200 Words

"Why?" Aryeon asked as she tried to touch his hand but he brushed her hand saying,"No reason. I just want to end it". He said backing off. "What do you mean no reason? At least give me a proper reason". She blurted out not knowing what to do

"Do you even love me?or it's just an attraction or maybe I'm just a time pass for you."He said looking directly in her eyes

Aryeon:"What are you saying babe?Off course I lov_"

Reo:" BULLSHIT. YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A CHEATER ." He yelled and slammed the table hard

Aryeon: "Cheater?I'm a cheater?" She yelled grabbing him by his collar

Reo:"Let's not argue .Let's just breakup"

ARYEON: "Fine.If you say so."She said as she left slamming the door with a thud.

REO: "Only if you knew how much I wanted if to work." He said with a sad smiling watching you leave as a single tear left his eyes.He thought "Everything isn't work as we think. We want to continue our love but our situation hinders us . She is perfect as I want but I think I am not capable as she want. I have to live without her now!! My love"

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