked away from us. Like I meant nothing to him.

Okay. I did just ignore the fact that he's my mate too but at least I didn't walk away from him. I turn to Zach. "Who was that?" I ask confused. Everyone looks at me surprised. "It's the Alphas son. Dillon," answers Una. My eyebrows knit together.

"I didn't know he had a son," I question. I wasn't born into this pack. I was once a member of the Otomon Pack but the Alpha went crazy after losing his mate and started becoming dangerous. Alpha Harry, my current Alpha. Saved us from him and admitted us into his pack.

"Dillon was sent to a private training school when he was 9. No one has heard about him since. Obviously he's back now," explains Zach. I nod. That explains why I haven't seen him before. I'm a member of the pack for only 3 years.

"What age is he?" I ask trying to sound like I didn't really care. Una smiles. "It's been almost 10 years since I've seen him so he must be 19 or 20 now," she answers. "He's georgeous. I wouldn't mind a piece of him," giggles Sarah, Unas best friend. I growl lowly. How dare she speak of my mate like that.

Everyone looks at me in awe. "What's with the growl?" asks Zach surprised. I shrug. "Just thinking of having maths next class," I answer simply not wanting to bring any further suspicion.

Everyone nods and agrees with me. I sigh. "Right I'm gonna go to the toilet before we have math. Need to sort out my hair," I say creating an excuse to go find my mate. Everyone looks at eachother.

"You really pulled off a nice look today Jess," compliments Sarah. I smile. "Thanks." Una giggles. "You're a very pretty girl anyway but is there a reason behind why you're all glam today?" she asks raising her eyebrows.

I shrug. "Kylie wanted me to look good incase I find my mate," I answer simply. "I really have to go. See you in math," I say and collet my stuff. Without turning around I walk out the same door Dillon walked through.

I glance around the hall but don't find him. I can smell him faintly knowing he turned right here. I squeeze past the small crowd of people beginning to fill the empty halls. Trying my best not to be spotted I turn a couple corners careful not to bump into anyone.

Following his scent I come to a less crowded part of the school. Then walking further I come to a halt. No one is around me and I find myself in a part of the school I haven't been in before. I usually spend as little time in the school and just follow my schedule. I don't wander. Not in the school building anyway.

Frustrated that I lost my mate I turn to try and find my way back. I don't even turn a full 180° before I feel myself being pushed back against the wall. The air is knocked out of my lungs and I close my eyes firmly. My hands fly up to protect my face but are soon ripped away from their defensive stance.

Pleasurable sparks burn beneath my skin of where my attacker touches me. I inhale deeply trying to regain my breath but catch the same heavenly scent I got when Dillon walked into the canteen.

I slowly open my eyes revealing a beautiful Dillon before me. He has my hands pinned over my head and his irresistible eyes are close to mine.

If you look up 'sexy' in the dictionary you would get a picture of him as he is the perfect definition of the word. His square jawline is well defined and his cheekbones look flawless. His lips are full and look like the artwork of a famous artist. But what stands out the most are his moon like, silver eyes.

Which look both dangerous and inviting at the same time. His jet black hair compliments his silver eyes making them stand out even more. He looks a little older than he actually is.

"I like how you smell." He says running the tip of his perfect nose gently across my neck, inhaling my scent. His voice equally as sexy as his face. Sexy enough to make any girl want to throw herself at him. Deep and husky.

"I - um," I stutter. I mentally face palm myself for being so foolish around him. I can't let him take control of me like that. He smirks against my skin making my legs turn to jelly.

If not his grip on my hands I'd be on the floor right now. I pray that his hands stay there cause I don't trust my legs right now. Dillon uses his free hand to run a finger down my cheek. "You're so beautiful mate," he whispers. "And mine," he adds making me want to moan.

But instead I frown. "I'm not an object or a belonging," I answer confidently. "Of course not," he states, his hand resting on the wall beside my face. "You're a beautiful wolf," he says. I swallow not trusting my voice anymore.

I hear my wolf whimper. 'Just kiss us already' she begs. Almost like on que Dillon crashes his soft lips roughly against mine taking me by surprise. Before I can register what has happened I find myself kissing him back..

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