Chapter 8

2000 Words

Chapter Eight: Rogues are never a friend and are always an enemy.  —   Third Person’s Point of View   There was a hint of bona fide smile lingering on Levi’s face. He’s very mindful that he had never felt this certain feeling before. Just like Kara, everything still feels foreign for him. There’s a huge amount of happiness that surges inside him whenever he could feel the euphoria radiating from the she-wolf. And to see her in pure bliss, it was a breathtaking view for Levi. After Kara was done talking with her parents —full of tears, laughter, and stories to tell—she had deeply fallen asleep from too much exhaustion with everything that had taken place today. And was now nuzzling in her comfy bed like a small child that she is. The happiness on Kara’s face was so profound earlie

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