Billionaire's Beautiful Mistake

one-night stand
childhood crush
first love

Stary Writing Academy III

"You can't touch me" I hit the wall and took a deep breath avoiding Tyler's gaze.

"I am not gonna touch you." He moved closer leaving a little space between us. Tyler looked down at me and I gasped meeting his sparkling blue eyes. Those eyes were really beautiful.

He moved closer putting his lips near my ear, making my body tense, butterflies dancing in my stomach.

He nibbled my ear and spoke. "Techna, I am falling for you again. "

"Again? " I asked confused.


Techna Winters is a 23 year old woman who has disliked Tyler Moner since high school.

They had been best friends till middle school, when something came up and they split.

She was fired from her job, and her applying for another job at MONERS Enterprises brought her to face her long term enemy...

But that was the same guy she had a one night stand with, who she didn't know was Tyler.

Tyler Moner is not your typical arrogant billionaire. But he is rich, gorgeous and sexy as hell. After finding out the woman he had one night stand with was his ex best friend, ex crush, he started being rude towards her.

Then his life changes when...

Finally finding out she got pregnant?

For her ex bestfriend?

And he is hiding something from her...

Go through the life of this two with jealousy, hate, love, betrayal, babies, exes and family issues...

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Chapter 1
#VoteForMyStory# My story Billionaire's Beautiful Mistake is running for the Stary 3rd Anniversary. Come get more tickets and vote for me! MUST READ FIRST!!! Hi readers. Thanks for clicking on my story to read. First of all, this is my first story, so there will be some mistakes and grammatical errors. And also, about some of the characters name, you might not like it. I don't know what I was thinking when I gave them the name, please bear with me. This story is not perfect either, since it was my first book, so please not insulting, There is something called constructive criticism.  I have also not edited this book, and there might be some cringy or cliche parts, so read at your own risk. You have been warned. But as you keep on reading, it gets better, I promise. The book will majorly be in the female character's POV, but there will be switching of POV's in the first two chapters. Third person POV Techna sat down on the counter and asked for another drink. She had just been sacked from her job, she had little money with her, her rent had almost expired, and she had to update her old Iphone six. She looked around the club and paused, directing her attention to the beautiful man seating few feet away from her. Why is he looking at me? She sighed and turned back to the bartender. He might be one of those perverted men, she guessed. "Can I have another shot?" The bartender poured her another, and as she was about to pour the burning liquid down her throat, a firm hand held her wrist, stopping her. She looked up and frowned. What does this man want? He was the young handsome man that she caught staring at her when she was looking around the club. "Can you let go of my hand? I don't like to be touched by strangers." She was already tipsy but her senses were still functioning well. The man smiled and dropped her hand. "Don't you think you have taken enough? You are almost drunk. We don't want to you passing out on the drive way, right?" He said sitting beside her on the stool. Why is he so beautiful? Techna thought. Why did that smile look familiar too? "You don't get to tell me how much I have taken or how much I should take. Mind your business and walk away." "Hmm, I can see you are feisty, but I don't really like feisty women." The young man said, and winked at her. He motioned for the bartender to pour him a shot too.  "Then you can as well take your leave. I also don't like handsome men that are rude. The last time I checked, I didn't invite you to join me in taking shots, or did I?" Techna sent him a glare and took a shot. She grimaced after the liquid burnt her throat. She will never get used to taking shots, she didn't like it.  "Sassy, I like that. Wait, did you just call me handsome?"  "If you came here to boost your ego, I am sorry to disappoint you because instead, you will leave here with a bruised one."  The man chuckled and took a shot. "I can get used to liking feisty though." "Suit yourself, and I don't really care. All I care about now, is to get wasted." Techna turned to take a good look at the man that decided to disturb her journey to getting wasted. The man looked liked he was in his early twenties. He had a sharp jawline, a fine nose and plump lips. She couldn't tell the color of his eyes, because of the dim light in the club. All she knew was that he was really beautiful. "Why are you staring at me like that?" The man asked after he noticed that Techna was looking at him longer than normal. He liked the attention, but he still wanted to ask. "Get over yourself, I wasn't staring at you. I was wondering what the color of your eyes were." Techna replied hoping her lie was believable. He chuckled and she noticed he had dimples. She really loved dimples. He is so beautiful. "Who is so beautiful?" His question brought her out of her trance and her cheeks warmed. It was a good thing he was not able to see the color on her cheeks, due to the dim light. "My...my dog. His name is Ronnie, and he is an husky." She hated dogs. "Oh, alright. So you are a dog lover." The man smiled at her, showing off his perfect teeth. "And my eyes are blue by the way, since you were wondering." "I wasn't wondering anymore. Do I look like Alice in wonderland?" Techna turned away from the man and ordered for a s*x on the beach. The man laughed and he couldn't help but admire the woman sitting right next to him. "Your sense of humor is really dry."  "Thanks captain obvious." "So what brought you here, and why are you planning on getting wasted?" He studied her, and he thought she didn't look like the one that drinks a lot. "Well...I got fired today." She didn't know why she was telling a stranger this, but the alcohol in her system had decided to perform it's job. "Oh, I am sorry." "It's okay, it's not your fault. This is not the first time, it is my fifth." She said and gave him a fake smile. "That's so sad, still sorry though. I am looking for a..." Techna kept her arms around the man's shoulder and smiled at him. "Will you join me in my journey of getting wasted?" "Well, I am already tipsy, so I guess?" **** A lot of alcohol in their system later, Techna turned to face the man. "Mr..." "My name is..." Before he could say his name, she kissed him. The man was shocked though. "Don't talk, and just kiss me." She kept her hands around his neck and moved closer. She was clearly really drunk, and so was he. The man smiled, and covered his lips with hers. Techna moved her fingers through the guy's hair as they savored each others lips, while the man held her waist. He paused, and removed his lips from Techna's. He faced her flushed face, and said. "Do you mind if we move to away from here?" "No, I don't mind, let's get away from the club." she giggled as they both struggled their way out of the club, and the man's driver drove them away from the club as they wished. *** Techna's POV I felt something warm around my waist, and I smiled thinking it was my dog. But, I don't have a dog. I don't even like them. I gasped and opened my eyes. I saw a hand and internally screamed. What was a corpse's hand doing on my body? What was a corpse doing on my bed? I gasped and turned around. I saw a young looking man with brunette hair, fine straight nose, plump pink lips, and he was really handsome. But what was I doing here, and with this guy?  Why is a man on my bed? I looked around the room, this even isn't my room. Blood of... Then I remembered bits from yesterday. I have a really bad hang over, and I slept with this man. How could I have been so stupid? He was the man from the club, and I couldn't really remember what happened last night. But I was sure I slept with him, because I was n***d, and he was n***d too. The sheets covered him from his waist down to his legs, so I could only see his back. I decided to shift my body to move, but his grip was tight. I shifted his hand forcefully, but that only woke him up. "Where do you think you are going?" I heard that husky voice. I turned and found him starring at me with those piercing blue eyes, and he looked more handsome with his eyes opened. "I um..." My voice trailed off. "So you wanted to leave without me noticing, right?" He wrapped his hands firmly around my waist, and smiled at me.  Was he serious? Wasn't it just a one night stand where the lady or guy sneaks out before the other wakes up? "Yesterday was really perfect." Perfect? "Huh...I think I need to take a shower." He then released my waist. I should have said I wanted to leave! "When you are done, you can come downstairs, I will make you something." What? I scoffed and got off the bed, wrapping the sheet around my body, and he laughed. I turned to face him. "What's so funny?" "What are you hiding? I saw those yesterday, remember? " He laughed again, and I wanted to slap his pretty face. But instead, I ran to the bathroom to save myself from further embarrassment. What am I still doing here? *** Third person's Pov Techna walked out of the guy's house, but he held her hand and turned her around. "Do you think we should exchange numbers, so we can meet up sometime later?" He asked, but he knew what her answer was going to be. "I am sorry, but this is the last time we will see each other. We were both drunk yesterday." The man frowned but later changed it to a smile. He kissed her good bye on the side of her lips and she gave him a smile. "Thanks for the breakfast, bye." She entered the taxi Tyler called up for her and the driver drove off.  She had already left before they both realized that they didn't get to know each others name. **** "Where were you yesterday night?" Mackenzie asked holding Techna's hair. "Mac, drop my hair. I only spent the night at some guy's house, okay? " Mac laughed. "You have got to be kidding me, Techna. You are not the type to have one night stands." "I am not, babe." Techna fell on her bed and removed her shoes. "Don't tell me you slept with him, Techna..." "I did. We were drunk and he was hot, we both wanted it..." "Did you even use protection?" "I don't really remember last night, but I guess he did?" Techna wasn't even sure, but she hoped he did. Mac only starred at Techna, and then smiled. "Well, I am impressed." Techna glared at Mac. "What?" "Well, you aren't a goody two shoes after all." Techna gave her friend a smile. "Well, because I don't sleep around doesn't mean I am a goody two shoe. I just decided to keep my v****a to myself." "Was the guy the hot though? Like Captain america hot?" Techna laughed. "Yeah. Let's forget about it, it was a one night stand." Techna turned to leave. "Techna?" Mac called, and Techna turned back. "Hmm?" "I think I got a place for you to apply at." Techna smiled, letting it reach her eyes. "What's the name? " "Moners Industries." Techna gave Mac a look. "Well, let's give that a try, shouldn't we?" She headed towards the door and turned. "But that name sounds familiar." Mac only shrugged. "Whatever." And with that she left. *** Techna put on a blue shirt, pulled her pants up to tuck in her shirt, and zipped up. She glanced at her phone looking at the message that was sent from Moners industries. She was going for the interview. I hope I am hired. She wore her black heels and went into the kitchen. "Techna? Are you going to flirt with the boss or what? You look good." "Thanks, but I am not a lesbian." she smiled. I love my best friend. "Thanks bro." "I am a girl. " Mac glared sipping her coffee. "You call me bro too, so... "  "Good luck at your interview." Mackenzie waved and prepared herself to go to work too. "Thanks babe." Then she was off, without closing the door behind her. "Goddammit Tech. Come close the door!" *** Tyler's POV Holding the cup of coffee my secretary brought to me, the memory of the woman I slept with yesterday was still on my mind. When I went to the club yesterday, I wasn't planning on bringing home any woman, I didn't even think I will be making out with anyone.  She is the only person I had had s*x with in my life, apart from Melissa, my ex girlfriend. The s*x yesterday was good, but I really liked the woman's personality. She was really sassy and feisty. I don't know why asking for her name didn't cross my mind, and I regret it. "Mr Moner!" I realized I had been thinking for a while. I sat up. "Hmm?" "The last person for the interview is around." Can we get over with this interview already? "Send her in." I wasn't ready for another interview again, and I was tired. Almost all the other ladies that came here for the interview were only trying to get in my pants. But when I heard the door open, and I looked up, I wasn't expecting to see the woman I have been thinking of.  Was I dreaming? "One...One night stand?" I heard her say. "Wow, I never knew we would meet again." She said blushing. Of all names to call me, how generous of you.  "It's a pleasure, have your seat." She moved the chair and sat. I tried my best not to picture her under me, and think of the dirty things I want to do to her. "Sir, please can you stop staring at me, and start the interview?" Her sass is back. "So what's your name? Let's get started." I asked as I brought out her file. "It's Techna Winters." She said, and I looked up at her so fast, that I thought I would have a whip lash. Wait what? This is my first story. What do you think about the chapter? I hope you like this chapter so far. 

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