Chapter 20

2000 Words

Chapter Twenty: This must be the end. —   Kara Yhres’ Point of View   Once again, the thoughts in my head were too loud. After the call and the small catching up talk with my mom, I was left with another deafening silence that had surrounded me. And it didn’t help my current situation as my mind began to do it’s thing. To overthink things that are beyond my control. Of course, I hate lying to my parents. Although, I didn’t have a choice because if they found out about what’s currently happening in my life—they might tell me to just come to Wycca Kingdom. They might force me to come back to them despite my decision to stay. And I didn’t want that to happen. Not that I’m being selfish nor I’m being a rebellious child but due to the fact that I was finally free. Ever since I was you

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