Chapter 19

2000 Words

Chapter Nineteen: Another day, another training.  —   Kara Yhres’ Point of View   “Wake up, Kara.” There was a knock on my door that had caused me to awaken from my deep slumber. I could hear Danny’s voice on the other side of the door as he was still knocking on the wooden door. I rubbed the sleep away from my eyes as I reached for my phone. Squinting my eyes only to find out that I have no means of knowing what time it is due to the fact that I still have it turned off. But judging by the fact that it seemed as though that the sun had only risen up, I’m assuming that it’s just minutes passed dawn.  Quickly washing my face and brushing my teeth, I ran to the door and was greeted by Danny who was wearing an attire he wore when he’s training with Levi whenever they’re both here. “

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