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Recap: "First thing, Lazarus, call me Hades. No Sir, nothing. And two, don't get into my business. The more far you can get from my business, the more happy and peaceful you'll be. The closer to try to know my cause, the more you'll get involved with me. And getting involved with me isn't something you'll like to experience." I gulped when he practically threatened me with his words. So gently. His voice never rose once, his words were barely above a whisper. But the authority and power his voice held made me shiver. In fear. He smiled at my silence as he grabbed his bags and then looked at me again. "Are you free now, Lazarus? Please help me around. A house tour would be more helpful." He said and I swallowed nervously, licking my lips as I nodded my head. "Su...sure." I said, walking in front of him again as he followed me around. The fact that his presence was behind me wasn't helping me. He had clearly made it very transparent that he was involved in something very illegal. But what, I didn't knew. Murder, maybe? Street fight? I had no idea. Or maybe he was a secret agent. That was a lie, I knew. Lazarus:  "This is your room. My house only has one common bathroom and restroom. Extra bedsheets are in the wardrobe, last shelf. I don't have extra sets of curtains, if you want to change them, you would have to buy them." I said quietly as I pushed the door of his room open and he walked inside, looking around curiously. "I can suspend a punching bag from the ceiling, right? That won't be a problem with you, correct?" He asked me with the same gentleness that gave me chills. "If it causes permanent damage to the ceiling, then I am afraid, I'll have to say no to you." I said, gathering enough courage to tell him the truth and he chuckled, shaking his head. "Don't worry, there won't be any permanent damage, Lazarus. And I won't hurt you until you stay away from my business, Lazarus. I can see how stressed and scared you look." He said, walking out, towards me and my eyes widened, making him stop right then and there. "I am not used to people walking in with blood smearing their shirt and skin, Hades." I said and his face lost its smile, making me curl my fingers around my t-shirt and he carefully noticed my actions. "I won't lie to you, Lazarus. You will most probably see me like this every week. But if you sleep early, you can avoid looking at my bloodied clothes. But if you have a habit of sleeping late, you'll most probably have me in this look. And I hope, I won't have to deal with you calling the cops or neighbours on me. Right?" Then, I'll most probably see in you in blood. Lord! I didn't miss the warning his eyes had. I blinked at his soft words, making me pull my lips in a thin line. "That means you're hiding from the cops?" I asked him directly and he smiled. His smile made the hair on the back of my neck to stand. "Honestly— yes." He said, nodding his head and I swallowed harshly. "So, you're a criminal?" "Will you be scared if I say yes?" He asked me in amusement and I nodded my head stiffly and he let out a long sigh, shaking his head. "Then, Lazarus, I'm sorry to scare you but I'm indeed the most wanted criminal— Hades Black." He said, making me shiver as I looked at his beautiful face. I don't know why but the most beautiful faces hides the most ugliest truths. Most hideous pasts. Most unwanted and unexpected realities. He was so beautiful that one could keep staring at him for hours and hours. He was so beautiful that a straight man like me could turn gay for him. That's how beautiful he was. But the threat his eyes held, warning me in ways that seemed so harmless but felt so dangerous made my bones to chill. "Why don't you go and look for another house? I'm sure you'll get plenty of them." I said and he shrugged his shoulders, sitting down on the couch kept in the hall as I was staring at him with a dumb expression. "But aren't you in urgent need of money?" He asked me, raising his brows and I licked my lips, looking at him with my narrowed gaze. "How do you know that?" I asked him sternly and he smiled, playing with the pillow kept beside him. "I have my ways, Lazarus. I didn't come here without doing my homework. Why do you think I chose this house, Lazarus? Because it's more safe for me. You're a college going student, who barely has any friends. And a job to pay your bills. So, you'll hardly be home. Barely any trouble for me." "I can work two shifts, Hades. You don't have to stay here. Why not look for another house? Probably with no roommates?" I suggested him and he smiled. "Honestly, Lazarus, I am tired of people calling cops on me and me hiding their corpses. Too much of hassel, you know. But you look like a smart guy to me. We can be friend even, Lazarus. Only if you co-operate." He said and my eyes widened at his words. "Corpses?" "Corpses. Dead bodies of people I kill because they couldn't keep their mouth shut. Yeah, corpses. Have you eaten something?" He suddenly asked me as if he hadn't just explained to me how he kills people who don't listen to him. Honestly, I was very hungry before he arrived. I knew my roommate would come tonight. So I had thought of ordering some pizza in, when they'd come as a welcoming gift. But after this encounter I barely had any appetite left. "Lazarus? Did you had your dinner?" He asked me, raising his brows as he stood up from the couch and walked towards the kitchen and checked for any cooked food or remnants for the same. But he found nothing. "Ye...yeah." "Lying now, are we? You know, Lazarus, I have worked as a chef for three years of my life. I have got some amazing culinary skills. How about I cook something for us? Are you allergic to anything or any food combination?" He asked me as he removed the fresh vegetables from the bag and the cutting board. "I am not hungry, Hades. Cook anything you want for yourself. I am retiring for the day." I said and turned to leave but he blocked my path, his eyes stern rather than cold as he looked up at me with serious expression. "Don't sleep hungry because of me, Lazarus. I mean no harm to you until you promise the same. Like I told you, we can be friends. And I am a very good company. After all, we need to spend quite long time together, considering I'm your new roommate." He said and I pressed my lips together, nodding my head in defeat. "I'll cook." I said softly as I walked past him and he laughed, walking behind me. "I won't poison your food, Lazarus. That's not my style. And besides, I am going to eat too. I'm very hungry. And you let me use your body wash, shampoo and towel, let me atleast cook you a meal and show you, I am not that bad of a company." He said and I weighed the chances of letting him cook. I didn't trust him. Not at all. "Can you please stop with your dark jokes? They're making me uncomfortable." I said, looking at him and he smiled, not wickedly. But more like he was trying to understand me. This man confused me. "Of course, I'm sorry. How about you help me and I'll cook?" He suggested and I let out a sigh, agreeing reluctantly. "Okay." "Great." He mumbled as he started dicing the vegetables and suddenly my original plan hit my mind. "Or we can simply order pizza." I said and he turned to look at me and a smile formed on his face. "And you'll call 911 to order pizza? Large pepperoni, hm?" He asked me lowly, making me shiver and I quickly shook my head. What the f**k? "What, no! I had not cooked dinner because I had thought of ordering pizza when my roommate would arrive. If you want, you can make the order. Online." I said and he laughed. "Breathe, Lazarus. If you want to eat pizza I can bake it for you." He said and I shrugged my shoulders. "If you're going to prepare the pizza, I'll go and grab my assignment. It was due yesterday." I said with a nervous chuckle and he smiled at me, nodding his head. "What are you studying?" He asked me and I looked at him in shock. He was interested in which course I had selected? "Economics and Business Ethics." I answered and he nodded his head. "But didn't you know? Considering how you already did your homework on me." He rose his brows at my words, shaking his head to himself as he grabbed the cheese from the fridge. "I knew. I even know which college you go to, which wing, which classroom and which desk. I just wanted to have a decent conversation." He answered me and my insides curled in fear. What the actual hell? "Which desk?" He smiled at my question, tilting his face slightly up to look a my me. "Fifth desk, middle row. Fourth floor, Left wing. Anything else, Mr. Lazarus Russell?" He asked me in amusement and I shook my head and rushed to grab my work from my room and sat down on the couch as I started doing my work. I was only down to my second page when Hades walked in, carrying two plates of hot, steaming pizzas in his hands and he carefully placed it down on the table in front of me. I placed my pen in between my pages before I walked up and filled two glasses of water before sitting in front of him. "How old are you?" I asked him when I took a slice of pizza and he looked at me, surprised but answered me nonetheless. "Twenty six. Why?" "Just wondering." I said with an awkward smile and he nodded his head. I took a bite of pizza and my eyes rolled back in euphoria as the rich taste of the pizza flooded my mouth. When he said he had some great culinary skills, he wasn't lying. He wasn't lying at all. "So, how's it?" He asked me and I looked at me, color filling my cheeks as I licked the ketchup off my lips. "You weren't lying about your amazing cooking skills. You need to teach me your recipe of pizza." I said as I took another slice of pizza and he chuckled, nodding his head. "Surely I will, after your term exams are over." He said to me casually but it creeped the hell out of me how he knew everything about me and my course when I knew nothing about him. "You should rest now. I'll do the dishes. There's a spare key in the drawer of your cupboard, in your room. I won't be home if you come before night tomorrow." I said and he nodded his head. "Okay, thank you." He said getting up from his seat as he placed his plate in the sink. "Thank you for the food, Hades." I said when he left the kitchen. I thought he didn't heard me but when he answered me back, I knew he did. "That's not a problem at all, Lazarus. Good night." After washing the dishes, I too retired for the day and went into my room. I ran my fingers through my locks and took a deep breath in. This wasn't how I had planned things would turn out. I wasn't expecting much. I knew expections always spoils scenarios. But having a criminal as a roommate wasn't something I was looking for either. 'I am the most wanted criminal actually— Hades Black.' His voice kept echoing in my head. Hades Black. Why does this name sound familiar to me? I quickly logged in my computer and opened the browser to serve the internet. I quickly typed his name in the search bar and I was shocked to see the results. Hades Black— the most wanted criminal. Involved in the conspiracy of Mayor's death. Killed Sir Philips and crowned himself the new leader of Skua. Hades Black, the new name of the underworld. Known for his brutal ways. He is known for killing famous personalities. Some assume it's some old rivalry that's surfacing up. While some still assume, it's a case of power and money. Hades Black escaped the security. The government once again can't help but be helpless in front of the criminal himself. And then I clicked on the picture of Hades Black. To the internet, Hades Black was still unknown. Other then some blur pictures of him, of course. On the screen was a blurred picture of a man in hoody, covering his face with a mask. And only a pair of eyes visible. Light grey eyes. With the exact same coldness. If possible even more hatred. He stood there, looking at the camera. His hand waving a goodbye. Oh God!
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