Chapter 4

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Chapter Four: The right kingdom where Kara Yhres belongs.  — ‘Kara Yhres’ Point of View “You’re finally home.” There were tears in my eyes the moment I heard those words. But I was quick enough to wipe them before Alpha Levi could even look at my face. He then faced me after opening the curtains and the woods welcomed my view. It was already dark outside but the moon illuminating in the sky had given enough light for me to actually see the environment. Huge and thick trees were surrounding the cabin. Even if the windows were closed, I could still hear the leaves rustling and swaying due to the wind. Despite the lack of light at this moment, the green woods were still beautiful at night. “Is it cold outside?” I asked, my voice kind of croaky. Earlier, I could smell the burning of logs in the fireplace, proving some warmth for us. However, I couldn’t merely differentiate whether it was really cold outside since I had worn a jacket over my school uniform when we were leaving Wycca Academy. “Do you want to go outside and see for yourself, little pup?” Alpha Levi asked and I almost instantly nodded back at him. Appearing to be eager to go outside like a little child that I am. Not that it really mattered if it was cold or not, I’m just really overjoyed that I’m finally here in Monleite Kingdom. Alpha Levi laughed at me, “Come on then. We should head outside for you to know.” He offered it to me.  And without even hesitating I got off from the bed then sprinted outside. Not even waiting for him and then saw Beta Danny looking at as with a raised brow. I disregarded his reaction and just straightly jogged towards the door and as soon as I opened it, I was welcomed with a gentle breeze. The wind was slowly caressing my face, softly making me calm since it wasn’t even that cold like I had expected it to be.  Without further ado, I lunged outside, running towards the front porch and taking a deep breath. Even the smell is different here. I couldn’t even smell a bit of magic since we’re now in a different kingdom. “This is ethereal.” I commented upon sensing that Alpha Levi was now beside me. I was gazing through the woods and when Alpha Levi responded, I looked back at him. “Yes, it is.” He agreed, eyes locked on my face. I could feel my face heating up from his words. Did he really have to say that while looking so intently at me? And why is my heart hammering inside my chest so crazy? Even my wolf was jumping in so much joy. It’s probably because we’re finally home. “I’m finally home.” I whispered softly but enough for Alpha Levi to hear. “I’m finally free.” He smirked at me, “Well, not technically.” He said, pointing towards my wrist and my neck. I raised a brow, “What do you mean?” He looked away, “I brought you illegally here, so you still have to stay here in the cabin until I figure out how we can remove the cuffs and collar on you so you can finally be one with your wolf.” As soon as he was done telling me those things, he once again met my eyes. The look of worry and concern were evident even though his face had remained a stoic expression. I know that I still can’t shift because of the cuffs and collar on me so I’m still not ‘free’ as I think I am. However, already being in this kingdom means so much to me. It’s a feeling no one can ever replace. And Alpha Levi made it happen. For me. “You’ve already done enough for me, Levi.” I muttered softly, ashamed for all the help he has given to me. His eyes widened with my words. “You dropped the formalities.” Is what he mentioned.  So he really does like it when I just call him by his name? What’s with that anyway? I feel like I’m breaking some rule if I call him on a first name basis. I’m still not that comfortable calling him that but upon noticing how the expression on his face changed, it made me want to call him that. "Thank you for all of this, Levi." I sincerely said to him. "You don't know how happy I am right now. Thank you for making this possible."  What I said to him, I mean it with my whole heart. He doesn't have any idea how much I wanted to leave Wycca Kingdom, a place where I don't belong. And now that I'm here in my own kingdom, there's a massive amount of joy swirling inside of me. I couldn't even explain it in much flowery words but I am indeed beyond ecstatic right now. And it's all because of this guy beside me. He didn't even know anything about me aside from the fact that I was banished and he immediately helped me upon knowing that my family was wrongly accused that's why we we're banished. Alpha Levi is really something. "Anything for you, little pup." He responded with a huge smile etched on his face. "And I'll do whatever I can to find someone who can take off those magical things from you. I think we have some connection so by tomorrow I can get a Charmcaster to remove those on you." He added as if what he was saying was nothing but an easy thing to do. My eyes almost popped out of its socket when he mentioned Charmcasters. They are a type of witches that are very powerful and their magic is ten times stronger than an average witch. Alpha Levi's family must have a lot of connections in order to know a Charmcaster in their life. As much as I wanted to disagree with him, I had always been curious of what my wolf looked like. I had never gotten to see it because I was attached with the magic cuffs and magic collars ever since I was a baby. So whenever I show signs of shifting, the cuffs and collars restrict me to do so. I only knew that I have a white fur and my eyes changed to the color of blue whenever my wolf is triggered. She would be coming to the surface but would never fully shift. Thinking about it makes my heart hurt. I'm a she-wolf and yet, I can't even shift into my wolf form. Alpha Levi was eyeing me carefully as I was lost in my own trance, it was as though he was examining me and was waiting for something to happen. I instantly blushed from the way he was staring. One of his favorite hobbies is staring at his kinds. I shivered when the breeze was starting to get colder. In which, Alpha Levi immediately noticed so he took off his coat and then placed it on my shoulders, "We should head inside. You might catch a cold." Nodding in response, we both headed back inside the cabin. It was the only cabin in the Deep Woods—the name of the place inside Monleite Kingdom. And I was told that it was a safe place since no other creatures are allowed to set a foot here since it's the werewolves and she-wolves territory. Alpha Levi also told me that no one in his pack, aside from his Beta and Delta knew about this cabin in the Deep Woods. The only thing that I should watch out for are other wolves that might pass the area and if they notice that I'm supposed to be banished from here, they might tell it to the Council of the Wolves or worse, the Wolf King. And I didn't want any part of that. I just got here, there's no way I'm letting anyone take it away from me for the second time around. Beta Danny sat on the wooden sofa in the living room, he was busy with his phone and when he noticed us, he placed the phone back in his pocket and then crossed his arms above his chest. On the other hand, Alpha Levi ushered me to sit on an available chair beside the sofa and so I sat there, suddenly confused about what's about to happen. When I finally settled on my seat and Alpha Levi also sat on a chair just across mine, he let out a deep breath. "I need to go back to my pack." Alpha Levi announced, sporting a sad look on his face. It was as though he was relying on very sad news to me. "They need me back there and I can't leave them alone, without an Alpha. Despite me venturing to other kingdoms to look for trades and allies, I still need to go back and report to them what happened or if there is any progress."  I sat there, listening carefully to his words. He didn't have to explain himself to me but he did it on his own and I know that he was doing it so I would feel less scared than I already feel. He said it's one of his abilities that he can feel someone's emotions even from faraway so I was sure that he had sensed my feelings right now. "I'll be left here, alone?" I asked as soon as silence had engulfed the living room. He chuckled, "Of course not, little pup. That would be really dangerous since I believe that you don't even know how to defend yourself when someone invaded this place. So Beta Danny will be staying with you." Alpha Levi informed me, the amusement in his face never left. I almost choked at his words, w-what? "W-what? He's going to baby sit me?" I blurted out in such a hasty manner that Alpha Levi was caught off guard and was shocked by my words. However, Beta Danny didn't even budged in his place and he didn't even turn to glance at me. He was just staring straightly at the painting on the wall. Concerned of how I reacted, Alpha Levi questioned me. "Why? Is there something wrong? Does my Beta make you uncomfortable?" He asked then hissed at Beta Danny who had only lowered his gaze down to his lap. I shook my head in disagreement, "I-it's not that..." I trailed, averting my eyes from the floor to Alpha Levi's eyes, "It's just that... I'm more comfortable around you." I admitted to him, my face flushed in embarrassment and in an instant the expression on his face had changed. From being worried, he was now relieved at some sort because of what I just said. "I'll be back by tomorrow. I promise you that, little pup. For now, you have to put your trust to my beta too. He wouldn't do anything that would harm you. And even if he did, I'd make sure he'd suffer." He mentioned with much seriousness and I shivered. However, he laughed in an instant so it means that he was just joking around... ...or is he? "My beta here also bought some clothes earlier for you to change into. We're not sure if everything fits you well so just pick those that you would wear." He pointed out at the huge luggage beside the sofa where Beta Danny was seated. What the f**k? Beta Danny did that for me? So he's really not that a jerk after all.
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