Stay Strong Beautiful.

812 Words
Rosaline POV I was stunned. For a moment I didn't know what to say or what to feel. I had already prepared myself that one day she had to go, but when she said that she was leaving tomorrow I didn't know how to react to this situation. "Rosaline...Rosaline." Namal called me out. "Yeah?" "You spaced out." "Tomorrow? So soon? I mean what happened? You said there are still two months until your shift, then why all of a sudden? Leave everything you're leaving tomorrow and are you telling me now?!" "I's just there's an emergency over there and Dad said we had to leave tomorrow. Dad told me this morning. I was also shocked and disturbed to hear this news." "Don't worry, I understand. When is the flight?" "Tomorrow at 1 pm." "I'll come to see you off....and no, I'm not sad. This is your last day over here and I want you to spend this day happily with me, okay?" "I'll miss you Rosey." "I'll miss you too, i***t, and we will have a lot of time to miss each other, but for now let's go to those places where we have our best old memories." "Yeah...I want to visit all those places before I leave." "Then what are you waiting for? Let's go?" "Woah...Rosey, we still have three lectur_ "We're going to skip today." Her face was full of shock. Why shouldn't it be? I, Rosaline Knight, never break any rules and never skip a class....hell, I don't even go to parties. No wonder she calls me Grandma. "What happened to Ms Goody's two shoes?" "Namal, don't call me that," I said to her with a serious face. "Okay, okay, but seriously?" "Crystal." "Rosey, this is not right. I can't let you skip." "Oh come on, l promise it will only be the first and last time say yes please." "Okay, okay melodrama let's Skip." We skipped our classes and went to all the places where we made some awesome memories. Later that evening, we hugged and said goodbye to each other. I was sad, like really sad that I wanted to cry, but I'm not a baby. I'm strong and I can bear this. The fact is, she's the only one who understands me the most and my life, which was a little bit exciting, was just because of her. Now my life will be totally boring. I think I should socialize more. Can't let people call me a Grandma or Ms. Goody two shoes. When I reached home, my brother was not home again and my mother left me a note to inform me that she'd be staying at Aunt Mary's house because grandma was ill and they both needed to take care of her. I heard the door open. It was Max. "Hey munchkin wassup?" "Max doesn't call me that I hate this name, okay, and I'm not that short." "Whatever you say, munchkin," he said, winking at me. Sometimes I hate him a lot. "Where's mom?" I was really tired of explaining to him everything, so I just gave him the note. "Oh." "Max, I'll be going to see Namal off tomorrow. She's leaving for Brazil." I wasn't asking for his permission. I just want to let him know. "Ms Goody, two shoes," my conscience said. "I'm not." "What?" Max asked. "Oh, nothing.... nothing." "Whatever, are you okay? I mean she's your only close friend and she's leaving. You'll be sad, right?" "Isn't it obvious Max?" "There's your favourite ice cream in the fridge_" I didn't let him finish his sentence and rushed to the fridge to get my favourite vanilla ice cream. Even your favourite flavour is too boring...vanilla really? "Can you shut up for a second? I'm trying to lighten my mood." "Stupid conscience." I'm not boring. I'm just not too amazing. The next morning, I took a shower and got ready. Today I'm going to see off Namal. I promised myself that I'd not be sad and see her off happily. I reached the airport. Because of the traffic, I was a little bit late. "Sorry, I'm a little late." "Thank God you came." "I'll miss you, Namal." "I'll miss you too, Rosey." We chatted a lot about how we were going to miss each other and that I should be social and go to parties. Actually, we were not chatting. She was lecturing me. As she was going to give me another lecture, her flight number came. "Bye Rosey, and don't you dare to forget me, okay?" "Bye Namal, I'll miss you." "Me too and Rosaline." "Yeah?" "Stay strong beautiful." She winked at me. We said our farewells to each other. Now my life will be like eating, sleeping and studying. My brother told me that I should make new friends, but I don't trust new people so easily. _______________________________________________________________________
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