Finding myself

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3 Months later... I let out a yawn and stretch with my eyes shut slowly opening them as I can feel the sun beaming on my face. I look at my wrist watch to see it was 6:30 which means I am late for ‘work’. I sprint to my bathroom and dash through my morning routine only to see that the time was now 7 o’clock. Flustered I throw on a pair of black high waisted ripped jeans, a black tank top with my black leather jacket and my black combat boots looking into the mirror. I noticed the amount of weight I’ve lost in the last 3 months. My hair was now just above my waist line now. My silver hair would flow Over my shoulders and down my back like I had just straightened it but it was my natural hair. Everyone thought I dyed it silver because my late mother’s hair was blonde and curly and my late father alpha Marcus well he did raise me so I would say he’s my father. His hair was pitch black and wavy. My mother and Marcus both had blue eyes as mine were silver. My mother was 5’1 as I on the other hand was 6’1 I thought I got my height from Marcus who was a few inches taller then me. I was also darker then them. They both were quite pale as My skin was a lot more sun kissed. When me or Marcus would comment on how different I looked she would always say “i skipped a few generations and inherited one of my great grandmothers features”. We never really doubted her as there was no reason. My clothes no longer hugged my body perfectly instead sagged in all the wrong places. I’ve been meaning to update my closet I just never have anytime these days. Between training, school and running the pack I had very little time to myself unless it included my bed and heavy eyelids. since the rogues attacked us killing our alpha Marcus and mother along with 50 other members. I had to be the best alpha possible specially being a female which already had me at a disadvantage. I was training my butt off to be the next alpha of my pack to follow in my fathers footsteps, my 18th birthday was in 6 days which will be a Saturday and a full moon. It made me more nervous but excited knowing the ceremony will take place before my party. I shrugged it off then I let my hair out of my towel and comb my fingers through it running out the door. “Aurora where are you going?” Peter shouted as I ran past him stealing his toast running through the main entrance to the front door. “I’m late for our meeting with our future alliance” I yelled trying to catch my breath. I stopped in midstep when I realised Peter wasn’t rushing out the door behind me. Instead I could here the tv going and riverdale playing on Netflix. I walked into the living room to find him wearing nothing but a pair of long pjama pants laid out on the couch. I folded my arms across my chest and cleared my throat trying to get his attention. Instead I was met with the back of his head while he endulged in popcorn and MY skittles. I stomped my way over to the couch smacked the back of his head while snatching my skittles back with my free hand. ”OW. What the f**k was that for?” Snapping his head towards my direction. “1.Dont touch my f*****g skittles or I’ll skin you alive. And 2 WE ARE LATE AND YOU ARE WATCHING RIVERDALE MIGHT I ADD WITHOUT ME EATING MY DAMN SKITTLES ARSEHOLE. SO GET YOUR ASS UP AND OUT THE DOOR!” I was panting finishing my sentence. ”Calm down Aurora, your frowning will only make you age faster. Plus you do realise it’s 7 pm not 7am right..” I looked at my phone and threw it at the wall causing the screen to smash. I let out a heavy sigh and jumped on the couch next to Peter laying my head in his lap then after a moment of silence we burst out into laughter with tears rolling down my cheeks and my stomach in knots. “You know you seriously could’ve just told me that it was still night time instead of making me run around like a lunatic. Your lucky it is night time though because You may be my best friend and future beta but I’ll still kick your arse if you aren’t on your A game” Furrowing my eyebrows in annoyance. He lets out another little chuckle. “Yeah yeah. Says the one who was running out the door for being ‘late’ right princess” he says giving me a smirk. “don’t call me that PETEY or should I say Peter Pan.. I’ve got some paper work to go over for tomorrow and then I’m going to head to bed. Watch something else or I’ll claw you in your sleep” winking at him. Peter went down to kiss my forehead as I sat up to go to my office when his lips landed on mine. We both froze looking panicked and wide eyed each other. My heart began to race 100 miles an hour my palms became sweaty and for some f****d up reason I enjoyed it. Maybe because I haven’t seen anyone or hung out with others apart from him. Or maybe it was because he had no shirt on and his abs were rock hard. He closed his eyes enjoying it and I snapped. I brought myself up and sat on him making him flinch and open his eyes to lock with mine with so much lust and conflict running through them. “Tell me you don’t want this and I’ll stop”. I said trailing my fingers trailing down his abs and back up to his neck. I took his silence As a maybe so hesitantly lent in to kiss him after a few seconds he kissed me back and I grew hotter I licked the bottom of his lip asking for entrance and he happily granted me access to explore his mouth. It was weird. I had never looked at him the way I was at that moment and it was slightly freaking me out. Hes always been a good looking guy, his fan base was large to say the least which consisted of mostly girls if you get what I mean. He gave up looking for his mate a month ago on his 20th birthday and said he’d let fate take its course. After two years of actively searching he wanted to focus on being my beta. We parted our lips breathing heavily I instantly felt regret. What the f**k was I doing. I leaped off him and sighed. “I’m sorry Pete, I don’t know what come over me. It was a mistake and won’t happen again.” He stood and moved towards me he grabbed my hands with a sincere look on his face. “Please Aurora don’t apologise. It was my fault and honestly I’m glad we got it out of our system. I’ve been wanting to do that for years now.” I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. “Really well was it as weird as you imagined” I giggled. He snaked his arm around my waist and brushed his lips against my ear. “Your lucky you aren’t my mate and instead my alpha.. any other girl I would of f****d the s**t out of for making me this bothered. But I must say I never thought you’d actually give me blue balls” he said while pulling a way giving a smirk. A devilish grin appeared on my face as I walked over and went on my tiptoes to reach his ear. “You know I like games and you’ve known me long enough to know that I never lose. So don’t start what you can’t finish”. with that I grazed my hand over his buldge making him stiffen in shock and winked at him while walking out before stopping at the door. “Don’t worry petey, you’ll find your mate and really find out what blue balls means when you piss her off.” We both let out a small chuckle as I make my way to my bedroom I hear peter letting out a loud sigh and groan. I changed into T-shirt and took my jeans off before climbing into my bed letting myself warm thinking about what just happened with my best friend of 8 years. Atleast I can say that I wouldn’t sleep with him or even think about it, for some reason it slightly repulsed me at the thought of us sharing a bed intimately. After the adrenaline wore off after the kiss I really did mean it was a mistake when I told him. I can’t even see him in that way even if I thought he was good looking he wasn’t mine and I wasn’t his. After thinking for a few minutes I found myself relaxing and letting the sleep take over me.
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