Intense Battle

2044 Words
Purple flames blazed across the sky in a whirlwind of profound Qi that was trying to devour the atmosphere, while a blue flaming lotus flower was rotating at full speed; releasing cold bursts of flames that could freeze over the heavens. The pure Qi on the battle the field was once again thrown into chaos. "It's time" Mumbled the beautiful ice mage as her beautiful blue eyes looked off into the distance. No one knew what exactly she was thinking, but on her beautiful face that could shake the heavens, one could see that she was feeling a bit sad, and regret was currently building inside of her. Sigh. "Yes Serya" Replied one of her fellow men while taking a breath of fresh air, surprisingly, the beautiful ice saint mage was named Serya. The moment she heard her name being called, a warm sensation overwhelmed her. Soon, all her memories within Green Field Empire were flowing back to her as if this was her last day on earth. On her face was a little fear of what might be the outcome of this day, but in her heart was a will power so strong that no other will power of the soul could compare. Soon after they had finished conversing among themselves, the rotating ice lotus flower transformed into a beam of freezing blue light that shot off towards the scorching purple whirlwind. Its rotation speed increased with each passing second as it neared the purple night flame. It descended upon it in the blink of an eye as the six fire mages performed various hand signs and pointed outwards, making the whirlwind rush forward to intercept the flying lotus that was the ash ice flame. “BOOM” As the two earth-shaking abilities collided, a thunderous explosion sounded out across the battlefields. The atmosphere burned and froze all at the same time as the Qi in the area started to decrease at an alarming rate due to its large Consumption by the two rank five abilities. "To think that the Green Field Empire would have such a powerful ability up their sleeves, they, a backwater nation, have been hiding their true strength all this time." As some of the warriors on the battlefield watched the proceedings of the battle between the ash ice flame and purple night flame with admiration written over their faces, some were getting extremely excited while others were becoming extremely fearful. As the battle raged on, the pressure bearing down on the battlefield was like a descending mountain; to some, it was unbearable as their faces went pale, while others twisted in an ugly fashion. Bright lights could be seen in the air, as the two ranks, five material abilities fought back and forth in an attempt to destroy each other. Roaring volcanic flames and subzero freezing flames rained like floodwaters destroying cities. The twelve mages, both fire, and ice continuously consumed energy replenishing pills as a means of sustaining enough energy to power their abilities as they also tried to forcefully absorb the pure Qi of heaven and earth as a means of forming a protective barrier around themselves amid battle, in case anything unexpected should occur. As the two attacks pushed against each other, the rotation of the ice lotus slowed as the petals of the flower extended outwards and became as sharp as a sword that could cut through a mountain like tofu. Due to this sudden development by the flying lotus flower, the purple whirlwind of profound flames started spinning in its axis at an alarming rate. Within the blink of an eye, it transformed into a purple vortex that started sucking everything in its path. The ground started to forcefully break apart due to the suction force of the vortex. Rocks, dust, and trees were sucked into the vortex and instantly turned to ash. The flying lotus picks up speed as it neared the vortex. Within mere moments, they slammed into each other creating a massive shock wave that destroyed the surrounding Qi that was circulating the two attacks. The shock wave was so powerful and fast that it shattered the protective barriers of both parties before anyone could react to it. As the two barriers collapse, the Warriors under their protection coughed up massive amounts of blood, their faces pale as they were blown away for dozens of meters. Some were instantly killed by the shock wave, while others were shaking nonstop as the earth shook and cracks started to form all around them. "Such power, it’s amazing." As the Warriors of both sides tried their best to regain their bearings and consume energy replenishing pills to stabilize their chaotic Qi, not realizing that their internal organs were also damaged. Some of the stronger warriors proclaimed praise towards the power attacks. The battlefield was littered with dead corps; some frozen stiff with their eyes opened, showing that they didn't even know how they died. Fear and regret could be seen as if it was engraved deep within their bones and the very soul itself, while others were either burned beyond recognition or instantly turned into ash. "Don't back down. Kill them!" A sudden shout broke the silence across the front lines as general Odian Grayson shouted out his orders to his men. As if they were struck by lightning itself, they instantly regained their senses and once again charged into battle. It was late in the night as the moon hung bright in the night sky illuminating the lands. The constant clashing of swords and the bashing of shields could be heard throughout the front lines. The night breeze was particularly chilly on this night because the moon was at its fullest as the howling of the wild wolves reverberated across the battlefield from within the nearby forest. The Sky Empire's general Odian Grayson was thick in the midst of battle as he jumped from one area on the battlefield to the next. As he did, broken bones or decapitated bodies would be left blazing and turning into ash on the spot. With a quick backflip, the general landed on the ground while swinging his sword to defend against a sword s***h. "Who would've thought that the weakest among the empires, the green field empire would last this long, haha" he laughed. With a crazed look in his eyes and varying hand signs, flames were set ablaze on his fists as he dashed forward to smash it onto a nearby warrior's chest. When his fists made contact with the warrior's body, it was instantly set on fire and within a couple of seconds, it turned to ash and was blown away by the wind. Miserable shrieks and screams sounded out as Odian Grayson danced across the fields, brandishing his flaming fists into the chests of the dashing green field warriors. Two sword-wielding warriors stabbed their swords towards his direction. The minute they did, a beam of black light instantly came into being as it transformed into a Black panther roaring as it charged forward, brandishing its sharp black teeth intending to devour the sky generally. As it went in pursuit, three warriors placed their hands on to the ground in a triangle formation as a bright light burst into the sky with the triangle as its center. The earth suddenly started to shake violently as a green tree grew from the ground. "What is this!?" Shock filled general Odian Grayson's face as he watched the green tree growing and getting larger with each passing second as the Black Panther circulated the huge tree. The roots of the tree shot out under the ground like a bullet that had just left its gun, making the earth shake nonstop with some areas with weak soil breaking apart. Some of the cracks ran straight through the battlefield with four-inch deep cracks here and there. The majority of the roots stretched to an area of over one hundred and fifty meters in all directions. "For our people of the green field empire, we give our lives for the cause of a better tomorrow." The trio lifted their heads and looked at each other in the eyes, proud and filled with pride for they knew that the power to activate this magical ability would devour their life force. They weren't scared to die. No. They were proud.  Proud of their general who was risking his life to protect the people they love. "Ahhhhhh" "Tree of the Nine Hells" With a loud cry from the three men, a swirling ball of pure green Qi that was the size of a baby's thumb was forcefully sucked from their mouths their faces instantly turned pale as cold sweat started to run down their bodies. The green ball of pure Qi was their life force. Within seconds, their bodies started to age. Their skins got old, their bones got weak and the hair on their heads turned snow white. On their faces, a proud smile could be seen. One that was without regret or fear of what's to come, death Qi could suddenly be seen coming from the bodies of the three men as they collapsed; lifeless on the ground, never to walk the earth again. "Tap tap" "Sigh. My men, gone are the days when peace reigned in our world. If we make it out of this one, your bravery shall go down in the history books. You all shall be named heroes" A long sigh could be heard coming from general Mich Son as he watched some of the proceedings of the battlefield, blood was dripping from one of his shoulders, but he wasn't paying attention to it, he was more concerned about his men than his safety. The three balls of pure green Qi that was forcefully sucked from the three men circulated the huge tree and fused into its core. Suddenly, the green tree started to glow with an intensely bright light. Ghost images started to rise around the battlefield as the ground began to shake violently. The intense light covered an area of four hundred and fifty meters in all directions as the clouds above rolled about without pause. On the faces of these ghost images, one could see that they were the spinning images of the warriors that were killed by the Sky Empire. As the black panther roared and circulated the tree, it's body grew double in size. The furious glares it gave would send fear and dread into any man's heart. "Raaaarraa" With its mouth opened wide and bloodlust in its eyes, the Black Panther dash straight after general Odian Grayson in an attempt to take his life. The Black Panther was made of pure Qi, thus it gave an illusion at first glance but as the panther got nearer to its target, the pure Qi in heaven and earth was sucked into its body as its speed increased ten folds. What the general could see was a black beam of light rushing towards him at an incredible speed. Anything in its path would be cut down mercilessly without a second thought, then suddenly the ghost images of the dead warriors seemed to have gone in a frenzy as they charged at him with their numbers adding up to the hundreds and increasing. "What kind of devilish abilities are these?" General Odian Grayson's eyes went wide with shock as he watches the oncoming attacks with nervousness. He suddenly went into his spatial ring and retrieved what seemed to be a broken skull that was glowing with intense purple light. He then bit the tip of his tongue and spit out some of his lifeblood on the top of the broken skull, which with great speed shot off to intercept the incoming attacks. All this happened within the blink of an eye. As the three attacks neared each other, the broken skull transformed into a huge ghost image of a warrior brandishing a broadsword with a soundless cry, the pressure in the atmosphere became as intense as possible. Some of the ghost images of the green tree instantly collapsed and the Black Panther’s speed was greatly reduced. "Boom Boom" As the two magical abilities made contact with the broken skull warrior ghost image, a loud explosion could be heard. Booming sounds continuously rang out in the skies above as the air around the impact area collapsed in on its self. Sparks of lightning could also be seen generating at the center of the attacks.
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