Pleasing Alpha Junior [Book 1&2]

arranged marriage
Writing Challenge

BOOK 1: Pleasing Alpha Junior

Say it, he growls dangerously close to my face.

Say you don't want this and I'll let you go, he challenges.

He knows too well.

He knows I want this.

But I will stand my ground.

I open my mouth to object, but I can't because he doesn't give me the chance.

He crashes his lips roughly onto mine...

BOOK 2: Alphas Baby Bump.

Jess and Dillon's relationship has already faced a lot of hardship despite the short time they have been together. Now that Jessica falls pregnant even more issues arise. How will Dillon react when he discovers that his pregnant wife and his entire pack are in grave danger?

WARNING: s****l CONTENT (18+)

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Those Silver Eyes
"Wake up. You're gonna be late for school," whispers a sweet voice in my ear. I groan and roll over. "Jess," The voice whispers again. I reply with another groan. I'm not a morning person. "I said wake up! You're f*****g gonna be late!" Screams Kylie, my roommate. My eyes snap open in frustration. I swat my hands at the source of her voice but don't come in contact with anything. "What time is it?" I groan as her face comes into focus. "7:20" she shrugs, her black, shoulder length hair falls on her face. "What!" I growl jumping out of bed. Thank the moon goddess for wolf speed. I pull my hoodie and jeans on quickly and tie my hair into a messy bun. I check in the mirror to see how disastrous I look but am surprised to see that I actually look like I got a decent amount of sleep. Using a baby wipe, I wipe my face to refresh it and apply some mascara. When I'm ready I turn around and look at Kylie. I frown. "Why aren't you dressed?" I ask. She laughs in reply. "You're not going to school like that are you?" I question pointing to her pink pyjamas. She laughs again shaking her head. "Kylie!" I moan as her laugh becomes so hysterical tears form in her green eyes. "What?" I ask frustrated. "Come on we will be late!" I say throwing a book at her. "If I'm late once more to English Mr.Smith will inform my parents and that's the last thing I need," I complain. "You won't be late," she says in between laughs. She then throws my phone at me. I catch it with ease. I unlock it and growl. "f**k Kylie," I let out a breath of air. The clock on my phone informs me it only 6:00. "That wasn't funny," I say rubbing my head. "I thought I'd be sent to a public human school," I growl feeling nauseous at the thought of it. Kylie laughs. "I know. That's why it's funny," se giggles. "Now that you're up you can make yourself look good. It's your 18th birthday! You might find your mate!" she squeals jumping off the bed and into my arms. If I was to say I'm not excited I'd lie. But honestly I have mixed feelings about this whole mate thing. What if my mate turns out to be one of those cocky over possessive types? I don't like having a man control who I can talk to or who I can see. But on the other hand the stories I've heard about mates all seem magical and I've been single way too long. Kylie pulls my chocolate brown hair out of the bun and let's it fall half way down my back. "Well first of all you need a shower," she pinches her nose and laughs. "You smell of last night's party," she tells me. I giggle remembering last night. Not that I remember much anyway. Just loud music and lots of alcohol. Thankfully I know when to stop drinking to prevent a hangover. I had to control myself last night because I've classes today. And as I have already mentioned. If I'm late to another English class, my teacher will call my parents who will transfer me to a human school. I shower, brush my teeth and let Kylie dry and straighten my naturally wavy hair. Kylie won't let me wear my usual hoodie and jeans so I choose to wear a pastel blue summer dress with matching flats. Since I'm always the one doing both our make up I do it myself. A thin line of liner and another coat of mascara to bring out my green eyes. I apply a small amount of rosy lip balm to give a bit of shine to my full lips. Smiling at my reflection in the mirror I allow my mind to wander. I'm completely blanked out by the time my alarm goes off informing me it's 7:00. I don't have to leave the house for another 20 minutes to make it on time to English class but Kylie insists on us leaving early just in case my mate gets there early too. I pack my bag and set out on foot not bothering to drive since we are early anyway. Kylie follows suit talking about different magical ways in which I can meet my mate. "Or maybe he will come to you when you're not looking and sweep you off your feet. Then carry you to an empty classroom where he will tell you that he's been waiting for you all his life and that he loves you," She explains scenario number 30 as we reach the school gate. It's 7:15 and class doesn't start till 7:30 so we have 15 minutes to go get some breakfast in the school canteen. We do just that. The canteen is fairly empty except for those students who had a 6 o'clock class. Kylie and I both get cereal and juice then sit down where Kylie continues to discuss my mate. Time for class comes and I spend 45 minutes sitting in a room with 20 other students listening to Mr.Smith talk about Shakespeare. But I find it hard to concentrate. My mind keeps trailing back to my mate. What if I'm one of those cases where my mate belongs to a different pack? Or maybe my mate is dead but I don't know it yet. The bell rings telling us class is over. I have 30 minutes of a free period now so I make my way back to the canteen. I'd go to the library but I don't do smart kid hangouts. In the canteen I find a few friends who I sit with quite often. They all discuss some party they are planning on going to but I'm still unable to concentrate. Surely if my mate was in the school I'd find him by now. "Jess are you going?" Asks Zach, a male wolf, my age with platinum blonde hair. I blink a few times coming back to reality. "Huh?" I answer. Everyone laughs. "You're very distant Jess," says Scott, a black haired, broad wolf. "Shes 18 today," states Una, Kylies elder sister. I nod. "Yeah and we should probably go out," I say. They all laugh again. "I was just asking you if you wanted to go to 'The Wolf Medow' with us tonight," laughs Zach. I nod. "Uh yeah." If I don't find my mate in the school I'm sure to meet him in the packs most popular wolf club. I check the time and find only 10 minutes has gone by so I decide to lay back and enjoy my last 20 minutes before math. But 5 minutes into my relaxation the door of the canteen opens and everyone stands up, their gaze glued to the door with respect in their eyes. My eyes follow their gaze where I find the most beautiful pair of silver eyes I've ever seen. My wolf cries out in excitement. 'Mate'

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