new beginning

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amelia POV amelia :"wake up ..wake up ..I swear to God if I came and see you sleeping... pray to God will help you " "emmm...I'm wake I'm wake "that was mum waking me up to go to school this is my first day at my final high school year and yeah I'm late like usual I'm just not mornings Presson ohh and I'm always late at every appointment .. so I stand up and went to washroom did my business and brushe my teath then wear my uniform I will just brush my hear in the car there's not time left " harry up you are late " mum said so when I got in the car I say good morning to dad and mum who give me a Appel because I didn't eat breakfast and say "your always late it's your first day you suppose to get there early " -"yeah your mum is right you know I don't have a plane this is just a car " dad said but I know he will speed up so I just nod my head cause this is like every morning will be so I fixed my hair then did some lipstick in the car just because when i bite my lips i will not cut it cause some times i do that when we arrived at school i say by to my parents and head to school then I ask someone where math class where and thean he show me where I say thanks and head to where he show me when I enter the classroom the teacher was not there yet so i was realife then i sit at the last table next to the window ohhh i forgot to tell you that this my new school because we moved to a new city so new home new school new life .....okey so when I sit at the table next to the window I sense eyes at me so I look up and some girls talking so I smile to them then one of them come and say with smile "hi ! I'm nina and u are " so I replay to her hi I'm amelia I'm new here she said I know I mean I didn't see you here before I nod my head then she introduced me to her friends miranda nd lily I say hi to them then we talk all hour cause the teacher didn't came to day so I became "friend" with them I'm social person nd i can't keep quite so we hung out that our then we separate to go to the next subject then w meet at lunch and we were talking about every thing then they were talking about someone name brad and how all the girls in school have crushes on him and he didn't date any one of them even the bitchest one I mean the hottest one the cheerleader the devil of this school who the girls were talking about her and she seem your typical cheerleader high school girl in the movies you know what I mean and speaking about the devil here she come with her minions but omg she's hot truth to be told and I didn't believe that this girl is the devil but you never judge the book by it cover and boom my doubt go way as she spot me and came to me hey new girl free advice don't hung with those losers ur life will be come easier u have the look and the style so I give u a chance to come and be with my groupe . so like ur minion I said she nod then I continued thanks for the offer but no thanks I think I like it here at least being with loser better then being with sluts ohhh and don't insult my friend again capich then I turn my head and continued talking with my friends who were shocked and giggling at my respond to her then she turn me and want to slap me but I cut her hand and warned her to not ever lay a hand on me she was so angry that her face were red but she warned me that not over yet and go with her minions when I see my new friends they were clapping and smiling at me they say that I'm brave to go against Victoria yeah that her name but I say that no one mess with me and my friends they hugged me then we were giggling at her lookes when I say no to her but they say I need to be more careful with her I say yeah then we go back to studying then I say by to them and head back home mum ask me how was my day I say it's was cool i get new friends and all she said well good for u the next day came and I went to school late like usual but I can feels eyes on me even when no one at the corridor with me I shake this feeling and then got to my classe room the teacher was there I said sorry for being late then got to my set next to the window but someone was sitting there so I ask If I can sit besides him then he look at me when he look at me I can't believe what my eyes were seeing a boy who have black hear and the lovely sea blue eyes who makes drow in them and straight nose perfect kissable pink lips he just nod and move his backpack so I can sit next to him because I ask for it and it's was the only free spot so I sit next to him and staring at teacher but not really flowing his explanation I just was thinking about the hotmeat next to me who I can feel his eyes burning in me so I said to him what he said nathing I say is there something in my face he said "no " ..."so why are staring at me like that"...."you look lovely" he said that a compliment omg he said I'm looking lovely I can feel myself blushing I said shyly "thanks" but he was just straing at me than I said " hi I'm amelia " he said "I know and I'm brad" - "ohh so you are brad that everybody talking how handsome you are but hey rumors didn't say you are that hot " he chuckles....then it's hit me that I say that out loud was so embarrasse that I was red "omg that not suppose to be heard " he chuckled then said" I'm glad you think I'm hot " i was trying to find something to change the topic then I realise some thing he said he knew me so i said "hey how you know my name I mean you just said that you know me before " he chuckled and said hummm......i saw you yesterday .....and beside you are famous now every one talking about you..because you stand up for your friends against I don't know who her name " I said ohhhh that all came from my mouths then the bell ring he leave me alone when I was going to my friends I got message from unknown said " baby girl u look so pretty today keep smiling and know I'm watching you are mine " when I read this I thought it's was prank or some one send me a mistaken message so I replied sorry wrong number " then I put my phone In silence then i meet my friends when we were hanging out Victoria came and start throwing threats at me how I need to watch my back and that she is my worst nightmare and that I just ignore her then when I opened my phone I see 3 messages from unknown number so I opened it and saw "no .I'm not mistaken you are mine amelia .mine and no one else just mine remember that " ..." ohh no one can harm u when I'm here baby she will regret that "....." no one threats what mine nd you are mine baby girl" is this some kind of joke ...I didn't respond to the texts and continue my day with my friends then I got home i chitchat with my parents u know family time then i get room nd did my homework then when I was going to sleep I got message says "good night baby sweet dreams and remember you are mine " "who are u .......I think you got the wrong number or if that joke stop it .it's not funny" I responded ........after seconds my phone lights up it's new messages from unknown number " ohhh no baby it's not joke and like I said before no I'm not mistaken amelia and I'm someone who love you so much from the first day I saw u and I will show u how much I love don't need to know my name now but know that I love u "
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