Chapter 2

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Chapter Two: Monleite Kingdom, the land of werewolves and she-wolves.  — Kara Yhres’ Point of View My body was aching the moment I regained consciousness. Carefully, I rubbed my eyes as gentle as I could be. Upon opening my eyes, I heard faint voices that were too low that I couldn’t comprehend what they're talking about. My eyes landed on the wooden ceiling and a warm tone light that the bulb had created, looming over the room. Averting my eyes towards the small bedside table, I found out that a humidifier was turned on and that’s where the smell of lavender was coming from. Ever so slowly, I prompted my arms on the bed, allowing me to carefully raise myself to see a better view of the room. It looked like a cabin, judging by the wooden ceiling, wall and door; I must be right. Where am I? And why the hell I can’t recall what happened before I even got here? What caught my eyes was the slightly opened door where the hushed voices were coming from. Not that I wanted to eavesdrop, but from the tone of their voices, what they were talking about seemed to be very important. Without making a sound and exerting much effort to stay absolutely hidden, I made my way to the ajar door. Tiptoeing towards the door had never been a hard thing for me to do because ever since I was younger, I had always escaped our house to do such silly things that my parents would find out the next day. So this is an easy thing for me. I could do this without even breaking a sweat. As soon as I reached the door, their voices were now heard at the proximity between us. I could hear Alpha Levi and Beta Danny’s voice. “Why aren’t you telling me what happened, Alpha?” Danny asked, his voice laced with much frustration. I could already imagine that he’s messing his hair while saying those words. “You’re covered in blood, s**t-face. What happened?” Danny questioned again. Despite him being second in command, I can sense that him and Alpha Levi are close enough for him to be able to talk to an Alpha like this. And even though he had called him s**t-face, the concern in his voice was still apparent. “Lower your voice, Beta.” Alpha Levi’s voice resonated inside the living room of the cabin. The authority and the dominance of his voice had always amazed me; it gave me shivers. Making me caress my arm to comfort me. However, upon doing so, I noticed a sticky and hard pattern on it. I quickly averted my gaze on my arms and noticed the patches of blood that had dried up already on my arms. My heart began to beat erratically at the sight of the dried blood. Because it wasn’t just some kind of normal red blood. The blood was so dark in color that it could be mistaken for a black paint. Black blood? Doesn’t black blood belong to dark witches? Why the hell do I have a black blo0d on my arms? Reaching for my temple, I gently massage the area. Thinking too hard about how I managed to have dark blood on me is making my head hurt. I need to calm down and think rationally.  Maybe it’s just paint. However, the scent of the patches were far from being just a paint. “That is dark witches blood all over you, right? Did you kill them?” Beta Danny asked, his words making me aware that the patches on my arm were from dark witches all along. Damn, how did everything escalate to this? What did even happen? And why can’t I f*****g remember anything? Biting my lower lip, I tried to recall the events that had taken place earlier. Okay, I do remember that we were inside Alpha Levi’s car and were driving away from Wycca Kingdom. I took a short nap and then was woken up in such a distress situation. The car f-flipped! We had a dangerous car accident and I remembered Alpha Levi carrying me and then after that I had lost consciousness. Was dark witches the one who attacked us? If so? Why did they do so? What benefit will they gain upon attacking some werewolves and she-wolf? I did remember that Alpha Levi had some goods and potions that they traded in Mycca Kingdom that’s why he had visited the place. But dark witches can very well create their own potions that are much more powerful than some potions made by normal witches and warlocks. Did they want Alpha Levi’s blood? I heard that Alpha’s blood is very powerful and is used in spells and potions that could create dangerous magic if the witches know what they’re doing. Maybe that’s why we were attacked? For Alpha Levi’s blood.  “Why aren’t you answering me, Alpha Levi?” Danny questioned once more, pulling me out of my own train of thoughts. “I killed the dark witches.” Alpha Levi managed to admit to his beta. His voice was stern and almost in a furious manner. “Not a single word to anybody. Understood?” He commanded Danny. Danny sighed, “Understood, Alpha Levi.” I heard footsteps coming  my way and I was about to ran towards the bed and pretend to stay asleep but Alpha Levi had a superhuman speed that I didn’t even manage to take a single step when he already opened the door and found me rooted in my place. “Eavesdropping, little pup?” Alpha Levi teased with a grin on his lips. I was about to answer but noticed the amount of black blood on his clothes that it made me stagger backwards. He was covered in so much black blood. From his shirt, his pants, on his shoes, on his arms and even in his face. And then flashes of memory had entered my mind. I was rooted at my place and I was breathing so hard. “H-hey! What’s the matter, little pup?” Alpha Levi asked while he carefully reached for my arm. Helping me stand up straight but I couldn’t breathe properly so he carried me towards the bed. “Are you okay? Is there something wrong?”  Beta Danny was now beside Alpha Levi, looking at me and then towards his alpha. He scoffed, “I think you need to go and take a shower. She’s probably scared because of the amount of dark blood on you.” Danny mentioned, even pointing towards Alpha Levi’s whole figure. “Plus, the stench is awful.” He added, even acting like he’s going to barf. Alpha Levi growled at his beta and then averted his gaze towards me, a look of concern flashed on his face. “I’m sorry, Kara. I’ll take a shower. Stay here and calm down. Okay, little pup?” He gulped but then smiled when he saw me nodded my head in response. Beta Danny was about to say something to Alpha Levi but then he muttered, “Shut your trap, beta.” He hissed then left the room. Beta Danny only laughed and wasn’t even intimidated a bit of what Alpha Levi had barked at him. He was also about to leave the room but I managed to call out for him after I was done calming down myself. “W-wait,” I stammered, my voice came out hoarse because of me having difficulty breathing earlier. Beta Danny stopped in his tracks, his back was facing me but I’m aware that he had heard me. He turned around then decreased the distance between us as he stood over the foot of the bed, looking at me. Despite him not showing that he was angry, he’s eyes speak differently. I could immediately feel him shooting eye daggers towards my direction even though the room was dim enough because of the warm tone of the light bulb. He didn’t bother speaking, he just stood there. Waiting for me to say another word. His figure alone had scared me enough. Despite him not being that tall unlike Alpha Levi, he was buffed.The sleeves of his shirt were hugging his muscles like a second skin. If he was to punch me in the face, I could say that I would lose consciousness for a week or so. That’s how strong he looked. Before he could even lose his patience and start to leave the room, I spoke. “What happened earlier? I don’t remember anything.” I admitted to him, averting my eyes on the wooden floor and not meeting his eyes. He’s much more dominant than me since he’s second in command so it was easy to say that I can’t challenge him in that aspect. I was told by my parents that in a pack, it’s a sign of respect and submission when a werewolf or she-wolf doesn‘t stare much longer in the eyes of those who are more dominant than them. Since rankings are still considered to be a part of the Wolf System. There are hierarchies on almost every creature in Azazlieas Realm. And in the Monleite Kingdom, there are five. The highest is the Wolf King position, who is currently leading the Kingdom. And each pack has all rankings, the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Omega--the lowest rank in the pack. Beta Danny huffed a deep breath, “Do you remember that we were attacked?” I nodded in response, “I also remembered that you both ran off to different directions so that the dark witches would have difficulty tracking us. But after Alpha Levi carried me and dark witches had managed to follow us, I lost consciousness after that.” I admitted to him which was indeed true. I don’t recall anything about having a fight for that matter so I’m curious on how Alpha Levi had killed the dark witches that managed to follow us. Beta Danny walked over to my side, then lowered his voice. Afraid that Alpha Levi might hear his voice and the words that he's about to say so he whispered, "Three dark witches had followed both of you. I arrived here earlier than them and when he hasn't come for almost an hour, I went back to get him. Not because it's my duty but also because he was my friend." He began to say and I just lay there on the bed, listening carefully to his words. "There were no dark witches that had followed me so it was safe enough to go back for the both of you. So I went back,  I was able to track where he was because of the stench of the dark blood from the witches. And I already concluded that there was a fight and I wasn't even there to help him. He's our alpha and it's my duty to defend him in times of need." There was worry etched on his voice, and I could feel how much he had regretted not being able to fight alongside his alpha. "And when I got there, the sight was horrendous..." He stopped, recalling the image earlier and saw him shivered.  "Alpha Levi was covered in blood, you were unconscious and was lying on the ground away from the dead bodies... The dark witches bodies were butchered. The limbs were unattached to their bodies."
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