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It was a beautiful afternoon.I was sitting on a bench a cold breeze touched my face as I put a single strip of hair behind my ear. It was calm birds were chirping sunray was touching my face.My eyes were roaming around as a boy with square shaped specs caught my eyes.he was a wearing a black t-shirt with a nude jeans.He was literally glowing I couldn't take my eyes off him.He had his headphone on as he was writing something.He had a serious expression on his face . He had nothing special to notice but for some reason I was staring at him like there is no tomorrow. Suddenly my phone rang,I saw the caller id "MOM". I took a deep breath answered,"What is it,Mom?" "When are you planning to come back?"Mom asked as I could feel the annoyance from her voice. "On my way ." I replied flatly as I ended the call . I was getting up from the bed as my eyes caught the bench empty. The boy was now where to found.I was upset not to see the boy. But I wanted to see him. He attract my attention with my first site. Then I go to home with my tired eyes. Washed my face and thinking about him.At dinning table my Mom asked me "Why I was so late?" I replied "I was busy with my some important stuff." After finishing the dinner I washed my dished and go to my room. Turned off my light and sleep peacefully

The Next Day

My alarm went off at eight in the morning. I turned off my alarm clock,and now my eyes are tired. I had breakfast after getting dressed and spent the entire day debating what to do. What I'll require all day long. I am thinking about this when I eat breakfast,washed the dishes. After that, I left for school after going to my room and tying my hair. The boy sitting in the class was the first thing I saw when I arrived at school. Is he the boy I saw yesterday ? I halted. I am aware of my inner state. I was ecstatic to see him and began to blush as I did. I walked in and sat down next to him in class. My buddies heard about the boy from me. After telling them, one of them called him

Elora: "Hey.What is your name?What do you think about seeing her? Isn't she lovely?"

Reo: "Hi.My name is REO SMITH. And yes she is lovely"

I blushed after hearing this since I felt very shy.

I was just staring in astonishment at him within the class. He is very attractive. I went to chat to him after class. But I was unable to speak. I lowered my eyes in at upset. I couldn't speak, so I left with my buddies for home. They were making nice jokes with me. They were politely making fun of me. Due to my timidity, my face got red. I pondered him all day long. He called me lovely, and I kept hearing it in my ears.

The next day___

He sat next to me. I am overjoy to see it. I went and sat next to him. I looked at him and said "Hey" with a smile. And he replied to me saying "Hi! How are you?"

Me: "I am fine and you?"

Reo: I am also fine. What's your name?


Reo: Beautiful name

Me: Yeah thank you

Reo: "Welc_"

Someone pulled him by his collar and tried to punch him on the face. But I immediately stopped punching him by holding his hand. How dare you Zarif put your hands on him!!

Zarif: How dare he is sitting next to you!!

Me: It is everyone's choice where he sits. No one will listen to you.You have no right to treat him like this . You have to say sorry to him right now.

Zarif: "What are you saying? Is you okay? I will say sorry to this dumb boy?"

Me: "Yes you have to. Otherwise it will be worst than you can think "

Zarif: "FINE. "Sorry" my boy"

Me: "It's good for you Zarif "

Reo: "It's okay."

I thought to myself that Zarif will not stop here and make more trouble with Reo. It's my job to keep an eye on Reo. I have to see it that no harm is done to him. Also he will never be harmed because of me.I could understand that Rio was upset about this incident. He got up from the bench next to me and went to the last bench. My responsibility is to make Rio feel comfortable. I grabbed his bag and tied him.

Me: "Don't go. Sit next to me This is your bench. No one will pick you up from here. You sit comfortably here. i am with you No one can harm you. I smiled and said Can we be friends?But I talk a lot. My friends call me talkative.Oops sorry I'm not letting you talk. Now tell me I am silent." I grabbed his hand while stoping him for go there.

Reo: "Say I'm glad to hear. And of course we can be friends. You are a good person. I am lucky to have a friend like you."

Me: " Are you free after school?"I was so happy. I can't take my eyes from him.I was blushing and smiled

Reo : "Yes I am free and Can we have a hangout at park? what's say?"

Me: "It is a great idea. Then see you after school Reo"

Reo: "I will wait for you at 4 pm in front of the seoul station.Don't be late Aryeon."

Me:" Okay our plan done.Bye "

Reo: "Bye. See you "

At the time of going home, I thought about him all the time. I was thinking about today what we will do all day. Which dress should I wear today. I have to look beautiful.I have to go home soon.


Yeah yeah I am so excited. It's time for our first hangout.I am very happy today. I will always remember the time I will spent with him today. I feel like I'm late. I leave quickly or it will be late. I don't want to be late to meet with him. I wore a light pink color dress, with a pink bag. I quickly locked the door and left with my bag. I went to the front of the station and saw Reo waiting for me. My eyes narrowed to see him. He looked very handsome. I was happy to see him because he was waiting for me. I felt like I was in love. Is this the first love of my life?. And Is he my first love? Should I tell him what's on my mind?Am I sure I love him? Suddenly I remembered that he knows nothing about me, my real identity! He has no idea who I am. If he finds out who I am, he might not like me. He does not want to get involved in this. If he knows about me, he will never be with me. Of course, if he is with me, he may be in danger. I should just shut up for now and see what can I do. Now I go to him.i called him by his name

Me: "Reo, Hey what's up!" We shook hands so politely

Reo: "Hi Aryeon. I am good what about you ? You are late. Was there any problem when you arrived?Are you okay ?"

Me: "No No I am okay.I had no problem with my arrival . Am I too late? I am so sorry."

Reo: "No problem you are coming in your time. I have already collected the tickets. Then let's go catch our trains or we will be late"

Me: "Yeah let's go." He grabbed my hand and took me to the train . His hand was so soft and I feel so secure and comfortable

After boarding the train

Reo: "Sorry I forgot to say you look so beautiful. Your dress are also nice"

Me: "I thanked him " I smiled

Reo: "I don't know anything about you yet . Tell me about you. Where do you live?Who is in your family? Your favorite movies and foods? "

Me: "All right I am raised by a single office worker mother. So you can say that me and my mother is my family. "

Reo: "What's about your father?"

Me: "I have no idea how he looks like.He Left me and my mother after my birth . It is my biggest sorrow. "

Reo: "I am sorry for ask that."

Me: "It's okay . No one knows about these except my close friends. And you don't have to sorry. We are now friends. So now tell me about your family."

Reo:"Nothing much to know.My father is a business and my mother is a fashion designer."

Aryeon: "Ah.. Business?Which company?


Aryeon:"ARI-HUI?You mean the ARI-HUI?" She asked her as her jaw dropped.

Reo:"Umm Yeah." He said scratching the back of his neck.

Aryeon:"Is he one of the employee of the company? Or some kind of manager?She asked him as her eyes were fully on him


Aryeon:"Then Is he the CEO? Or the Director manager? Or-"

Reo: "Shh.Let me complete." He cut me off as he put his finger on my lips stoping me from talking. "He is the founder of Ari-Hui company." He continued as he tucked my hair behind my ears.

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