Chapter 3

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Chapter Two: Monleite Kingdom, the land of werewolves and she-wolves, part two.   — Kara Yhres’ Point of View My heart was beating rapidly inside my chest. I know that my kind were vicious but if you aren’t a rogue, you couldn’t be as heartless as that. Remembering Alpha Levi’s face, I didn’t know that he could do that. Sure he looks intimidating and scary but the way he talks to me and had cared for me tells me that he can’t do such thing. “I have trained with Alpha Levi for years.” Beta Danny continued, “We can’t deny the fact that he’s much stronger than us. That’s why he’s an Alpha. Being strong runs in their blood. However, he’s much more rational and logical than just killing some dark witches. He’s not capable of doing that.” He gritted his teeth and I saw how his jaw moved in disbelief. “What do you mean, Beta Danny? Isn’t he an Alpha? If he senses that one is in danger, I’m pretty sure he did that for defense.” I pressed back at him. Alpha Levi was clearly outnumbered. Three witches versus an Alpha? Also, considering I was knocked unconscious that time. I think he only did what’s best for everyone. If he hadn't done that, we both might have ended up in the same situation as they were. Even though I’m just an average she-wolf, they can still use my blood and use it in their spells and potions. When I was still in Wycca Kingdom, we were taught that bloods of all creatures are essential in making strong spells. Even mermaid and siren’s tears could be used in their spells. The possibilities were endless and the potions they’re going to make are powerful enough to create chaos in the whole Azazleias Realm. Which is why dark witches are considered as an enemy to all. They lived in the outskirt part of the Wycca Kingdom, in the Forbidden Forest. It is told that once a creature set a foot in their land, they won’t make it out alive. Which had me wondering why they were settling in the Mount Cross if it was miles away from the Forbidden Forest. Dark witches reside together because they are much stronger if they settle in one place. Their magic and spells are more powerful if they work together. Why are three dark witches on to get us? I’m well aware that Alpha Levi is their target. They just failed their mission to get his blood. Which is really a good thing. I can’t afford to have him on the brink of his death the day he had announced my freedom. It was as though it was the price for him making my life sentence of banishment end. “Well, that is true. However, I have known him too long and that is not the way he attacks. Decapitating one’s body isn’t his forte. He prefers to kill someone by taking their hearts out of their chest.” Beta Danny informed me in a calm tone that had me choking on my own saliva. “Excuse me?” I coughed, “What?” He asked, confused of how I was acting. “You said those words as if it wasn’t just the same as decapitating one’s body. Both are gruesome and heartless as it is.” With a knitted forehead, I informed him. Beta Danny laughed, “Oh, I forgot that you lived your whole life in Wycca Kingdom.” He mocked at me. For a moment I had forgotten that this guy was the one who didn’t want Alpha Levi to let me come with him. He was so against me coming with them. I wouldn’t blame him though since It’s pretty much illegal but no need to be so harsh on me. “Listen, Monleite Kingdom is not as perfect and wonderful as you thought it would be. Killing is part of who we are. We live in a cruel world, creatures fighting off different creatures had existed long before you were born. This world is a game of survival. If you’re weak, don’t expect to live a long life.” Beta Danny barked at me, anger and pity laced in his voice as he said those words at me. The way his hands fisted into a ball had caught my attention.  “Life isn’t a fairytale, kid. There’s no such thing as damsel in distress and a knight in shining armor. This is the real world, you have to accept that.” He added, his hands were now uncurled and the tone of his voice had changed into a much more calmer one. “I lived a life in banishment, Beta.” I said back to him, he wasn’t clearly aware of the fact that I had never believed in fairytales ever since I learned of the fact that my family had been banished in our own realm. “All my life I had been an outcast. I lived in a realm where I don’t belong and I was made fun of because of the fact that I am a she-wolf. I had experienced the real world more than you ever had.” I pressed at him, if he was challenging me, I’m not one to let him do that to me. “Try living in a whole new realm wherein you’re the only werewolf, let’s see if you can survive such a thing.” Beta Danny stayed silent with what I just blurted out at him.  Sure, I'm unfamiliar with the realms outside Wycca Kingdom. But I lived a harsh life enough for me to know how cruel the world is. Without saying anything, Beta Danny left the room and the moment that he did, Alpha Levi came back into the room while he was drying his hair with a white towel. Alpha Levi even tapped Beta Danny on his back but no response came from Beta Danny which had Alpha Levi confused. “What’s with him?” Alpha Levi asked as he marched his way towards me then reached for the wooden chair beside my bed and sat on it. When he had settled on the chair he looked at me, causing me to lower my gaze. “Did you two fight while I was away?” His smell had lingered in my nose. He smells so good that I can’t stop sniffing him through the air.  I mentally cursed at myself for thinking such thoughts. Damn, what was I even thinking? Shaking my head as a disagreement, I responded to his question. “No, Alpha Levi. We just talked.” I’m sure that he can sense that I was lying but he never mentioned it. Instead he just laughed, “I told you to quit calling me Alpha.” He mentioned the smile never leaving his face. “Just call me Levi, little pup.” I almost choked at his words. I could never question his authority and I must obey his words since he’s an Alpha, however him always calling me a little pup always sent shivers down my spine. “Why do you call me that?” I asked him, looking at him in the eyes and never leaving eye contact. “Call you what, little pup?”  Is he teasing me? “That!” My voice had come out loud but it didn’t even make him flinch one bit. “What, little pup?” He asked, now a straight look on his face. So he’s really teasing me, huh? “Quit calling me that.” “Why? Aren’t you a little pup?” I lowered my gaze once again. It’s not that. It’s just no one had ever called me with something endearing as that. Wyccans had called me ‘wolfy’ to bully me. But being called ‘little pup’ is way different to what the witches and warlock call me.  Being called ‘wolfy’ had always triggered my wolf. She didn’t like being called like that. And the way they say it in such a mocking way, my wolf was always outraged whenever she heard it. However this time, being called ‘little pup’ was making my wolf jump in so much joy. It was as though someone had finally accepted her in all of my years living. I could feel her happiness radiating inside me, it made my insides swirl with happiness too. “Stop it,” I muttered, I think if I could see myself right now, I'd already be blushing hard. Good thing the dimness in the room would make it difficult for him to notice.  He laughed at my reaction, noticing that I’m probably embarrassed. Despite telling him that I want him to stop calling me that, deep inside I know that I wanted him to keep calling me 'little pup'. It's not that I didn't want him to call me that or that I feel uncomfortable, it's just giving me foreign emotions that I couldn't quite decipher on what it meant. However he appeared as though he didn't want to quit calling me 'little pup' and my heart almost jumped in joy by that. Oh wait, did I say heart? I meant to say wolf. Damn. "So how are you feeling?" Alpha Levi softly muttered, making me shrug off the thought that had lingered in my mind. "Do you feel any better now that there's no black blood on me?" He asked, careful not to say anything that would be sensitive for me. I nodded at him then plastered a shy smile on my face, "I do feel better now." He released a deep breath, "Well, that's good to hear. I was so worried about you." Shit. I may be blushing too many times in front of him already. I sure do hope that he doesn't notice. However, he laughed at my reaction, making me more embarrassed than before. I buried my face with both my hands as a response to his words. Is he really flirting with me? Or am I just assuming such things? Damn this guy! Peeking through my hands, I looked at his expression, the smile never left his face as he looked back at me and my reaction. "How old are you?" I asked him, wanting to know if he's the same age as me or he was older. He raised a brow, "I'm a year older than you, I'm 17." He answered not even asking why I wanted to know. My eyes widened in surprise, making me drop my hands that were hiding my face. "How did you know how old I was?" I asked in confusion. He smirked at my question, "I saw your files back at the Wycca Academy. I needed your files as a sign that it was legal for me to bring you here in Monleite Kingdom." My eyes widened once more, my heart hammering in my chest. "We're already at the Monleite Kingdom?" I questioned him. I thought we're just currently resting at some place before we head to the kingdom. I didn't know that we were already here. He  laughed, "Yes, little pup." He uttered, standing up and walking towards the window and then pulled the curtains to expose the outside view of the cabin. "Welcome to the Monleite Kingdom, little pup. You're finally home."  
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