I am the ALPHA


Aurora losses everything and everyone she loves in a blink of an eye only to discover the lies hidden amoungest her family which will only change her life either for the better or for the worst...

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My last memories.
“BANG BANG BANG! I swear to the goddess herself if you don’t get the hell up and open this door right now young lady, you will be grounded for a month” my mother yelled from the hallway. ”yeah, yeah I am coming women” I whined as I crawled my way out of my safe haven that some also refer to as a bed. Unlocking the door quiet and hesitantly Before quickly standing back waiting for the wrath of my mother. As she counts down from 5 I can’t help but chuckle to myself waiting for my plan to undergo. 3... 2... as soon as she gets to one I swing the door open as she goes to break the door down falling to the floor with a loud thud. “OMG I can’t beathe. Make it stop. Hahaha.” As I clenched my sides from the stitch that only intensified the more I laughed watching as my mother groaned on the floor. Tears of laughter welled up And I could no longer see. ”YOU ARE SO DEAD” she yelled. I instantly shut up and looked at her realising her big blue eyes were now pitch black and her fists were tightly clenched. I did the only thing sensible. I ran for my life. I made it to the kitchen before she Caught me and pinned me down drenching me from head to toe with maple syrup and flour she was using for our pancakes. As I lay there in shock and panting and my mother lying down beside me with a huff. We burst out laughing and were in histerics. “What the hell is going on here” my father growled from behind the kitchen counter. We were arguing who should stand up first when we were both pulled up from the back of our heads. I gasped at the sudden pain but quickly shut my mouth. My mother screamed at him to put me down because I had nothing to do with this. As my eye brows furrowed in confusion in a blink of an eye my body was being thrown into the kitchen wall. Trying to catch my breath I quickly sprung to my feet feeling the anger inside me build and my wolf wanting to get out. When He slammed her into the cabinet while tightening his grip and growled into her ear “Aw really is that so.. because I think this has everything to do with your child” I was taken back by it for a second while I looked at my mother who began to sob and apologise over and over again. I am his child too? Did I take it too far today? Why was he doing this? I was next in line to be alpha? I’m the best warrior in our pack? So many thoughts going through my head and none of them I could answer. I stumbled back a little, my vision becoming a little blurry. My father suddenly stopped and let my mother fall to the ground as she weeped not being able to form a sentence. As my father walked towards me I could see his eyes switching from black to hazel and so on. I could tell he was fighting with his wolf as I rubbed my eyes trying to somehow find my vision I was stopped by two big hands that were no longer rough. But shaking. As one held my hand and the other stoked me cheek. I looked up to see my fathers eyes filled sadness and regret. With a tear rolling down his cheek he muttered five words that tore my heart. “I am not your father” I felt dazed and confused but most of all pain. Excruciating and almost unbareable pain. Not physically but emotionally W-what?? Is all that manage to escape my lips we both turn to stare at my mother who’s eyes are so wide they could fall out of there sockets. She bowed her head and whispered. “I didn’t know how to tell yous. She sniffled I didn’t want you to reject me and her like her father did.” With our hearing abilities we heard everything loud and clear. I began to see red my wolf at its surface when I was suddenly distracted by some one mindlinking me. “Where’s alpha Marcus, come quick rogues are attacking and we are going to need our alliances.” It cut off before I could respond. I shifted my head to my mother and began to close the space between us when my I don’t what to call him.. alpha I guess jumped in front of my mother. Before I rolled my eyes. “Recconect to the pack we have rouges attacking. your second in command has just informed me and we will need help from our alliances so this can’t be good” As I bolted to the door with my dad following in pursuit. He hugged me and said he was sorry before jumping and shifting midair. I turn to my mother who was trying to grasp everything together. “Get a grip, you are our Luna and need to be strong! Go to the pack house and round up the kids,women and elderly take them to the tunnels and run till you make it to the other side. Don’t stop until your there got it.” With that I turned to leave as she gripped my arm and said she was proud of me I couldn’t open my mouth without saying anything I’d regret. I gave her I sad smile and left to join the fight.

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