Alpha Zanthus


Olive Samuels found herself in the toughest situation of her life.

After being taken by a neighboring Alpha to clear off half of her fathers debt, and to save her sisters life, her own life changed completely; and she finds herself forced into a new pack, bound to become their Luna.

Olive isn't fit to be a Luna. Young, juvenile, and innocent aren't desirable traits - and she can't simply change her personality for the sake of running a pack she was forced into.

But with a dominant, aggressive Alpha always on her case, the two seem to bump heads on everything. And with a harsh soul bonded to a kind one, things can never end well.

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Chapter 1
Hi readers, I wrote this book between ages 14-15, and had a different mindset towards abusive relationships and how to describe them. I was too immature to handle such themes, and I handled them irresponsibly. That being said, this is a work of fiction and it is not to be taken literally. It will deal with triggering, sensitive content. Some events and actions are not meant to be forgiven, as they are forgiven this book. This book won't be for everyone (understandably). I will repeat that this book is not to be taken literally. It contains triggering themes. It does not handle abusive relationships properly. Read at your own risk. Its purpose is to entertain, not to instruct.  *** "How dare you disrespect me in my own territory!" My father boomed, slamming his hands down on his desk. The visiting Alpha appeared unfazed, besides his jaw that clenched. But if I wouldn't of been focusing so hard on him, I might not have noticed. The visiting Alpha guffawed, clapping his hands together as he stood up to his magnificent height, showing off his thick, muscled build. "Disrespect?" He guffawed again. "That can hardly be considered disrespect, Aaron," he called my father, the Alpha of our pack, by his first name. "I'm just stating fact. You're not worthy of being an Alpha." My father stood up too, but he wasn't half as impressive as the visiting Alpha. "Dammit, Zanthus! I've told you a dozen times, I'll have the money for you when I'm able to get it!" Spit flew out of my father's mouth onto the visiting Alpha as he yelled at him - him who I just discovered was named Zanthus, but he didn't even bother to wipe it off of his face. No, not at all, he was too livid to do that. "Money," The visiting Alpha breathed air in through his nose, and I didn't miss the way veins protruded from his neck and forehead. "You think this is about money?" He ran a large hand through his hair. "Payment doesn't mean money, you f*****g goof. It means warriors. Making up for the ones my pack lost, because of the f*****g war with the rogues." And although the visiting Alphas voice was calm, he, himself, was anything but. "Understand this; I wouldn't be here if your pack was strong enough to hold its own." "Warriors?" My father looked confused, furrowing his greying brows as he stared quizzically at the visiting Alpha; observing him to see if he was serious. He was. "You want... Warriors?" "You think money means s**t to my pack? You think I base my pack around money? Do you believe my pack and I to be shallow, greedy people? Last time I checked, Aaron, my pack wasn't your pack." The visiting Alpha seemed to have somewhat calmed down at this point, and looked at my father with pity. "Zanthus," my father began in a fatigued voice, running a hand down his tired, stubbly face. "How many warriors do you need, exactly?" My father questioned, seeing how much the visiting Alpha was going to charge him. "150." The visiting Alpha replied simply, as if it was nothing. But it wasn't nothing - in fact, it was a huge something. 150 men were... A large amount. "What?!" My father screamed at him, nails elongating on his desk, ruining the wood as he put more pressure on it. "150?! We train, at most, 30! I won't be able to repay you, not for a few years! I suggest you wait for the money, because I can guarantee you that will come to you sooner." The visiting Alpha growled, not liking being told what to do. In a split second he had grabbed my father by the neck, lifting him off the ground a few inches with his great strength. "Don't tell me what to do, unworthy Alpha! If I want 150 warriors, you can bet your ass I'll get 150 warriors!" He roared, looking nothing of sympathetic, but completely livid as my father clawed at the back of his hand, gasping for breath. My eldest sister, Ocean, took a threatening step forward, wanting to protect my father. Azure, the middle born, and I held her arms back, not willing to allow her to give us up. We were supposed to be in our room, but after we heard our father yelling we came out to investigate, only to see an unfamiliar, handsome man talking to our father. His scent reeked of power, and it didn't take us long to figure out he was a neighbouring Alpha. But what we were doing was pretty much considered... illegal. Wrong, disrespectful, and worthy of a beating. But, regardless, we would get away with it, because our father was the Alpha of our pack. It was corrupt in a way - biased, because even though we were his daughters, we had the same consequences as everyone else in the pack. But my father never gave into the pack laws when it came to us. "Pathetic man." The visiting Alpha sneered, throwing our father onto the floor so hard he bounced. But my father, wanting to keep at least an ounce of his pride, stood up, trying to appear emotionless. But my sisters and I knew him too well; his eyes showed the pain his face refused to. Suddenly, the visiting Alpha began sniffing the air, catching our scents - or rather, a scent. One that outdid all of ours combined, completely. "Sorry," Ocean whispered as quietly as she could. "He's catching my scent of arousal." She put her head down, as if in shame. But we couldn't blame her. It was a natural reaction to crippling attraction for us she-wolves - uncontrollable. "There are other presences in the room." The visiting Alpha stated, smirking in our direction. In unison we all slapped our hands over our mouths, seeking as much refuge as we could behind the wall. My father paused. "I think your senses might be off." My father told the visiting Alpha. But I knew he could smell us - he just wasn't willing to bring his daughters into business matters. But his plan backfired. "Do not demean my senses, Aaron. Your territory or not, I will not tolerate any disrespect," The visiting Alpha snapped, fury evident in his voice. I didn't have to see his face to know he was insulted. "Come out, little girls." He ordered, his voice containing an underlying taunt. Azure and I turned to Ocean, alarm and panic evident in our eyes. "What do we do?!" I whispered, voice manic and fast with fear. Her answer was simple. "We go out." She said, straightening to her full height of 5'8, and holding her head up high as she walked out into the open. Azure looked at me with sad eyes, giving my hand a small squeeze before mirroring Ocean's actions - height the same and all. Taking a deep breath, I stepped out from the shadows. The visiting Alpha and I made eye contact, and I didn't miss the way he looked slightly taken aback as he saw me. I was considered a 'rare beauty' amongst the werewolves. I knew I was pretty - I wasn't naïve to that fact, but to say I was a 'rare beauty' was shallow. And I wasn't shallow. And I couldn't quite see what was so special about my face that would make me so...special. I had porcelain skin, with dark chocolate coloured curly hair, and large olive green eyes. And I didn't have the long legs, either. I was short - standing at 5'2, and I was fairly slim. I contrasted my sisters in so many ways. The only thing we even shared in common was our hair color; the texture was different. Theirs was pin straight. And they had blue eyes and the tanned skin, along with the tall height and muscular build. I didn't look as if I was related to them at all, but they could easily pass as twins; even though they were two years apart. I took my place beside Azure, standing strong like her and Ocean. "Pretty girls." The visiting Alpha commented. He walked up to Ocean first, examining her. Even though she was tall and well built, she looked so small compared to him. He was huge - only enhancing his intimidation. He grabbed a chunk of her hair, bringing it to his nose and sniffing it, before dropping it sloppily. He circled her, dragging his index finger along her exposed shoulders and collarbones, and even down her arm. She shivered, severely affected by him - which wasn't good, because even I caught the scent of her strong arousal, and so did the visiting Alpha. But he had to finish the process. For the last part he stuck his face in her neck, pressing his mouth to where the mark would be. He removed his face from her neck, and eyed her with nothing short of raw distaste. I knew why, too. The scent of arousal reflected very poorly on she-wolves; it showed a lack of self control and decency. The visiting Alpha figured my sister lacked both of these qualities, much more than other she-wolves, because of how strong and potent her arousal scent was. She was deemed as indecent, and lacking of self control. And because of that, he instantly rejected her as a possibility of a mate. Next in line was Azure. He picked up a chunk of her hair, sniffing it like he did with Ocean, but didn't drop it as sloppily. He circled her, dragging his index finger along her collarbones, shoulders, and arm like he did with Ocean. Watching the whole scene carefully, I almost didn't notice how Ocean was glaring at me. I met her bright blue eyes, and she gave me a signal to look straight ahead. She was trying to protect me. And no matter how much that meant to me, and how much I wanted to, I couldn't. I was entranced by the whole process. And so far Azure's smell of arousal was very faint, but it was still strong enough for all of us to pick up. Sticking his face in the crook of her neck, he inhaled, and took a step back. He didn't eye her with as much distaste as he did with Ocean, but it was still there. He stood in front of me. I looked straight ahead, and in my view was the bottom of his broad chest. He was that big. Boldly looking up, I met his eyes; and eventually just full on examined his features. It was considered highly disrespectful and challenging, but I didn't mean it to be, I was simply curious. He wasn't typically what I expected to see in an Alpha - because his features were light. His sandy blond hair was styled messily, just as carefree as the light stubble he had on his jaw. His skin tone was olive, and brought out his eyes. And boy, his eyes were hypnotic - like nothing I had ever seen before. They were a burnt gold colour; borderline bronze, but not quite. Everything about this Alpha was golden, but he certainly did get first place for being the best looking man I had ever seen. I watched as his eyes turned black; I had triggered an all consuming lust from him. He wanted me. Bad. He grabbed one of my curls, smelling the scent deeply, before dropping it gently. He began circling me slowly, like a predator stalking its prey. He dragged his index finger along my collarbones, which was enough to cause an eruption of goosebumps on my flesh. But I began shivering as he ran his finger along my shoulder, and down my arm. And after what felt like an eternity, he stopped in front of me, and shoved his face in the crook of my neck. He inhaled deeply, and placed a soft kiss on where a mark was placed, before licking it. I stiffened, knowing exactly what this meant. He wanted to choose me as a mate. I was his choice. Removing his face from my neck, but not taking a step back, he looked at my father. "I want this one." "No," my father replied almost instantly. "Absolutely not, Zanthus, she's my youngest." "If you let me take this one, I'll reduce the price to 75 men." The visiting Alpha bargained, hands clenching into fists at his sides. My father paused, no doubt debating on whether to accept the offer or not. "No, Zanthus, she's my youngest," he repeated. "Take my eldest." And as he said this, one word rang through my mind. Coward. He wasn't willing to fight for his daughters. He was just willing to let one take the others place. It was a cowardly act, and my disgust for him tasted foul in my mouth. "I didn't ask for your eldest though, did I?" The visiting Alpha sneered. "I want your youngest." "No!" My father raised his voice. "I said my eldest, and that's final." Angry, the visiting Alpha took a step away from me, and approached Ocean. He stared closely at her neck, and I honestly thought he was going to put his claim on her. I couldn't of been more wrong. He wrapped his thick arms around her neck, holding her tightly to his chest as he began choking her. Instantly, her face went beet red and she started to make strangled, gurgling sounds. "It's all up to you, little girl. You either accept me as your mate, or your sister dies." he apprised, making eye contact with me; and giving me a heavy ultimatum. I didn't want either one. And craving comfort, I hooked onto Azure's arm. "No, Olive, don't listen to him! If he has any morals he won't kill her!" My father yelled frantically at me. "Come on, pretty little girl. I can show you what a real Alpha is," he told me. And when I stood there rigid, he tightened his arms around her. Her face went a bright reddish purple colour, and no more sounds were coming out of her mouth. He had completely constricted her air intake. "Come on, little girl, can't you see that you're killing her? If you don't accept me in about the next.. Hmm... 20 seconds, she's dead." He taunted. I stepped away from Azure. "Yes!" I cried, slapping my hands over my mouth. "Yes! I accept, I accept! Please! Just let her go!" I screamed as I began sobbing, terrified by the dark turn of events. Smirking, he let her go, and she fell onto the floor in a heaping mess. Instantly Azure ran to her, comforting her as she cried and gasped for breath. I wanted to run to her, too, but with the visiting Alphas dark, golden gaze on me, I couldn't move. I was rooted to the spot. He didn't say a word to me as he grabbed me by the back of my neck, pulling me closer to him as he leaned down, sinking his elongated fangs into my neck. To mark me. The pain I began feeling was white hot, and I squeezed my eyes shut as I grabbed onto his shirt, feeling as if I would fall if I didn't. The pain intensified, and I made my grip on his shirt impossibly tighter; I was surprised I didn't rip the fabric with how hard I held onto it. But I knew why he had marked me so quickly. His mark would create an instant bond - binding our souls together, literally. It would make it absolutely impossible for me to mate with other males, and him with females, because the bond effected both parties just as strongly. And it would also give off a certain scent - warding off both males and females from either one of us. It was an act of solidity and possessiveness. Biting down on my cheek hard, to stop myself from screaming, he finally pulled away. But he instantly hooked an arm around my waist. He knew I would collapse if he didn't. "She's mine now, mutt." He growled at my father, making sure he made him fully aware of the stake he claimed. Looking at my father through hazy vision, I regretted it. He was looking at me with nothing but raw abhor, and I found myself involuntarily flinching. But the words he would say next would forever leave a part of me broken. "You are no daughter of mine. You are never to step foot back onto this territory. If you do, you will be shot dead," he spat at me. "You're nothing but a disappointment." I vaguely remember a thunderous growl tearing its way from Alpha Zanthus' throat as he lunged for my father, letting me fall to the ground as everything faded to black.

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