Chapter 11

2919 Words

Chapter Eleven: This wasn’t supposed to happen.  —   Third Person’s Point of View   It was near dusk when Kara had woken up. The smell of smoke had welcomed her nose as soon as she opened her eyes. The fire was already out but the smell lingered even though Levi burnt the clothes outside the cabin. Moreover, the only scent that Kara could smell was the burnt wood masking the smell of the clothes that Levi had burned earlier. In which was according to his plans. Even though Levi was now in the living room, the moment he had sensed that Kara had woken up; he had already put on a different façade so that Kara wouldn’t notice that something wrong happened earlier. The Alpha was waiting for Kara to get out of her room but he didn’t want in any way for her to quickly do things against

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