I have a stalker

450 Words
unknown number " ohhh no baby it's not joke and like I said before no I'm not mistaken amelia and I'm someone who love you so much from the first day I saw you and I will show you how much I love you..you don't need to know my name now but know that I love you " oh my god I have a stalker now I can't belive it my dream came alive " hey so you are my stalker huh " just a minute and my phone buzz well that was fast I mean yeah he's my stalker that what he do " i dont like this term i consider myself as some one who love you 24/7 and keeping eyes at my kitten all the time is my plaisir" yeah that called stalking genius i wonder what kind of stalker are you ..I mean are you the kind who kill for me or kill me like will you harm me if I'm not obeying you ." oh honey I will never harm you but if you don't obey me you know what that mean ps : I don't know if you talking like that mean you are a psychopath or not but you are looking hot you are turning me babe .."yeah speaking of the stalker himself that I'm psychopath well I don't know if I should take it like a compliment or not but okey and talk to me like that i still don't know but I'm excited about this yeah I'm not normal I should freak out but I'm actually excited finally I have a stalker but hey what if I don't fall in love with you like the novel I'm reading it it's called' this stalker won't leave me alone ' I think its Ironic but still I like it but hey what if I don't like you what if you are a old man living with his mother or worst you are girl I mean sorry but I don't swing that way no offense and ..." wohh take a breath will y'a I'm not a girl and definitely not a old man living with his mother I think you approved my look " huh what i approved at your look " and not just that you called me hot " but that's not fair just this week I called 5 people hot both gender " whaaat who are those give me their names and I'll show you who is hot "hey don't get that hulk on me when I see something beautiful I tell the truth I'm honest about it and beside i don't know them " ohh fisty I like it "
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