Chapter 10

2000 Words

Chapter Ten: Levi is in deep thought.  —   Third Person’s Point of View   “You were too nice to him, Alpha.” Danny had interjected, his jaw clenched. “You could’ve made him suffer more.” He had added, looking at the heart in Levi’s hand. The blood was dripping from the Alpha’s hand down to the rogue’s lifeless body. The damage killed him instantaneously. Levi hissed, dropping the heart onto the cold body of the rogue. “I was too pissed.” He spat looking back at Danny who had walked near his track. In which it was true, he had reminded himself earlier not to be swayed by his emotions but he was so furious that he had killed the rogue immediately without having to squeeze some information from him. His initial plan was to question the man until he spilled the beans. Even if that me

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