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It is an ultimate goal and dream for every man to be fully in charge of the power while lying drunk beside a beauty's knees.

There was an ordinary man who had originally led a calm and average life. His life should have been mediocre throughout. However, one day he got a queer stone from an old swindler. Surprisingly, with the help of the stone, he actually possessed the ability to see through things. His whole life was turned upside down overnight. The door to a brand new world was open to him. In the end, having numerous beauties surrounding him, he got caught up in a relationship vortex, a grand scene of fighting over power: Starting from being a mediocre and nameless nobody, he overcame all the difficulties on the way and raked in the power, the beauty, and the wealth all in the end. Let's have a look at how he had the whole city in the palm of his hand, how he lived a glorious life, and how he made himself a legend with just one simple stone.

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Chapter 1 Special Ability

"Hey, guy, you wanna hit and run?"an old man whined, falling down beside a young guy suddenly and holding the guy's trousers tightly with both hands outside a shopping mall in Ziyang City.

"Oh, shit." Wang Feng looked at this old man and knew that he would be blackmailed. He did not even touch him. Wang Feng watched a lot of blackmail events on TVs, so an idea occurred to his mind. Thus, he also fell down on the ground.

"Ouch, are you blind? Give me some money as compensation." Wang Feng whined constantly, attracting many people's attentions. This even made the old man stare at him.

Obviously, it never occurred to him that he would meet his counterpart here. This guy seemed to be honest. The old man never expected such a move.

"Little boy, are you sure you wanna do that?"The old man whispered and threatened.

"I can tell you that I only have ten dollars in my pocket. If you wanna blackmail, I do not have any more cash. I'll never be afraid of anything since I've got nothing to lose. There are security cameras here, let's see what you can do once policemen arrive." Wang Feng said proudly.

"Then give me ten dollars. Be quick." The old man pushed and said.

Ten dollars was better than nothing. The old man also knew that he was being in the wrong, so he wanted to escape right after getting some money.

"Get the money and let it burn for you." Wang Feng took out ten dollars out of his pocket and slashed these cash onto the old man's faces.

"Uh, lucky for you today." The old man stopped pretending after getting ten dollars. He crawled up and vanished in the crowd in a short moment.

"So ridiculous, you may find it not easy to get my money. " Wang Feng stretched out his fingers after the old man left. It was a green-orange jade pendant in his hand. He took it out from the old man's pocket when he was not paying attention. If it was not the case, how could Wang Feng give him any money?

He wondered where the old man stole for this pendant. It was always a good deal that ten dollars was exchanged for a pendant.

Holding the pendant, Wang Feng laughed proudly and walked through the crowd into the shopping mall.

But after walking not so afar, he suddenly felt shocked on the head and directly fainted to the ground.

"What's wrong with you?" Seeing Wang Feng fainted, neaby passersby were shocked. Afraid of being blackmailed, some people even walked far away.

Wang Feng could no longer hear others. At this moment, he only felt that he was having a really long dream. He dreamed of standing up high in the sky and enjoyed the entire world's worship, highly spirited and vigorously, even more arrogant than the emperor.

But the dream did not last for so long. Wang Feng woke up soon. He opened his eyes, seeing that several people were around him with a caring look on their faces.

"Finally you are awake. Wait for a second. We have already called you an ambulance." Seeing Wang Feng awake, a middle-aged women said gently.

"Thanks. I am fine now." Wang Feng said, quickly crawling up from the ground. Finally he vanished in the crowds.

You had to pay if you were going to the hospital. Now he only had no more than 2,000 dollars. If he went to the hospital, he might die from the expense of treatment.

Now a hospital was a place where money could be burned to none.

Putting his hands into pocket, he was so relieved that the pendant was still there. Now he was working in a small company with monthly salary of no more than 3,000 dollars. No much money would be left after the daily expenses were deducted from his salary, so when Wang Feng saw a jewelry store not so afar, he directly walked into the store without any hesitation.

"Waiter, where is your manager? I would like to sell this pendant." Wang Feng said, drawing many people's attentions.

"Please kindly wait." Hearing Wang Feng, a waitress said. Then she asked their store manager to come out.

"If you really want to sell the pendant, we would like to pay 20,000 dollars. What do you think?" The store manager took a look at his pendant and said.

"Then let's call it 20,000 dollars." The pendant was stolen for free. Let alone 20,000 dollars, he would certainly sell the pendant even for 10,000 dollars.

At last, the deal was done. Wang Feng took 20,000 dollars, secretly chuckling to himself in his heart. That old man would never expect that ten dollars that he cheated would cause such huge losses.

If we would like to know who made the most profits, it was surely the store manager. The pendant was made from superior jade. The store manager thought that Wang Feng was not an expert, so he only paid for 20,000 dollars. To his surprise, Wang Feng accepted the deal.

"What is happening over there?" Holding 20,000 dollars, Wang Feng origianlly intended to leave here. But after walking for a few steps, he felt nervous suddenly because he found that there were many people on the other side of the jewelry store.

Everybody wished to watch the scene of bustle in China, so did Wang Feng.

"What the ***, I've wasted 5,000 dollars again." A man yelled. As he looked up, he saw a middle-aged man yelled loudly at two pieces of broken stones in front of him.

Oh... It was a gamble on stones.

Jade was cut from stones. Now this jewelry store was selling jade stones that were dug up not long ago. It attracted many residents and friends to take their chances.

Wang Feng ever watched TV programs about gamble on stone, but gambling on stone never occurred to him because it was nothing but losing money in his eyes. He thought that the chance of winning a prize was similar to that of buying a lottery.

"Miss, you really have a good taste." There came screaming. Wang Feng looked up there, seeing a pretty lady successfully cut out a thumb-sized jade. It made many residents so jealous.

Jade is quite valuable. Though this pretty lady only cut out a thumb-sized jade, if it was made into ornament, it would be more valuable.

Only this jade would be probably worth tens of thousands of dollars.

With his eyes on these original stones, Wang Feng was a bit touched. After all, ordinary people always had fantasy that they would hit the jackpot, so did Wang Feng. If he could cut out a jade, couldn't he become a rich man overnight?

"Mmmm? What's this?" Looking at this original stone, Wang Feng suddenly felt so confused that he even startled himself.

Soon green color appeared in Wang Feng's sight. Widening his eyes, he unexpectedly saw the jade right inside this original stone.

Moving backward for a few steps, Wang Feng almost fell down on the ground. "What on earth is going on? How Could I see the scenes inside the original stone?"

Remembering the scene that he fainted before, Wang Feng stared his eyes even more open. Did the scene that I fainted endow me with certain clairvoyant ability?

With great surprise, Wang Feng spent 6,000 dollars on that original stone of jade that he preferred.

"Lady, could you do me a favor?" Holding the stone, Wang Feng walked towards the pretty lady who cut out jade and asked.

"Sure." Looking at Wang Feng, the pretty lady was a little surprised, but still did Wang Feng this small favor.

Very quickly, the original stone was cut off, showing a palm-sized jade. Nearby crowds all stared their eyes with great surprise. Even the pretty lady who cut the stone could not believe that this guy could cut out such a large jade from the stone he selected.

What... What good luck.

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