Chapter 1

2000 Words
Chapter One: The life-long dream of Kara Yhres had finally come true.  — Kara Yhres’ Point of View   I sat there just inches beside Alpha Levi inside his car. I was busy fidgeting my hands that were placed on my lap as I gaze through the busy streets in the Wycca Kingdom. My heart is hammering inside my chest and I could almost swear that this boy beside me could hear how loud my heart was beating. I could also feel the cold sweat building on my temple so I was quick enough to wipe it away. I blinked numerous times in a span of just five seconds. The more I gaze outside, the more we drive away from the lands of the witches and warlocks. The buildings, houses, and shops that I had always seen for my whole life were now just drifting away from my view. Despite the huge amount of relief that was crashing into my body, I can’t seem to stop being sentimental and emotional at this exact moment. Living here in the Wycca Kingdom for 16 years, I have been an outcast, loner, and have been bullied for my entire life. There was a huge feeling inside me that I hated this place more than any place in this realm. Never did I ever feel that I was welcomed here. Never did I feel that I belonged in this place. I have never belonged here and I couldn’t call this as my home. In my everyday life; I had to suck it up and suppress my wolf because apparently, that is how my life had become. A life in banishment. I had never even enjoyed my childhood life because I never got the chance to play with other kids in this kingdom. Whenever my mother would take me to some playground, other kids would look at me with such disgust and annoyance that they wouldn’t even bother playing with me.  Even looking at me would be considered as a capital sin for them, because I am not their kind. And in their realm, werewolves and she-wolves are considered as vicious creatures that do not deserve to live in this realm. And of course it hurts.  I’m very young to experience such things in my life. My mother would always apologize to me whenever she saw how badly Wyccans would treat us. Despite my parents not telling me the real reason why we were banished from the Monleite Kingdom, they had never made me feel sad. They were always there to show love, care and support whenever I needed it. My mother and father had continuously showered me with love ever since I was young so I was never deprived of familial and unconditional love. But the love from friends that I had never experienced. So when Levi showed how much he wanted for me to come with him, my heart instantly melted as no one had ever shown such feelings for me. This was the first time that someone ever showed compassion and care for me. Of course the feeling felt foreign but it’s a feeling that I wanted to be able to feel again since it gives me a huge happiness inside. Upon knowing that he’s an Alpha, I instantly felt intimidated. I couldn’t even look at him straight in the eyes anymore as submission washed over me and was loomed by his dominance. He didn’t properly introduce himself to me that’s why I had assumed that he was just some normal werewolf from Monleite Kingdom. If only I knew, I would’ve instantly succumbed to his orders. That is how we greatly respect Alpha’s orders. It is undeniably proper to obey him and be of service. “How about my parents?” Breaking the silence, I spoke inside the car. Making both men look at me but Beta Danny was quick to avert his eyes back on the road and just focus on driving. “I thought they were coming with me.” I added, slowly meeting his eyes but keeping it clear that I didn’t mean no harm with my words. Levi sighed deeply, “I’m sorry, Kara but I could only take you.” The pain in his eyes was evident. And I could feel that he is apologetic for the fact that he can’t take my mom and dad with me.  “Then show them again the paper and royal wax seal that you showed the principal earlier. I think they’ll follow your orders too.” My voice was showing signs of desperation as I was close to tears. How could I be so dumb and accept his offer when he couldn’t even bring my own parents with me? Levi was about to reach for my arm but I flinched so he had withdrawn his hand then just placed it on his lap. “I’m afraid that I’m letting you escape Wycca Kingdom illegally and upon entering the Monleite Kingdom, I still have to hid you until I figure out some plan so you can live a normal life in Monleite.” He sighed again. “If I get to figure that out for you, maybe we can also take your parents.” Levi added, careful not to say anything that might cause another pain to me. I understood what he meant. He had used his Alpha powers earlier to get what he wanted. My banishment might have ended in Wycca Kingdom but not in Monleite Kingdom. I still have to be careful not to be caught or else, they might banish me back to the realm of witches and warlocks. “I understood, Alpha.” I managed to reply even though my voice sounded hoarse because of the lump in my throat. Levi laughed at my words, “Cut the Alpha. Just call me Levi. I don’t mind.” He informed me and I know that he won’t stop unless he gets what he wanted so I just nodded in return. “You can take a nap if you want, it’s going to be a long ride.”  Levi suggested, the tone of his voice comforting me and as if a lullaby, I fell into slumber. . . . Third Person’s Point of View   “What’s the matter?” Alpha Levi asked Danny the moment that his senses had heightened when Danny steered the car. Danny cursed, “There was a huge rock in the road, I had to avoid it.” He explained with a great amount of force when he maneuvered the car almost causing Kara to wake up and having Levi to tighten his grip on his seat. Alpha Levi carefully looked at Kara while she’s taking a nap beside him, her face looked calm and serene. And Levi just noticed that she has a little mole on the center of her nose. In which had matched her whole look. Kara is both beautiful and adorable. One that is noticeable, that’s why a lot of witches had bullied her before. “Drive carefully, Beta.” Alpha Levi ordered at Danny and he nodded, eyes still locked on the road. Just a few minutes passed and a loud shattered glass was heard inside the car, causing Danny to step on the brake so harshly good thing all of them were wearing seatbelts. "What the f**k?" Alpha Levi hissed, scanning at the pitch black place and on the window beside him that had shattered because a rock was thrown at it. He reached over for the rock that landed beside his feet and looked at it carefully, there were some words engraved on the rock but Alpha Levi couldn't quite comprehend what it meant. Sniffing the rock, an unsettling feeling washed over him.  This isn't just some ordinary accident. Someone did this purposely. "Black Magic," Alpha Levi commented as he sniffed again the rock in his hands. His senses had never been wrong, it is one of his specialties. So the scent coming off from the rock doesn't lie. Danny looked back at  Levi, his eyes widened at the alpha's words and Levi could only nod at him as a sign of affirmation. There is no point of staying here, they were out of the Wycca Kingdom premises hours by now and they're currently venturing through the Mount Cross and just a few more miles and they're close to the Monleite Kingdom. There are lots of unknown and different creatures settling outside their territory and something like this already happened before. There are creatures who like to cause havoc and chaos and the only thing they can do is to avoid them. Alpha Levi couldn't risk my beta's life, much more Kara's life. He had offered her a better life in Monleite Kingdom and no other creatures can hinder that from him. "Step on it," Alpha Levi growled at Danny and he harshly stepped on the gas, speeding up. Despite the dimness of the road, Danny managed to avoid the huge rocks that were suspiciously scattered on the road. This isn't just a coincidence. Levi is sure of it.  He could smell magic even from miles away from them. The way that Danny had driven through the roads of Mount Cross, caused Kara to awake from her slumber. Hands automatically grabbing at her seat, she could only squint her eyes to the guy beside him then averting her gaze on the dark road. "What's happening?" She asked, confused and partly scared because of the speed that the car was now taking. Kara also noticed the shattered window beside Levi. "What happened?" She questioned, wanting to know what just happened. "There's an attack." Alpha Levi muttered, looking straight at her eyes. "I need you to brace yourself, Kara. We're still far from Monleite Kingdom and worst case scenario that they're going to jam my car." Levi continued to inform Kara, adding another set of worry to her. Before Kara could even respond, the car had collided to a rushing massive rock, creating an impactful crash. The car flipped from the impact but Alpha Levi was fast enough to reach for Kara and guide her out of the car. As soon as they were all out of the car, they examined the vehicle and they knew that there's no way to use the car again to escape the place. Alpha Levi and Beta Danny scanned the place, despite the darkness they can smell the creatures that were hiding by the trees. "Dark Witches." Alpha Levi whispered but enough for Danny and Kara to hear. "Beta, you know what to do." Alpha Levi commanded his second in command and Danny nodded at him. And as if on cue, Alpha Levi carried Kara in a bridal style way then Levi and Danny ran in both different directions. Alpha Levi already linked him that they wood meet at the Deep Woods in the Monleiete Kingdom. Kara, who seemed to be flustered and scared of what's currently taking place, had buried her face in Alpha Levi's chest and was gripping her hand tightly on his shirt. Levi has a superhuman speed due to the fact that he was an Alpha so he was taken aback when a dark witch caught up on him and quickly knocked him over. Causing him to loosen his hold on Kara as they both stumbled to the ground, and noticed that Kara was now unconscious. The alpha growled at the dark witch who had a sinister smile on her face. But what Alpha Levi didn't expect was to see Kara who was on the ground, and then her wolf form emerged from  her body then separated from her human.
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