Alphas of blackmoon (standalone book 2 in Dominance of twin alphas)

enimies to lovers

Second Part of Dominance of twin Alphas - This story can be read as a standalone.

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Leia Agnor's world was shattered at ten when she and her ex-Beta father were forced to flee their home. Settling into Bluewood Pack, Leia was the only member who couldn't shift into her wolf form, becoming a constant target for ridicule. Her sole purpose was to care for her sick father and dream of escape. However, Leia's hope for a better future was snatched away when her father passed just before her eighteenth birthday.

To make matters worse, her Alpha mate, Francis, chose his pregnant girlfriend over her, leaving her heartbroken and alone.

Leia's only choice was to leave the Pack and try to fit into the human world. But fate had other plans for her as she encounters her stepbrothers, Alpha Xavier and Alpha Kai, leaders of the Black Moon Pack. Both of them sense Leia as their mate, which means she must confront not one, but two potential mates. As the unknown threat of their past begins to resurface, Leia must find the courage to face her fears and accept her destiny. Will she be able to embrace her true form and rise to the challenges ahead, or will she succumb to the overwhelming pressure?

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Rejected & Broken
Leia - POV Tears rolled down my cheeks as I placed the flower on my father's grave during his burial, and I couldn't speak. The heavy rain only added to the pain as I sat beside his gravestone. It's hard to say how long I stayed there, but when I finally saw the night sky, I tried to stand up and head home, my legs numb from the cold and the grief. "Leia!" Rovina exclaimed as she approached me, concern etched on her face. "What happened?" she asked, taking my drenched and muddy clothes. "You got back from a field trip," I asked in a stutter, shivering from the chilly wind and the dampness of my clothes. "I heard about Uncle Nas passing away today, so I came to check on you," Rovina said, taking the key from my trembling hands to open the door. I followed her inside, and she entered my room to get a towel and help me dry off. "How about you freshening up while I make some soup for you?" She suggested it, and I nodded numbly, grateful for her help. I took a hot shower and changed into dry clothes while Rovina prepared a hot chicken soup. "Rovina, you should go. I don't want other people to judge you for helping me," I whispered as I savored the soup, feeling grateful that she had brought groceries and cooked for me, knowing that I had no money to buy food. "You're my best friend, and I don't care what others say," Rovina replied, her words warming my heart. "Thank you," I whispered. "Come on, girl, we don't say 'thank you' and s**t!" Rovina exclaimed. "Do you want me to stay over tonight?" she asked, and I nodded gratefully. Rovina stayed with me and told me stories about the magical things she had learned on her field trip. The next day, Rovina made breakfast for me and gave me a note wishing me a happy birthday. Looking at the small calendar, I realized it was March 17, my birthday. The sadness of losing my father was still overwhelming, and I couldn't be happy on my birthday, knowing that I still hadn't met my wolf. Most people meet their wolf between the ages of fifteen and eighteen, and my chance of meeting mine was becoming increasingly slim. I put on my uniform and headed to my cashier job at the small cafe. I stood behind the counter, serving coffee to customers, when I suddenly picked up the scent of pine. Although I hadn't met my wolf, I had acute hearing and could detect the scent better than humans. "One coffee, please," a firm voice said, and I turned to see Alpha Francis standing before me. My heart skipped a beat as his gaze met mine. "Mate!" he exclaimed, as if he could feel the warmth filling my heart. "The cafe is closed," Alpha Francis said, dismissing the customers, and Mrs. Maria, the cafe owner, stepped out in response to his words. My heart swelled with happiness, even though I couldn't hear my wolf's purr of joy in my head. Alpha Francis's green eyes burned into mine, and I tried not to blush, but the feeling spread throughout my body. "You're the daughter of Nas Agnor," Alpha Francis stated, and I nodded. "Yes, Alpha." "What is your name?" he asked sternly, catching me off guard. "Leia Agnor," I replied, my heart racing with anticipation. "Leia, I will have to reject you as my mate. I already have a woman in my life, and she is with my child.Let us reject each other, and you will leave this pack, as you have no wolf to be useful to us. You know what will happen if you don't follow my orders," he threatened, and I flinched at the sight of his menacing canines. "I, Alpha Francis Perth of the Bluewood Pack, reject Leia Nas Agnor as my mate," he declared, and my body shuddered as I struggled to breathe. "Accept my rejection," he growled. "I, Leia Agnor, the future Luna of the Bluewood Pack, accept Alpha Francis Perth's rejection," I replied through laboured breath. He smirked before throwing cash bundles at me and leaving the shop. It left me in tears, hugging myself in despair. "What are you doing? Cry on the floor, take this money, get out of the pack, wolfless woman," Mrs. Maria scowled, and I took the money and left the shop to collect my things and leave. "Are you leaving?" Rovina rushed towards me with concern. "Yes, it's Alpha Francis's order." "I don't understand..." Rovina began. "It's not your place to understand Alpha Francis's orders. How about you step aside, Rovina?" Beta Vaz interrupted with a grim look, and Rovina gave her a sympathetic look but didn't argue with Beta. "Rovina, thank you for everything. I hope you become a great wolf healer," I said. I handed her the friendship band she had given me. "I'm sorry, Leia, for all the misery you're going through. I wish you didn't have to suffer." Rovina hugged me tightly, ignoring the hate glares I received from the other pack members. I broke away from Rovina's comforting embrace, and Beta Vaz led me out of the pack with cold brown eyes that twitched with irritation the whole way. As soon as I stepped out of the Bluewood Pack, I saw a luxurious vehicle and turned to Beta Vaz in confusion. "Alpha Francis arranged this so you can quickly leave this place and stay among humans, where you belong as a wolfless woman," Beta Vaz said sharply. I felt rage bubbling up inside me at the injustice of it all. I hopped into the car as Omega Jaz drove it with a poker face, and I looked out the window with a heavy heart. The busy street greeted me with sharply dressed people and honking cars. The chaos in everyone's lives was reflected in the bustling streets, and I couldn't help but feel agitated. "Get out," he said firmly, and I quickly complied. As I hopped out of the car, I pulled out a sharp blade and slashed all four tires, causing Jaz to growl with fury as he exited the vehicle. "What the f**k?" he muttered angrily. "This is my response to the Bluewood Pack and the Alpha," I smirked, knowing that Jaz wouldn't dare harm or attack me in the human world, where such actions would draw unwanted attention to wolves. I heard Jaz curse under his breath as I walked away to start anew. I searched for a place to stay and eventually found a small apartment that I could afford with my money. I then began searching for a new job and stumbled upon an ad for a secretary position at Blackmoon Corporation. It was the perfect job for me, and I hoped to finally escape the discrimination I faced in the pack because of my father's illness and wolfless status. I dressed appropriately for the job interview, wearing a pink blouse, a formal black skirt, and heels. Looking in the mirror, I couldn't help but feel a sense of sadness as I brushed my hand over my parents' photo. I missed them so much. As I arrived at the tall building, I felt nervous and excited. It was the biggest corporate company I had ever applied to, and I was determined to land the job. However, my hopes were dashed when I accidentally collided with a handsome stranger, causing me to fall to the ground and scatter my papers. I quickly picked myself up and looked at the man, whose hazel eyes seemed to stare right through me.

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