My life.

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Rosaline POV I was getting ready for school. Everyone in my house right now is sleeping. I looked at my watch. It was 6:30 am. My school started at 7:00 am. I made a sandwich for myself. My mother is a working lady, but she said she was not feeling well last night, so she wanted to take a day off. My father is a business manager; usually, he's not at home for business purposes, and then there is my annoying and caring brother Max at his friend's house, so everyone who was sleeping in my house was just my mom. Without making any noise, I left my house. I like to walk. My house was pretty close to my school. Luckily, it was close, so I didn't have to worry about transportation problems. My life is simple and quite dull. I reached school in 10 minutes. I was going to my first biology class and my favorite subject. I am getting medical education. "Rosey." I know that voice is none other than my best friend's. "Damn, Rosey, you walk fast." "You're late." "I know_" She tried to explain, but I cut her off. "Again." She gave me a cute smile. "Come on, we are already late, and why are you smiling like a clown?" "A clown....a clown?" " OK, sorry...I didn't mean to call you a clown." She started to smile again. "I meant to call you a joker. Now come on, we're already late." Her smile faded. "Sometimes I think about why I'm your best friend?" "Because you love me. Now come on, or Ms. Maya, a.k.a Ms. danger, will make our life a living hell." "True. Let's go." Namal, she's my best friend; we share everything. She knows my deep dark secrets, and I know hers. She's bold and beautiful. When girls bully me and call me a nerd, she's the one who stands for me. I'm fortunate to have her in my life. She taught me how to stand up for myself. She's more like a family to me. She's bubbly and funny. The sad part is that she will leave me after two months because her family is moving to Brazil. I was devastated to hear this news. She was too, but it's not like we're dying. Right, I'll meet her on vacation, and we can chat daily on social media, but still. She means a lot to me. I was pretty sad but soon realized it would be just two years. I think a lot about situations. She hasn't even left yet, and I'm thinking about when she will return. Namal and I were sitting on the front seat revising our last topic, which we studied yesterday, when Ms. Maya arrived. No, we're not nerds, and we don't like to learn all the time, but you know there is a thing called grades which we need for a good and stable future. "Good morning, class." "Good morning Ms." We greeted her. The class was mean to her. You could say she's not everyone's favorite. "I'm going to give you your last week's test class." "No." Everyone screamed, including Namal and me. We love biology, but the last test was not the best I could do. Namal's biology skills are better than mine. Why is she screaming? " did you do in that test?" I asked her. "Neutral." "Yeah, you're saying this now, and it will be announced that you got the perfect grade." "No, this time, you'll see. I did a neutral job in that test." "Oh yeah, let's see." "Namal got an A grade on this test. Well done, Namal, but I expect an A+ from you." "I'll try harder next time, Mam." I'm not surprised; this is every test's story. There she says she was neutral. "See, I got an A. I told you I didn't do my best." "You're impossible." "Rosaline." Oh god, there it is. Prepare yourself, Rosaline; you're going to die today. Wait, I didn't do that badly in this test, either. Have some hope, Rosaline. "It wasn't your best, Rosaline." "I know, mam... I'll try harder next time." "Still, you got a B grade." Wow, this was unexpected. I mean, B? It's a lucky day for me. I was expecting a C-. "Ahem, someone was overreacting about this test now, wasn't she?" Namal said, sarcasm lacing in her voice. "Hey, I'm surprised too and don't be sarcastic. It doesn't suit you." Ms. Maya gave everyone their test and started today's topic. The lecture ended, and we sat in the cafeteria. "Rosey," Namal called to me with a disturbed look. "Yeah?" "I'm leaving tomorrow." she blurted out. _______________________________________ Check out my other work, "Deceiver." Go to my profile and save "Deceiver" in your library. Happy Reading.
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