Again, Mr. Black? (M×M) (l***q+)

enimies to lovers
turning gay

Lazarus Russell is waiting for his room partner. Unaware of the fact that his room partner is not just any random man but actually a criminal. Criminal, everyone is scared of.

So when he finds that Hades Black is his new roommate, he can't help but feel scared of him. Especially when he walked in with a blood soaking his white shirt.

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Lazarus Russell. Blood. Metallic smell. And the glare. I wasn't expecting too much from my roommate. Not at all. But the only thing I wasn't expecting was my roommate to walk in with blood staining his white shirt, smearing his neck. I couldn't help but gape at him, like a fish. Like a scared human being, actually. But it wasn't my fault entirely. Not when he had blood all over him. A murderous glint in his eyes and a glare directed towards me. As if, as if I had pushed him down in the pool. I did nothing to him. "Are you by any chance Lazarus Russell?" The man in front of me asked and I blinked when his rough voice filled my ears, making me gulp. For a minute I dumbly stared at him. Taking in his features. Dark hair falling messily over his forehead. His light grey eyes looking like a dagger, ready to slit me into half. He was an inch shorter than me, considering how long I am. His tanned skin was covered with blood, making me almost take a step back. "I can understand I might have shocked you a bit but as you can see I'm covered with someone's blood and it's not really a pleasant feeling. So if you're Lazarus Russell, can you help me with my luggage and show me the bathroom? I am your roommate Hades Black." Defying his persona, he sounded quite soft, almost like he was a normal human being. Snapping out of my trance and pulling the big boys pants, I nodded my head as I walked in front of him, clenching my fist in fear as I led him towards the bathroom. "The geyser blasted yesterday. So you need to use the cold water only." I said nervously as I pushed the door of the bathroom open, revealing a very clean bathroom. I am a clean freak. "That won't be a problem. Do you mind if I use your body wash?" He asked me as he walked inside and I shook my head quickly. "Of course not. Do you need fresh towel too?" I asked him and he was thinking for a second before he smiled awkwardly, shrugging his shoulders. "Only if you have a fresh set. I don't think you would want me to use your towel after coming in your house covered with blood." He said with a chuckle and I winced how he joked so easily about the blood that wanted to make me puke. "I brought yesterday a new towel for me, you can use that." I said, opening my cabinet as I removed a fresh new towel and handed it to him. "Thank you so much, Lazarus Russell. I'll buy you a new towel. Don't worry." He said and before I could've denied him he shut the door of bathroom close, making me sigh. This is so damn scary. Having a man covered in blood in my house as my roommate. And what's even more scary is how he is being polite with me. Or maybe he might have helped another person into hospital. Yeah, that must have been the case. Considering how polite and soft spoken he was. But his eyes— they were barely soft. They were cold, dangerous and had the same emotion in those eyes the whole time. Malice. I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard the sound of the water stopping and I quickly rushed out, in the hall, taking some few deep breaths in. I grabbed a cup and filled it with water before gulping it down. Holy s**t. "Thank you for the towel, Lazarus." I heard him from behind, making me shiver when he spoke my name. His deep voice almost had an edge in it. Something was off about him, something I could barely find out. Other than the fact that he came covered in somebody's blood. "That's fine. If you don't mind me asking, why did you had blood on your shirt? I am not prying, Sir. I was just curious and a little worried." I said and he chuckled, making me turn around to look at him. He was now dressed in an olive coloured shirt and dark jeans underneath. His hair were damp and he atleast didn't smell of the blood anymore but more like..... more like my body wash and shampoo. "First thing, Lazarus, call me Hades. No Sir, nothing. And two, don't get into my business. The more far you can get from my business, the more happy and peaceful you'll be. The closer to try to know my cause, the more you'll get involved with me. And getting involved with me isn't something you'll like to experience." I gulped when he practically threatened me with his words. So gently. His voice never rose once, his words were barely above a whisper. But the authority and power his voice held made me shiver. In fear. He smiled at my silence as he grabbed his bags and then looked at me again. This man looked like he was bipolar. Didn't he just threatened me right now and now he was smiling at me like he didn't just threatened me. I gulped and looked at me, silently asking him to continue what he wanted to say. When in all, I just wanted him to leave my damn house right now. God, please help me. "Are you free now, Lazarus? Please help me around. A house tour would be more helpful." He said and I swallowed nervously, licking my lips as I nodded my head. "Su...sure." I said, walking in front of him again as he followed me around. The fact that his presence was behind me wasn't helping me. He had clearly made it very transparent that he was involved in something very illegal. But what, I didn't knew. Murder, maybe? Street fight? I had no idea. Or maybe he was a secret agent. That was a lie, I knew.

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