Chapter 5

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Chapter Five: The magic metal cuffs and the magic metal collar.  — Third Person’s Point of View Levi closed the door of the room where Kara was now taking a deep sleep. He had bid his goodbyes long before she was even asleep but Kara told him that she wanted Levi to look after her while she’s still not in a deep sleep. In which, Levi didn’t even hesitate to do it. He knew well enough that he now had Kara's trust and she had gone comfortable with his existence alone. So that small favor from her isn’t much of a big deal to the Alpha. Levi also wanted Kara to feel like she’s at home. Even though her parents aren't around, Levi knows that he can make Kara feel like she’s at home even inside the cabin in the Deep Woods. More than anything in the realm, Kara had now been his top priority. It's really confusing at first.  The moment he had heard that a she-wolf was growling and whimpering in distress, he didn’t hesitate one bit to aid her well-being. And the moment he saw Kara’s face, he can’t seem to ponder the fact that she looked ethereal. Looking at her felt as though he was staring at something magnificent, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her.  Like something about this girl makes him deeply intoxicated. “Look after her, beta.” Levi ordered Danny as soon as he was out in the living room. Danny nodded at him, “You don’t even need to mention, Alpha.” He admitted. Even if he was against Kara being here, he knew that Levi wanted nothing more than to help the poor girl. In her situation, anyone who has a kind heart would show her compassion.  But Danny had a different point of view. The moment Levi grows attached to Kara, it will hinder him from doing all of his tasks and works that are needed to be done. Levi is an Alpha and carries a title that everyone expects him to do well at his job in the pack. Everyone has high expectations of him. And Kara is nothing but a distraction to all of those. Danny didn't want something terrible to happen to his alpha and to his friend. He had knew Levi for a long period of time already and this is probably the most stupid thing he had ever done that he had knew of. “Not a single word to my father too.” Levi added sternly. He’s making sure that even though Danny serves him as the second in command, they still both share the same pack and Danny would automatically respect Levi’s parents in that matter. That being said, Levi hopes that Danny doesn't tell his father about this certain circumstance. But he trusts Danny.  No way Danny could ever tell about this to his father. “Yes, Alpha.” Danny agreed, his head hanging low as he showed respect for the Alpha. Levi nodded back at him despite knowing that Danny couldn't see the action he had done. Even though they are friends for almost their whole life, when it comes to serious and business matters, they show professionalism of their roles. And this is in fact, a serious matter. “Just be careful, Levi.” Danny whispered, enough for Levi to hear. The concern in his voice was apparent and Levi had noticed it immediately. For Danny, his top priority was Levi and not the she-wolf. However, if Levi wanted him to look after her as a part of his task, he wouldn't decline either. He wanted to help Levi in all of his endeavors. Levi had a proud look in his face when he muttered, “Don’t worry. As long as my beta and my delta doesn’t tell anyone, there’s going to be no problem in that very case.” Which was true. Hiding Kara in the Deep Woods was an intelligent plan and good thing that aside from his second and fourth in command, no one else knew that Levi has a cabin in the Deep Woods. It seemed to be a perfect plan. After all, Kara doesn’t have a distinct smell coming off from her. Even though she had lived all her years in the Wycca Kingdom, she had smelt like just a normal she-wolf. Vanilla, Levi took note of what she smelt like. Levi could now only hope that no one would end up betraying him. He had been a good Alpha to everyone and also a good friend. He was there whenever they needed him. Whenever they seek Levi's advice, he is there to give wisdom to them. He had done his responsibilities as an Alpha and as a friend. For someone to betray him, they really have a pretty thick skull to do that. The alpha knew that if someone ever betrayed him, he had no other way than to end them. “I already told Johnny that he must not speak of it to anyone. Not even to Gerald and Roxy.” Danny told Levi, showing him his phone. A clear indication that he had been communicating with Johnny right from the start.  Werewolves can only form a link once they are in their wolf form. But when they are in human form, there's no way Danny can link Johnny since they don't have the capability. Not everyone has the ability to communicate in a link with another werewolf if they aren't gifted with such abilities. On the other hand, Levi is an Alpha so he can feel the pack's emotions in the link. If someone in his pack is in danger, it is easy for him to feel certain emotions and he can easily aid them. However it only works over some miles. And here in the cabin in the Deep Woods, he can still feel the emotions of his pack miles away.  So Danny did the right thing to communicate with Johnny. It didn’t bother Levi because he trusts both of them more than he trusts his third in command—Gamma Gerald. Everything he does, Gerald has a way to contradict them. So it’s much better not to tell him anything about what’s happening or what even happened earlier. He couldn’t risk such a thing. Not when Kara is on the line. "Very good, Danny." Levi commended his friend. "I'll be contacting one of the Charmcaster that my family knows and I'll have her here by tomorrow to remove Kara's magic cuff and magic collar. Please have Kara ready by eight in the morning." He told Danny, reminding him that it's an important matter and that Danny and Kara should be aware if the Charmcaster would be alone when she arrived. Not that Levi had trust issues. He just doesn't want to be overly confident.  He's an Alpha and a lot of people would take advantage of him because of his title. He just wanted to be sure that no one would pose a threat to his beta and to Kara who had just arrived at the Monleite Kingdom. He didn't want Kara to be afraid inside her own realm. Levi wanted her to feel at home and to feel like she really belonged here. "Understood, Alpha." Danny replied, taking note of the event that's about to take place tomorrow. He had also reminded himself to take patrols before he sleeps and in the morning. Not just for Kara's safety but also for him and for Levi. "I'll also be inviting Johnny over but I'm not sure when." Levi added, making Danny knit his forehead in confusion. So he had asked Levi what had bothered him, "What for? Wouldn't that be dangerous?" "No, it wouldn't." Levi replied. "Shouldn't we just keep it to a minimum who gets to be here? Your father might suspect that we're onto something." Worried that someone might figure out what they were doing, Danny mentioned it to Levi. Of course no one wanted that to happen. As much as possible they needed to be careful. It wasn't because Danny doesn't trust Johnny, he's just really not careful at some times and someone might follow him to go here in the Deep Woods. Danny can't afford for someone to mess up with the task given to them especially if they're going to share the same task. "Yes, I'm aware beta. However, if I need you elsewhere because of your duties and I'm also away doing my job as an Alpha, we need someone to look after Kara." Levi muttered in a lowered voice, afraid that he might wake Kara up. "You've noticed earlier, Kara doesn't know anything about fighting or even just a self-defense to stay away from danger. Being in Wycca Kingdom, I'm sure as hell that she wasn't given any opportunity to train alongside Wyccans. Unlike Monleitans that trainings are part of our life since we rely on our strength most of the time. It is an essential part of who we are." Levi explained to Danny carefully. If a fight would ensue once more or when Kara would be put in a dangerous situation by herself, she doesn't have a means of protecting herself. And worst case scenario, she might have been beat up like a pulp if she doesn't know how to defend herself. And Levi didn't want that to happen.  Kara is a she-wolf, she needed to learn how to fight and for that to happen, she needed to undergo some training. Only then can Levi feel reassured that she can defend herself in times of need. "Since Johnny is the one assigned to train our warriors, I need him to train Kara too." Levi mentioned, which was already an obvious reason by now. Danny had an offended look plastered on his face, "I can train her too." He muttered, confidence booming in his face as he straightened his back as he said those words. Levi snorted at Danny's response. "Of course you'll also train her. But we have an important event to take care of for the next few days and you're expected to be there." He had reminded his friend. Danny released a groan, clearly not happy by the mention of the event that's going to take place. Levi laughed at his reaction. He could also groan out his frustrations but it's his duty so he had no other choice but to comply with the Laws of the Wolves. . . . The next day had come in a breeze. Danny had already woken up Kara half an hour ago and she's currently busy preparing herself. As soon as she woke up, she was even surprised by the good night sleep that she had. There wasn't a moment that he had woken up in the middle of the night. Instead, she slept like the dead. And waking up, it had reenergized her. Which she'll be needing later. While on the other hand, Danny was outside in the Deep Woods, scouting the place and doing some regular patrols to sense if someone was lingering close to them. ...or if he could sense danger from miles away. Unlike Levi who can do that, Danny can only smell an intruder or a visitor in a certain radius. So he needed to venture deeper inside the woods to know if someone out there had followed them. He was quick to do his job and had easily come to a realization that no rogues or werewolves were lingering around them. So they were really safe. When Danny had entered the cabin, his smell senses had instantly heightened as he sniff an unfamiliar scent in the air. Without further ado, he ran towards Kara's room, knocked on the door and then Kara was welcomed by a serious Danny in view. "Stay close. We have a company." Danny muttered in a hush voice, ushering her out of her room. Kara gulped, now had gone afraid of the situation but then nodded at the beta in front of him and then followed him towards the front porch of the house. The moment that they were at the front porch, Kara and Danny both noticed a figure not far away from them wearing a white cloak. As soon as Danny noticed the cloak, he was now aware that this might be the Charmcaster that Levi was talking about. It's his first time to encounter a creature like this one so he felt unfamiliar with her scent. "Her scent is distinctive. It's as though chemicals have been mixed together. The smell is not awful but it's powerful since all Charmcasters and Wizards are much more powerful than  normal witches and warlocks." Danny remembered what Levi had told him yesternight. The scent is really powerful and it was invading his nose in an unwelcoming manner. "Do you smell that too?" Danny asked Kara, his nose scrunched and his brow raised. Kara nodded beside her, "Yes, but I'm used to it by now. I had encountered a Charmcaster before in Wycca Kingdom. She was pretty nice." She commented, reminiscing the encounter she had with the Charmcaster. All Charmcasters are good in nature. They  are the witches who had undergone training and practices and had leveled up to be a Charmcaster. However, it was also said that some Charmcasters run in the bloodline. There are certain witches who were already powerful the moment they were born. And they only need to enhance and hone their skills in order to fully use them to their capabilities.  "I'm Misty Esquiare, a Charmcaster. Alpha Levi had told me to come here." The woman had introduced herself as soon as she reached the front of the cabin.  She looked much older than both Kara and Danny, however it wasn't that noticeable. Her blonde hair settled just perfectly above her shoulders. Her figure seemed frail and fragile since she was a petite woman but Kara and Danny both knew how powerful she is. Her scent was immense. She was being careful even though she's probably a lot more powerful than both Kara and Danny. Before she could even set a foot on the wooden stairs, she had waited for Danny's approval. "Come on in, Ms. Esquiare." Danny uttered, welcoming the woman that they were expecting to come and had ushered her to follow them. Misty nodded in response and then gracefully followed both Kara and Danny. The moment she had entered the cabin, Misty looked around the room and then her gaze settled on Kara. Her eyes also scanned her wrist and her neck in the process. "So I guess you are Kara?" Misty asked, now staring into Kara's eyes. Kara shyly nodded, hiding her hands behind her. "Yes, I'm Kara Yhres." "Wonderful," Misty muttered, placing the black leathered briefcase she was holding on the table. She then entered a code since it was locked, and the moment Misty opened the briefcase, Kara noticed the tools that were placed in there. For a moment, Kara felt as though she was punched in the gut when her eyes landed on a tool that appeared to be like a small and compact chainsaw. Is that what she's going to use to take the cuffs and collar off of me? Kara questioned mentally. Hoping that no one in the room could feel how tensed she is right now.  However, Misty laughed at her reaction. She grew completely aware of how the kid had gone scared. The white beads on her temple were enough evidence to figure it out. "This would hurt like crazy. I hope you're ready for that." Misty warned her, there was no hint of laughter in her face anymore. Kara gulped, she could feel herself tense up with Misty's warning. She wanted to be brave and she wanted to be free so she nodded, "I'm ready." "Very well then, let's start. Shall we?" Misty uttered while clasping her hands together. Danny who was on the lookout was about to leave the cabin to give them some privacy when Misty stopped him. "I also need you here, Mr. Sterling." She said, pointing towards her briefcase and then averting her gaze towards Kara who was seated patiently on the chair. Danny huffed out a breath, "What do I need to do?" He asked. "Strap her on the chair." Misty said nonchalantly as she fished out some restraints in her briefcase. Danny's eyes widened in shock, as well as Kara's. Misty immediately noticed their reaction then offered a soft smile, "I told you it's going to hurt like crazy, she needs to be strapped on so she can refrain from resisting so much." She had explained to the both of them. Danny looked at Kara as if saying that this woman was crazy. However, Kara nodded at Danny, “It’s okay. Just do what she asks for, beta.” She had reassured him. “She’s just going to do her duty.” Kara added, offering a genuine smile back to Misty. Danny sighed but still followed the orders. He had reached for the restraints from Misty and then carefully strapped Kara on the chair. After he was done, he didn’t leave the cabin, he stood there enough to give Misty some space but enough to aid Kara when she needed it. Misty grabbed for the small and compact chainsaw that was inside her briefcase. “Are you sure you’re ready?” She questioned Kara once again just to be sure. Kara nodded, calming herself down. “Yes, just please do it quickly.” She answered, softly. The Charmcaster laughed at her reaction, “Okay, I will.” Misty responded.
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