Chapter 6

2875 Words

Chapter Six: After 16 years, Kara Yhres is finally free.    —   Third Person’s Point of View Kara Yhres wanted to cry at this very moment. Despite the fact that she was booming with nervousness as she awaits for what is yet to come, she’s feeling very emotional knowing that the  magic metal cuffs and the magic metal collar are going to be removed forever. Something about that thought makes her want to curl up the bed and cry. Not because she’s afraid, but because of the happiness that’s starting to build up inside her.  The magic metal cuffs and magic metal collar had been attached to her ever since she was a baby. And whenever Kara’s body would grow, the cuffs and collar had been created to morph to her wrist and neck so there won’t be any necessary adjustment to be made, as they

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