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** ANYA’S POV ** Once, I didn’t. I wanted to know what it felt like to orgasm from just that. His face went cold and he unbound me. He had me lay on the bed and gave me 6 hard hits with the crop. I wasn’t allowed to cry out and had to apologize after each one. He had me stand and tell him why I’d received the punishment. His face wasn’t angry, it was full of disappointment. That hurt so much worse than the crop. I didn’t get much sleep, sitting up with my ass aching but, it wasn’t the discomfort that devastated my night, it was the shame. It was my selfishness that was the cause of his disappointment and the ruin of our evening. I never failed to tell him again. He gave me a few seconds to become acclimated to the pain, pleasure while he retrieved the blindfold. As he placed it on me, he ordered, “You will not c*m without permission.” A wave of pleasure shot through me. He was going to allow me an orgasm. The pleasure that rolled through me made my genitals clench and shake the suction cylinder causing my clit to throb and send another wave of pleasure through me. As I focus on my breathing to regain my control, he hangs weights from my n****e. The weights cause my breasts to throb along with my clit. I realize it will take everything I have to get through the night of the total ecstasy he has planned. I want to please him and give him everything he wants. And, I love the extreme orgasms he can give me. He always makes sure that he never crosses the line and knows when it is too much for me to take even if I don’t voice it out at times, he senses my displeasure and stops instantly. It begins as it always does, with the flogger. He lashes playfully every inch of my skin except my neck and face. It stings slightly, but this is merely the warm-up. This part helps me to relax. I know it sounds strange, but the stinging helps my body to become more sensitive and that relaxes me. Some parts, like my upper back, thighs, and butt he strikes with more force. Every couple of minutes he stops and rubs his body against mine, soothing the sting and bringing more blood to the skin. Then, he begins the second stage. Still, with the flogger, he strikes the fleshier areas harder and faster. The stings this time make me gasp. When He is pleased with the appearance of what he has done, we move to the next part. This part is always a surprise for me. I never know what he will choose as the starting toy in our play. My body tingles from the flogger and the anticipation of what will be next. He drags his fingers along my skin, stretching out my anticipation. I love the way his fingertips dance across my bare skin. I could stay here all night and just wallow in the feeling of his fingers on my skin. As he walks around me, touching every part of me, he whispers “I will be giving you the night of your life one that I have never given you yet my pet. You will use the toy that makes your whole body tremble and another one that makes your core throb for more”. I have no idea which toy he will choose but they all sound wonderful. Each description makes my insides tremble. He asks if my arms are okay if I need a stretch before continuing. I straighten them and twist them slightly and tell him I’m okay. Again, I know not to lie or stretch the truth. If I become weary and have to interrupt the next part of our play, it will be a disappointment to us both. He steps away for a moment. I can feel the cool air of the room on my heated skin. I hear him opening our toy chest. He walks back and stands in front of me. I can feel the warmth of his body, but his skin doesn’t touch me. I want to lean forward and press my skin against his but he has not given permission to give in to my desires. I wait quietly to find out what he has chosen. I can’t see him or hear him move, but I sense his arm move around behind me. A stinging starts in my thigh and travels up across my butt. It is more concentrated than the stinging of the flogger making me gasp and arch my back. He’s chosen the electric wand. I wonder what the game will be with it. The stinging begins on my other thigh and moves upward. He tells me the rules of our game. “I’m going to draw pictures on you. If you guess them right, you’ll be rewarded. If you miss four of them, you’ll have to wait for another day for permission to cum.” My chin trembled as I realize the challenge, he is giving me. Years ago, I mastered how to ignore the sensations my body sent to my brain. I sought a way to survive. Ignoring pain was my way out. It was a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I was able to escape the pain as it was occurring. A curse because I was never able to feel a gentle touch and needed the pain to feel anything. With this game, he was telling me he wanted me to listen to my body, not tune it out. To have a better chance of recognizing the pictures, I’d have to accept the pain, not ignore it. I loved and hated his challenges. I love them because he helped me to grow with them. I hated them because there was a greater chance of failure and I did not want to fail. He started with an easy one. He wound the wand around the bottom and up over the top of my left breast, down to my belly button and back up around the other. It left a tingly picture in its wake. I smiled. “A heart, Master.” “Good.” He removed the suction from my clit. As he did, I realized I hadn’t felt any pain or any other sensation there for a while. I had become immune to it. He pressed the wand against me. The shock was nearly as great as the initial pain provided by the suction. I gasped and arched my back. My v****a clenched and my body shook with pleasure. “The pictures will get harder as we go up through the levels of the wand.” I hoped I would pass this test. I wanted to please him and show him I could do it, that I could meet the challenge. That, for him, I would do anything. He drew pictures and paused between each one for me to guess. In the first pictures, he kept to less sensitive areas and used simple lines. I got the first three right. Then, he increased the level of shock and drew more intricate pictures in more sensitive areas. I missed one of them. There was no reward, but also no punishment. He merely counted it towards my failure. I had to open myself to the pleasureful pain and it became so intense I didn’t know if I would be able to stand it. He moved us up to the last level. He drew a picture on my inner thigh. It hurt as much as it was exciting me and I could barely concentrate on what the picture was. I missed it. I got the next one that he drew on my inner arm right. When he placed the wand against my clit at the highest level, I screamed. I was so open to the pain it felt like fire all over my body but, there was an intense pleasure with it as well. My body shook and arched into his hand. When he took it away, I collapsed and dangled from the wrist cuffs. He’d been drawing three pictures per level. Would he continue the same with this one? Did I have one more chance to fail? If he stopped now, I had only missed two and could have my reward, my orgasm tonight instead of sometime in the future. “The last one” My legs shook as I put my weight back on them. I didn’t know if I wanted to get it right or not. If I did, I would be rewarded but, that reward was more than I’d ever withstood before. Could I do it again? But, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t get an orgasm tonight. I wanted that orgasm. I needed it. My body was crying out for it. He drew it on the back of my knee. The shock traveled all the way up to my neck. I tried to concentrate on the drawing. He finished and paused. As I remembered the lines of pain he had drawn, he walked in front of me. I could feel him waiting for my answer. “A triskele, Master?” my ears strained to hear his answer to mine. My body was trying to relax and absorb the pain. I wasn’t prepared for his response. He didn’t answer with his voice. He merely pressed the wand against my clit. The pleasureful pain made me scream again. This time my body remembered the last shock and added this one to it. It was immense. But, the joy of knowing I’d succeeded and would get an orgasm turned it into pleasure. The pleasure was as intense as the pain and I had to fight not to c*m. I hadn’t yet been given permission. But, if he had let me, I would have exploded into a million pieces. He held it there a few seconds longer than the last time. I thought I wouldn’t be able to hold back the orgasm when he finally took it away. My body was shaking and I was crying and laughing all at once. I’d met the challenge he set for me. I hadn’t failed him. I was so happy and immersed in the physical, mental and emotional sensations that I didn’t feel him remove the cuffs from my ankles. I didn’t notice until he removed them from my wrists that my arms screamed at the movement after having been held in one place for so long but it didn’t matter. They’d lasted through the game and I’d succeeded. He laid me on my back on the bed. He tied my wrists to my ankles and stretched them as wide as they would go. I could feel pain in my groin as the weight of my legs pulled on the tendons and muscles there but it was nothing compared to what I’d just endured. I heard a buzzing start then pain shot through me from my clit. He was using the vibrator that gets my clit super sensitive, the one with the pointed nubs on its hard surface. My clit was already so sensitive I couldn’t take this new pain. I screamed and writhed, trying to get away from him. His voice was firm as he gave his order, “Don’t move” I was tied, but not tied down. It took everything I had to obey him but then the pain morphed into pleasure and my scream turned into a moan. I felt a toy enter my ass and waited to see what it was. I would have to wait longer. He plunged into me and started f*****g me hard and fast. He pressed the vibrator harder on my clit and increased its tempo. I was at my high so close to c*m I had to pant to not c*m. Soon, I was begging. I couldn’t hold out much longer and he finally gave me permission to c*m and I let go. I can’t describe the sensations. There are no words for them. I was on fire. I was floating. I was shaking. I was being pulled apart. I was sinking into oblivion. Then, my ass started vibrating. Everything I felt suddenly multiplied ten-fold. I couldn’t stay in my body. I was blown into darkness and light. I could feel Him c*m inside me and wanted to laugh and cry all over again. Maybe I did. I don’t know. Everything was just so painfully beautiful and incomprehensible.
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