Chapter 7

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Chapter Seven: The feeling of guilt was immense.   — Third Person’s Point of View   "Is there something wrong?" Danny asked Levi after he had offered a glass of water to the Alpha. Levi gulped down the fluids, then straightened the way he had sat on the sofa beside Kara.  She was looking at him with a concern expression evident on her face. From the way he was breathing so hard earlier and the way that he was covered in his own sweat, it appeared that he ran in a matter of life and death situation to get here. And the moment he had entered the cabin, he ran towards Kara and hugged her so tight that Kara stumbled in her place and had blushed from Levi's action.  Both Kara and Danny were confused on why the hell Levi showed up at the cabin without even telling beforehand. They both k

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