Deceitful Lies [18+ MATURE CONTENT]

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Anya Smith is your average sweet girl-next-door, that is till she married David Coleman who is a Lawyer and happens to be a dom. Things were fine in the beginning of their marriage where they could not keep their hands off each other.

David Coleman a Lawyer with his own law firm well put together a gentleman in the eyes of everyone around but only his wife knows he is no gentleman and that he gets pleasure out of ministering sweet t*****e on his wife's body.

Things take a turn for worse or maybe for better during a fortunate or unfortunate event when Anya and her boss John Ray end up in bed.

John Ray - "I want you Anya, I want you bad. I want to feel that hot body of yours below me and hear what noises you make!"

Anya Coleman - "We shouldn't John, this is wrong!"

John Ray - "You saw with your own eyes what was happening so if that is right then this is no wrong".

Anya Coleman - "But..."

John Ray - "No 'but' just give yourself to me and I promise to show you good time, we both are drunk and this will just be nothing different than a one night stand".

What happened that Anya didn't mind going to her boss's room?

Free preview
(Before you guys come to a conclusion looking at all the ‘ALPHA’ I have mentioned let me make it clear that this is not a werewolf novel) ANYA SMITH 25 YEAR’S OLD: A strong, independent woman who is an assistant to John Ray who is the CEO of ‘XAILOE FIN ENTERPRISE’ which is into Investment Banking and Financial Services. Anya is married to David Coleman. DANIEL SMITH 52 YEAR’S OLD: Anya’s Father and owner of ‘SMITH ENTERPRISE’ he is a bit of a control freak and likes things to be done in a particular order. ROSE SMITH 50 YEAR’D OLD: Anya’s mom and a co-owner of ‘SMITH ENTERPRISE’ a free spirit you can say. DAVID COLEMAN 29 YEAR’S OLD: He is a lawyer with his own firm that’s called ‘COLEMAN LAW FIRM’. He is married to Anya Smith and an ‘ALPHA MALE’ who loves to be in control of every situation. JOHN RAY 33 YEAR’S OLD: He is the owner and the CEO of ‘XAILOE FIN ENTERPRISE’. He is also whom you can refer to as an ‘ALPHA MALE’, also a control freak with OCD and a serial womanizer. MELINA SANDERS 30 YEAR’S OLD: She is John’s girlfriend and is a model by profession. She is ‘ALPHA FEMALE’ ROBERT JONES 35 YEARS OLD: John’s childhood friend or rather it would be apt to say John’s ONLY friend. ETHAN SMITH 22 YEAR’S OLD: Anya’s brother who is the managing partner in his parent’s company ‘SMITH ENTERPRISE’. CARMEN BALE 25 YEAR’S OLD: Anya’s best friend since high school. CHRIS REED 33 YEAR’S OLD: David’s best friend since kindergarten also a serial womanizer like John Ray. NOAH COLEMAN 55 YEAR’S OLD: David’s father, he is a Federal Court judge. ROSE COLEMAN 54 YEAR’S OLD: David’s mother, she is a chef and has her own restaurant ‘La’ Amore’ and is the ‘ALPHA FEMALE’ in the Coleman family. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** ANYA’S POV ** David, who I had met during one of the parties my dad had organized, and I fell in love with each other madly so when David proposed me for marriage just after 5 months of dating, I agreed to him without second thoughts since I loved him with my whole being so much so that we couldn’t keep our hands off each other even for a second. Everyone said I am lucky to have found a guy like David, so well mannered and settled and so put together. He is a perfect gentleman to everyone but only I know him for the savage and wild beast he is. How would I know? Well, we have been married for 4 years now so trust me when I say I KNOW. Don’t get me wrong he never treated me bad or manhandled me or hit me NO NEVER but he is a different kind of beast that every girl/woman would tremble and scream for. ----------------------------------------------- Today is no different from my everyday life, I awoke, naked in his arms, his hand between my legs, prodding me awake. He whispers in my ear, “On your belly.” I roll to my belly, spread my legs wide, cross my wrists over my back and lift my hips for His pleasure. He grabs my wrists and grips them tight. He rubs my s*x making it moist and ready for him. He uses my juices to moisten my asshole and slips his fingers inside. I gasp at the sudden stretch. He pumps His fingers while kissing and biting my ass cheeks and the length of my back. I moan for him as he likes to hear me scream for him in pleasure. When my legs start to tremble, he slides between them and plunges into me in one swift move. I moan with pleasure and my hips lift higher, inviting his arousal to go deeper while he spanks my ass cheeks ‘I am sure to get bruises adorning my ass cheeks’. He orders me “DO NOT COME” with his deep sexy voice that only makes me hornier. He never lets me c*m in the mornings. He likes for me to be left high and dry with a desire to be touched for the whole day, waiting for his touch when we return to the apartment. I whisper with shallow breaths “Yes, master” I breathed out ‘As I said he is a beast as in a dom but he is my dom. He never crosses the limit but he leaves me frustrated yet wanting more of him every day, begging him for more. He grinds into me. He grips my wrists tighter and presses His body down on mine, pressing me onto the mattress, holding me motionless. He digs deeper into me and plunges his fingers into my asshole stretching it, trying to push me to the very edge. With his order, I know not to beg for release coz it won’t be given. I begin to moan louder “Mmmm… ahhhh… f**k me harder master” as it becomes so very hard to hold back. He releases me and grabs my hips with both hands. I remain where I am. I know if I move, I will receive punishment “SHUT YOUR MOUTH”. He spreads my ass and legs as wide as they will go and drives into me forcefully the room filled with our s*x flapping sounds and our moaning. He fills my throbbing core with his hot c*m as his fingers dig into my hips. I slow my breathing and drag myself back from the edge. He leans down to me and kisses my neck. “Good girl. Now, go make me breakfast mon amour” he whispers blowing hot air on my ear. I wear his shirt as I make his breakfast while he showers and gets ready for work. As he eats, he sits me on his lap and I eat my breakfast with him. He reads the news for the morning and then gets up. I follow him to the door, awaiting any special orders for the day. He opens the door and steps out. He turns back and I step into the doorway. he likes to let me know he can show me off whenever he wants to whoever might be watching, at his whim. He gives me a light kiss and says, “NO TOUCHING mon amour.” I shudder with anticipation. That means he plans on a reward for me tonight. He calls me ‘mon amour’ in endearment and only when we are not in the ‘ACT’ and he likes to be called ‘Master’ when at home. I drop my eyes. “Yes, Master.” “I’ll be back at 7:00.” I know this is a declaration that the conversation is over and merely nods, saying nothing. I never get to have the last word, it is always his. I make sure the house is in order and all the bills are paid. He likes to know that each room is being subtly scented with our morning exercise. I know if he doesn’t want to look at my body. I have done something terribly wrong. After the house is in order, I take my shower and run any errands. Then, I have thirty minutes at the gym. I like to stay in shape for His touch. He doesn’t mind it either. Then, I do any grocery shopping and return home. I remove my clothes and, now that my nose isn’t accustomed to the scent, I can smell our combined scents in each room. It arouses me but I refrain from easing any desire I have. I open my laptop and start checking on my emails before going to the office, you see I am a personal assistant at ‘XAILOE FIN ENTERPRISE’ to the company CEO ‘John Ray’. Before my husband is to arrive, I put the food in the oven to finish cooking or to keep warm. When he arrives, I greet him at the door. I take his coat and case. As he sits down, I put away his things and get his drink. I massage his shoulders and ask about his day. Right now, I expect only something like, ‘it was long’ or ‘it was productive’, just something general. I want him to relax and let go of his worries. I work hard to relax him. If I do a good job, when I finish and kneel between his legs, he will let me take his c**k out and suck it. I know there are women who do it just because their guy likes it, but I really enjoy it. I like being able to just focus on this one thing without it being a part of ‘other’ s*x. He nods at me and I smile delightedly. I open his pant zipper and remove his d**k from its constraint. I adore him with my hands and eyes first, loving the sight and feel of him. I glance up at him. He loves watching me. I smile. He doesn’t smile back. I know he likes to make me think I’m not performing well enough so I try harder. But I know he enjoys my adoration. He sometimes stands in front of me, naked, and won’t let me touch. All I can do is look. I can see how it affects him. I can see his c**k become hard and stand in ovation. I look back down and take him in my mouth. I taste him all over at first. I love the taste of him all of him. It’s perfect, thick and looong, he is 10’inch long and 2’inch thick and my fingers can’t quite get around him and I can’t reach the end as I slide Him in my mouth. I try to deep-throat him. I have a small mouth. He’s constantly pushing me harder to take him all in. It saddens me that I can’t. I try but it feels like he hits a brick wall at the back of my throat. I don’t know how that feels to him and I don’t want it to feel like a brick wall slamming into him. I wish there was something I could do to make my throat bigger. I may have to bring up my feeling of failure in this case with him and see what he says. I lick, play and suck on him to my heart’s content. Well, not quite. Dinner’s in the oven and he will decide when the party’s over. I just enjoy the time he gives me. I know the things he enjoys most and jumps back and forth between them. I know when he’s getting close and how to back off at just the right time until he grabs my head and forces me to do exactly what he wants to c*m in my mouth. When he takes my head in his hands, I relax and let him use my mouth as he pleases. I love it when he pulls me hard against him and bends over me. I know his semen will taste hot and salty. I know it will have a touch of sweetness as well. I love the taste of it. But I love the act of getting it ready for me the most. After he finishes, I wash and take dinner out and set it on the table. he asks about my day as we eat. he wants to know everything. I don’t hold back anything that happened to me. I know he will be disappointed in me if I try to hide anything from him. After dinner, he returns to the living room and pulls out his work while I clean the kitchen. I join him when I’m finished and he tells me about his day. He talks about his work knowing I may be able to give an insight into a problem or ask a question that may spark and insight for him. I love that he trusts my intelligence and asks for my opinion. I know that he is busy and looked up by his colleagues and his subordinates at work because he can solve even the toughest case with ease. I laugh to myself, knowing that he has two brains to their one. When he closes his work papers, I know it’s time for whatever he has planned for us for the night. He smiles at me. My excitement rises. I’ve pleased him and now he will reward me. He leads me to our playroom which is our bedroom. He binds my wrists to the ends of a bar hanging from the ceiling and my ankles to eye bolts inset into the floor as wide apart as my wrists. Every part of my body is now completely exposed to him and his desires. He stands before me and looks into my eyes as he attaches a suction device to my clit. As he increases the suction, the pain, pressure, pleasure increases and I groan from the intense sensation of my clit being distended as it’s pulled into the cylinder. I want to shut my eyes and just feel, but he wants my eyes on his. I feel my v****a starts pulsating, preparing to orgasm. I gasp, “Stop. Stop. Stop now.” It’s not an order but a signal. If He continues, I won’t be able to stop from going over. I know when it’s close. I have to give the signal.

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