Chapter 2

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Tyler's Pov I cursed softly before taking a good look at Techna. She has really changed. She is hotter, and more matured than how she was in high school. "Techna?" "Yes, that's my name sir. Do you have any problem with it?" She said and I smiled a little, remembering our memories from elementary school to middle school. "No, it's just you remember me?" She looked at me like I was stupid. "Yes, we met at the club yesterday, but I will like if we keep outside activities for outside." "Well, that's not what I was talking about..." "Ty?" Oh, now she knows who I am. I saw her looking at the glass on the table that had my name written on it. "Here I am, in flesh. You missed me?" I sent her a smile but she returned it with a glare. "The hell I did. I don't miss people that dump their bestfriend for a liar." I could see the anger in her eyes. She was blaming me? Wasn't she the one that attack the girl I had a crush on in middle school? "You were the one that decided to attack Melissa." "You still believed that s**t she told you right?" Techna shook her head and glared at me. "What I saw..." "Can we please get over this interview? I can't believe I slept with you." She said, her face holding disgust. And I wouldn't lie, it hurt a little. "I don't even plan on interviewing you, and giving you this job." I said sternly.  Techna's Pov " I don't want..." My voice trailed off. I knew I needed this job, I had a lot of debts, my rent was pending. " Tyler, I really need this job." He laughed." Oh, so you didn't know when you kicked me in the shin in grade 12?" "I can't actually believe I had s*x with you, Tyler." I said rubbing my temples. To think before I went to sleep yesterday, I still thought about him and our night together. I can't believe he is the same person that hurt my feelings and threw our friendship away all because of one lying... "We will keep this professional, and keep personal feelings out of this. I interview you and I will tell you whether you passed it or not. We will talk about this personal matter later." He said and I smiled. "Thank you." I hope he keeps his personal feelings out of his decisions. **** "Mackenzie, guess who is my new boss?" I said looking at her from the living room, on the chair where I sat. "You got the job? You are now his personal assistant, right?" "Yes, I did. I told you to guess who my boss was." She lifted her head and stopped cutting the cabbage. "Who? Trevor Moner's brother?" "You know Trevor Moner? Why didn't you tell me the company I was going for interview was Trevor's brother?" "How was I supposed to know you knew Trevor Moner? He is my boss and I heard his brother needed a personal assistant. Where do you know him from?" "My boss is Tyler Moner." I said frowning. She gasped. "The Tyler Moner? That son of a bitch." She dropped the knife, and came to sit beside me.  "I know right. I still don't like him." "I guess you will be alright." "I wouldn't be alright Mac, because there is a bigger news." "What else is there? Melissa works there too?" Mac's imagination is always on high voltage. "Worse. Tyler is the one I had a one night stand with." She gasped again. I hope she is ok, if not I would have to call 911. Because, more than a gasp deserves medical attention. "Are you ok?" "I should be asking you that. How are you feeling about this?" "I am for sure not happy about this. I am angry about everything that has happened in the span of two days." "Was there yelling and everything?" "Fortunately, no. Mac, what do I do? I can't get him and that night off my mind. It's not healthy for me." I cried out. "You will be fine. You bought might still have s*x again, who knows." She said wiggling her eyebrows suggestively at me. I hit her arm playfully. "That's never going to happen again. After what he did in middle school, and you know it." "Well, if you say so." *** I wore my heels, and checked the time on my wrist watch. It was seven thirty in the's a good thing it takes twenty minutes to get to Tyler's company. I damped a little Classic brown powder on my face, and applied a pink lipstick matching my camisole. I ran out of her house, forgetting to button my blazer. It took her exactly twenty minutes to get to the company, thanks to no traffic. I took the elevator to the seventh floor, where my new office was. I smiled at those who greeted me. and walked past Tyler's weird looking secretary. Why was she looking at me like that? Holding my bag firmly, I counted from one to ten before entering.  As she entered, I saw Tyler sitting on his chair, his face in front of his laptop. But as soon as my heels touched the floor of his office, he looked up. The first thing he did was laugh. I wondered why he was laughing, and I almost got irritated. I wanted to slap his handsome face. Did I just say handsome?  "Can I ask why you are laughing, sir?" I said, minding not to raise my voice. It irritated me that I had to call him sir.  Tyler stopped laughing and smirked. Always smirking like the devil. "Do you intend to seduce me in the morning with your blazer unbuttoned?" Oh my god, that's how I forgot to button this blazer. I cursed softly buttoning my shirt as Tyler kept on laughing. I dislike this man a lot. "Anyway, you are at work early. As my assistant, your office is beside mine, so just go and leave me alone." Tyler said. Was I distracting him? "Am I distracting you?" I asked. Tyler gave me a surprised look frowning his eyebrows, then he raised it in realization of what I said. "No, you are not. Now, please get out." An hour later, he had given me documents to edit, print and send to other companies that are in partnership with our company. He was giving me so many work, like I was his servant. One time I snapped at him. "Stop treating me like I am a maid! I am your personal assistant, not your maid." "Are you not one?" He chuckled, and I wanted to slap him. He glanced at me before looking back at his laptop. I went to his desk and threw the papers on it, causing him to look up at me. "What drive me nuts, woman." He said rubbing his temples. I rolled my eyes and glared at him before speaking. "Mr Moner, I am only your assistant and not a machine. Get your head straight!" He looked at me surprised. His blue eyes were now a deeper shade. Tyler looked up and his blue eyes were back to sea blue. "Miss Winters, you should never insult me like that again. Don't forget I am your boss, I can sack you anytime." He said in a calm tone surprisingly. "I didn't insult you, I only told you the right thing." I wanted to really slap this man. I was about turning to leave, when Tyler called me. "Miss Winters, I bet it will be wise if you take these files back, and finish what I asked you to do." "Yes sir." I said without hesitation, carried the files and went out of the office. I didn't have time to argue with him. I knew he was enjoying this, he was enjoying my frustration. *** "Mackenzie, this man is really frustrating me. My dislike for him keeps increasing." I picked up my punch from my desk and sipped a little. "What happened? Did you guys f**k?" I choked on my punch. "Who says I want to sleep with him?" "To me, it seems you can't get enough of him and you need to get laid." She laughed and I actually wanted to kick her. "You know why I disliked him, Mac. I want to have nothing to do with him." "Well, you do work for him..." "I hate you." We both laughed. "Miss Winters!" There he goes again.  "I have to hang up, the jerk is calling me." I hanged up the call without even saying goodbye, because Tyler called me again, and I took my time walking to his office. When I entered, Tyler was now in only shirt and trousers, no tie or blazer. His hair was messy, but good looking messy. "Yes Mr Moner, you called for me." Tyler stood up and walked over to me. He smirked, and looked at me with an emotion I couldn't bring myself to understand. I bit my lips and I wanted to look away, but I couldn't. "Techna, don't bite your lips that way again." He said, bringing his face closer and I couldn't help but look at his sea blue eyes. They were the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Then he kept bending, and...
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