Chapter 9

1500 Words

Chapter Nine: The rogue might’ve miscalculated.  —   Third Person’s Point of View   Panic swirled inside Levi’s mind. Automatically, the Alpha’s heart sank by the threat of the rogue. And to be frank, Levi had never been afraid of anything in his life aside from his father. He was ferocious, dominant and full of authority. So the thought of having something to fear had almost been nonexistent in his life. But right at this very moment, there was this certain fear that was swirling inside of him as he was stuck in his track completely immobilized. The rogue clearly meant Kara, right? But how did this lone wolf could have known whoever Kara is? It doesn't seem to add up in Levi’s mind. Because practically, banished wolves from their realm weren’t really known in the Monleite Kingdo

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