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Banished by the Wolf King. Book #1/6 of The Moonlight Series. Prologue.   »»—♡—««   “be who  you were  created to be,  and  you will  set the  world on fire.  — st. catherine of sienna   »»—♡—««   Kara wasn’t even hopeful that this day would turn out any different from any other day that she had spent in Wycca Academy.  She is popular in the academy, as all students were aware of her identity. However, she isn’t popular because she’s the ‘it girl’ or the ‘richest girl in the place’. Kara was actually popular for being an outcast in the Wycca Academy and even in the whole Wycca Kingdom, the realm of witches and warlocks. Kara marched through the hallways of the Academy, making sure that the students wouldn't see her. Even if that seemed so impossible, it could never hurt to hope so. She was hoping that she was invisible. Away from the witches and warlocks’ eyes so that they won’t ever try to bother her again. In that way, her life would’ve been easy. Unless, it wasn’t. A loud thump had collided with Kara making the books in her hands, drop to the white-tiled floor. She didn’t even need to raise her head to know what just happened. Yes, this is a normal day for Kara. Being the only she-wolf in the Wycca Academy surely has its cons. And this is one of them. “Hey! watch where you’re going, Wolfy!” A student–specifically a warlock–said to Kara. Followed by a loud snicker and snorts from the witches and warlocks at the hallway who had witnessed the entire scene. It was like everyone was just waiting for someone to pull a prank on Kara and eventually everybody would dive into teasing and bullying her. What a normal day alright, Kara pondered. Kara raised her head then met the warlock’s eyes, her eyes immediately glowed blue, her wolf coming to the surface. Kara had fisted her hands into a ball with so much force that it began shaking. Even the metal cuffs on her wrist and metal collar on her neck rattled. Her eyes screamed danger and her wolf wanted nothing more than to shift in front of this asshole warlock. However, the cuffs on her wrist electrocuted her the moment that she had shown signs of shifting. The white fur on her hands immediately vanished and her blue eyes turned back to its natural color, which was brown. Moreover, the collar on her neck was restricting, making it hard for her to breath. All Kara ever wanted was to peacefully attend her classes as she tries to fit in inside the academy that doesn’t suit her. Despite that, she had tried her best to do very well in the academy. Even if that means that a lot of other students were bullying her in her everyday life in the academy. As much as she tried to be very patient with them, there were times that her self control wasn't that easy to simmer down.  This has been her life. For 16 years, this is what Kara had to suck up to in order to co-exist with witches and warlocks. To be bullied and make fun of in her everyday life. Because being a banished she-wolf in Wycca Kingdom isn’t common and most especially because she isn’t one of them. “I said, move away, Wolfy.” The warlock told her once again and when Kara didn’t budge, he pushed Kara away from him although the hallways were large enough for other students to pass by. Other students laughed at the commotion, seeing Kara helpless had always been fun in their point of view. Some would just pass by as if it doesn’t concern them and some would join into bullying her.  Being called Wolfy wasn’t something that was new. Ever since she was in the academy, they had been starting to call her that. After all she was the only wolf in the kingdom, a realm full of witches and warlocks and Kara and other banished wolves are considered as laughing stocks for them. There's no doubt in that. Being an outcast in where she currently resides, gives her a huge sense of pain. Fully knowing that she was different from all others that are in this kingdom. That is why she never had a friend or someone she could lean on throughout her whole life living in the Wycca Kingdom. “Go back to your kingdom, Wolfy.” A witch fired at her, then instantly snorted at her words, “Oh, that’s right. Wolfy and her family had been banished from her own realm.” She teased, pushing Kara’s buttons. Kara growled, her wolf was at bay. The students staggered backwards as they heard her snarl. Her hands had gone pale from the force of fisting them so hardly. She felt magic radiated through her wrist and neck making her weak by the second. That was the cue for the witches and warlocks to laugh at Kara’s pitiful state. As if they weren’t scared of her growls earlier. In a matter of second, a blast of wind had passed by the students who were laughing at Kara, along with the breeze were sands and it had entered the witches and warlock’s eyes and noses, causing them to rub their eyes and had difficulty breathing. On the other hand, Kara didn’t even feel the brush of wind on her skin. Instead, she scanned her eyes throughout the hallway only to find a warlock looking at them while muttering something incoherent to the air. Kara blinked but soon after, the guy vanished from her view. While the students were still in distress, Kara took this time to run away from the hallway.  She needed to get out of there.  She needed to calm herself. Especially the wolf inside her. However, her wolf was resisting, wanting to reach the surface and wanting to shift so badly despite the cuffs on her wrist and the collar on her neck. Stay calm. Stay f*****g calm. Kara told her wolf.  But she could feel the fur in her arms and the electrocution running from her wrist and the collar on her neck was choking Kara, causing her to stumble onto the ground as she reached the academy’s front gate.  There were no students on sight so no one could possibly help her in her current state. Not that witches and warlocks would even help her whenever the cuffs and collar would do it’s magic on her. They never once helped her whenever she was having a hard time. Even when she was at a point where she’d done purple because of the collar restricting her air passageway, Wyccans never really cared. It was as though they secretly hoped that she died in the process. Not until she heard a faint cough. Kara lifted her head and raised her eyes to look for the source of the sound and her breath hitched upon catching sight of a boy in front of her who was looking downward at her. Despite the fact that Kara couldn’t shift, her senses were still high. She could instantly sense that this boy in front of her was a wolf. All creatures in the Azazleias Realm have distinguished smells radiated from their body. Wolves have a musky smell on them even when in human form. While witches and warlocks have a more aromatic smell from them because of the spells and magic radiating from their systems. There are only rare times wherein a wolf sets a foot in the Wycca Kingdom, and that is if they have some business or connections inside the realm. So Kara instantly wondered how the hell this boy in front of her had come here. This is the first time that Kara had an encounter with her own kind, well, aside from her mother and father that were also living in the kingdom. A sense of familiarity surges within her, but at her current situation, she felt embarrassed. “Are you alright?” The boy asked, crouching down so that Kara wouldn’t have a hard time looking at him. The man offered his hands towards Kara, “Do you need help?” He added as his hands stopped midair, waiting for Kara to reach for his hand as he could help her up. However, Kara seemed immobilized just by hearing the boy’s voice because it was deep and husky. Electricity shots through her body upon hearing the boy's voice. Since he looked rather young, she didn't expect for him to sound like that. Sure he does look strong for his figure as the muscles and veins in his boy were showing, but Kara could almost swear that he's just the same age as him. So his voice did really give a different vibe and effect on her. Not wanting to look dumb, Kara reached for the man’s hand and helped her to stand in order to make up for the minutes that had gone by just by staring at his face. Kara’s wolf was now calm. In an instant her wolf was gone as if it didn't want to shift so bad earlier. And Kara wondered why. It must be because of how embarrassed she felt right now. So without further ado, upon standing up in front of the boy, she straightened the hem of her uniform then dusted off the dirt that had gathered on her blouse due to the fact that she was struggling on the ground for who knows how long already. “Thank you,” Kara could only mutter, she couldn't even look at his eyes straightly. She was trying her very best to avoid meeting them and Kara was about to leave when the boy had spoken, causing her to stop in her tracks and forget what she was about to do. “You’re a she-wolf?” He uttered, completely aware that she was. However he wanted to hear it from her. The boy had heard Kara growled earlier when she wasn’t even aware of his presence as she was laying on the cold asphalt ground. Being a wolf, it was easy for them to know their kind. It is something that they were capable of doing. Also they can differentiate whether the kind is a witch, vampire, faeries, and other creatures in the realm. Different creatures give off different smells and werewolves have heightened senses of smell that's why for their kind, they have no difficulties with that kind of ability. It's also probably one of their advantages whenever they would accidentally or incidentally encounter other creatures in the realm. With his question, Kara nodded. Still embarrassed, not wanting to explain further to someone she had never met before even if they share the same kind. Kara had always had a hard time opening up to others probably because she never had a friend who she could turn to whenever she felt overwhelmed, sad, or happy. So at moments like this, she's already thinking of the worst thing possible. And that includes the thought that she doesn't want to trust him so easily. But he’s a wolf, maybe he can help. Kara thought to herself, hoping that this man before him couldn’t read her mind.  She knows that's also one of their capabilities. However she had never experienced it beforehand. Even from her own parents, they say that only mates have the power to read each others thoughts and can talk with one another through the link. She knows because her parents had told her and they had done it many times in front of her before. “Then why are you in this realm?” The boy asked, obviously confused and making Kara jolt out of her trance. “Or are you here for some business too? I don’t think I have ever saw you in Monleite before.” He squinted his eyes, taking a good look at Kara from her head down to her toes. As if he was examining her, making sure that he had never missed an encounter. However, despite the different packs in the Monleite Kingdom, he just knows that he had never encountered her scent before. She looked away, almost blushing by the thought that someone had ever laid eyes on her for more than 30 seconds. Kara knew how much Wyccans hated seeing her and they can't simply stand the fact of looking at her even for just a moment. “I… I should be going.” She responded, obviously not used to the attention. This attention is way different from how the witches and warlocks treated her and something inside her was swirling. She was unsure whether it was her wolf or her human self. Despite the fact that this man could help her since he’s the same kind as her, Kara was too embarrassed of her situation. And this man is practically a stranger to her. Even though he is a werewolf, she could not easily trust him.  Kara had learned in the hard way not to easily trust someone. She knew better not to. She'd been disappointed many times already. Before she could even leave, the boy had spoken again. “Magic,” he commented while sniffing through the air and his eyes landed on Kara’s wrist and neck. Upon noticing the boy's action, Kara immediately hid her hands on her back and looked down on the ground to hide the collar on her neck. Not that it did even help much since the boy before her already caught a glimpse of them. She might not know the whole reason for why her family was banished from Monleite Kingdom, she was well aware that this only happens if werewolves have greatly sinned. She had asked her parents about it and they would mostly stay silent. But when Kara’s being pushy, they would tell her that they were wrongly accused and were sentenced to life banishment in another realm, which was the Wycca Kingdom. As she was too scared of what her parents have done in order to be punished like this, she still thinks that it was unfair and unjust that the High Council even allowed this to happen. And although Kara wanted to resent her parents because she can’t live a normal she-wolf life, she had learned to just understand that some things happen for a reason. And maybe this was her reason for being alive. “I’m afraid that this doesn’t concern you.” Kara replied sternly, as bad thoughts lingered inside her head, she didn't even hide the fact that the issue was pretty sensitive in her case. She had enough embarrassment for today. She couldn’t possibly handle another if it’s one of her kind. The boy looked taken aback with her words. He just wanted to help her out. His intentions were pure, and even though he knew that she could sense that, her mind was already clouded with grief and disappointment. He raised a brow, “I’m afraid that it does. Werewolves are pack. We consider each other as family and we help each other in times of need.” He proudly beamed at her.  Kara’s eyes widened, she could feel her wolf growling mad inside her. Family? Help? He was sputtering nonsense and lies! If werewolves were family and a pack, why was her family banished from their realm? Why is she living her whole 16 years of life in the Wycca Kingdom being treated like a dog on a leash. She was an outcast her whole life. No one she could ever lean on when things are getting hard for her. On top of that, she couldn’t even shift into her wolf form. Is that what you call a pack and a family? As much as she wanted to go to Monleite Kingdom, she was furious about the whole ordeal. “You know nothing,” Kara answered, glaring back to the man who seemed to have pushed her button. “Easy there, little pup. I didn’t come here to cause any harm.” He raised both his hands in the air, symbolizing a retreat gesture. The smile on his lips was now gone, knowing fully well that the topic might be sensitive for her. He could almost feel her emotions because it was too loud for his ears.  Deep inside, he knows that this girl wanted to be saved.  So even if she doesn't show it that much, he was going to try. “Then why are you here?” Kara questioned, her hands fisted on her both sides, clearly still angry at what he said before. “There are some things I needed to take care of and I sensed a she-wolf that was in danger. And I thought that she needed some help.” He admitted, which was true. He was busy earlier doing his errands when he had instantly sensed a wolf in distress. He could not simply just turn blind eye for that matter. He was training to become one of the best werewolves in his realm, so it was only natural for him to tend to her care and find out what was happening. Kara looked at the boy in front of him with much confusion. Her eyebrows were knitted together and her nose was scrunched. Clearly evident on her face on how the hell he could even do such a thing. It was the first time Kara ever heard of a wolf who can sense someone in danger. Well, she knows that it might be possible but one has to be specialized and trained hardly for that matter. The boy easily caught on Kara's expression. She didn't even need to mutter any question as the boy instantly answered already. “Oh, it’s one of my abilities, I could sense a wolf even miles away from me, and in a way I could also sense their emotions. It’s no big deal.” He muttered, joking as if it wasn’t a real big deal. In his case, it was a pretty huge deal since not all werewolves nor she-wolves have such capabilities. Not even all werewolves have special capabilities, some are just average. Kara wasn’t even sure if she had any abilities like that. Being unfamiliar with her wolf and capabilities, it was almost unfortunate to say that she had none. A whole five minutes had passed and Kara wasn’t able to mouth any words. A tinge of pain settled in her heart. She wanted to be free and she wanted to be one with her wolf. However, she was put in such an unfortunate situation that everything seemed to be against her. “You should come with me,” The boy suggested after a while of Kara not muttering any words. Yet again, Kara looked at the boy as if he was a crazy werewolf. But at the same time, she felt her heart jump in anticipation and joy. “Excuse me?” “Come with me. I’ll take you to Monleite Kingdom.” He uttered as if what he said was not much of a big deal. Kara choked, “H-how?” “We’ll just take my car and drive to Monleite.” He answered in a matter of fact tone. “No, I mean I can’t.” Kara admitted, looking away from the boy's stare. With a knitted forehead, he asked. “What do you mean that you can’t?” She gulped, not ready for the words that were supposed to come out of her mouth. She knew that she thought earlier that she didn't want to trust this guy. However Kara could feel the sincerity from him when he said that he wanted to take her with him. So even if she didn't want to tell him, she had blurted it out nonetheless. “I’m banished from your realm.” Kara fired back, pressing the words in his head. Also showing him the metal cuffs on her wrist and pointing at the metal collar on her neck. In which, he would already have noticed by now and he must’ve known what her current situation was which is why he had offered her such a thing. However, what part of banished did he not understand, though? Being banished in one's realm means that there's no way you can go back to your realm since the High Council and the Council of the Wolves have already agreed with that decision. It was clearly pointless to ask Kara if she wanted to come with him knowing full well that she can't “Let’s just say that I know just a way to handle that.” The guy replied, even showing his wide smile to Kara. Even if Kara seemed flustered by that action, she still can't stop wondering what the hell he was thinking of. Does he really think that he can just drag me out of this place? Kara thought. How could he possibly have a way to handle such things? Is he some kind of God that could grant her whatever she needed in life? Kara couldn't believe what he just said. There is no way that he can get Kara out of this shithole. This had been her sentence and purpose in life. Banishment was now a part of who she is and she might not ever be able to shift in her entire life. She had tried many ways to escape the place. Kara even sneaked out from the Wizards and Charmcasters that were guarding the exit gate of the Wycca Kingdom. However, she was just dragged back to the Academy and her parents were called to reprimand her. "Why would I even trust you? Let alone come with you? What if you're some kind of serial killer? Even if I'm stuck in here, I don't want to die!" Kara screamed at him. In which had earned a loud laugh from the guy and Kara swore that her heart almost jumped by the sound of his laughter. "If I did want to kill you, I didn't have to talk you out of it. I would've just gone for it earlier." He snickered at her. After laughing for almost a minute, the boy offered his hand midair, "Levi," He uttered, now looking at Kara with a wide smile on his face. Kara looked at him confused. She was wondering what the hell was he even saying. So the boy cleared his throat, "My name's Levi, you said you don't even know me" And without even thinking and as if Kara was lured by his voice, she reached for his hand and shook it. "Now, you know my name, Kara. So are we settled then?" He muttered after the handshake was done. Kara's eyes widened by the mention of her name. She quickly nudged his hands away. "H-how did y-you know?" She asked in complete disbelief. Is he some sort of mind reader s**t that allows him to know something about the person he's talking to? Before Kara could even lose her s**t, Levi laughed at her reaction then uttered, "The name tag embroidered on your blouse. It says 'Kara Y'. I figured out that might be your name or are you wearing your classmate's uniform?" Levi teased her, making her blush in complete shame. Well, Kara seemed to have been embarrassed too many times today. The ground can now swallow her entire being.  Shit. . . . "What brought you here, Alpha?" The principal in the Wycca Academy muttered as soon as he had seen Levi entered the room. Kara's eyes widened once more. "You're an Alpha?" She asked, looking at the guy beside her. Levi snorted, "Ah, I seemed to have missed out that information." She teased once again and Kara could only shake her head. "And why are you with her, Alpha Levi?" The principal butted in between their conversation and Levi growled at him in response. The old man staggered backwards, completely scared by the fact that this young boy in front of him was oozing with much dominance. "I apologize, Alpha. You may continue." Levi clicked his tongue, clearly annoyed. While Kara had jolted in her place the moment he had heard Levi growled beside her. Even though it was not directed at her, she can't shake the fact that this werewolf beside her was a man of authority. If only she had known earlier, she would've never questioned him like what she had done earlier. "I am here to handle an affair with you about one of your students, which is Ms. Kara Yhres." Levi muttered so professionally that Kara thought it was a different guy. He seemed to handle things in a very good manner.  He must've done this many times already. The principal was rooted in his place, looking at the ground to show his submission towards him. Even though this old man was a warlock, an alpha is still much more powerful than him since the old man is just an average warlock. Before he could even cast a spell on Levi, he might have already lunged at him and broke his neck. So he didn't want to test the Alpha. "I am here to announce that Kara has now been officially readmitted to the Monleite Kingdom. Her life sentence banishment had ended today." Levi informed the principal, in which he had quickly raised his head to meet Levi's eyes but quickly averted it to Kara's face. "B-but, her family's banishment was supposed to be life sentenced." He retorted. "Well, change of plans." Levi snarled then quickly showed him a paper with a message of Kara's readmission with a royal wax seal at the bottom right of the paper. The old man knew that just by seeing the piece of paper, he could no longer object as that piece of paper with wax seal shall be obeyed. "I understand, Alpha Levi. We'll have her released by tomorrow--" "Today." Levi interjected the old man's words, "She'll be released today. She'll be coming back with me." Levi added. Seemingly wanting to object, the old man could only nod in response. He can never question Levi and his authority. The old man looked at Kara, "Good luck to your endeavors, Ms. Yhres." . . . “This is illegal, Alpha Levi!” Danny, who is a beta in the pack, screamed at the man who was sitting on the passenger seat next to Kara. He was looking at the rearview mirror to see his reaction. “Yes it is illegal, Danny. I am aware of that.” Levi had muttered calmly, causing Danny to turn around and look at his Alpha directly in the eyes. Both of their eyes were shifting to another color and was glowing and Kara could feel the tension in Levi’s car.  “Then why take her with us?” Danny asked, confused and angered by now. The veins on his forehead were close to popping out. “We’re going to be f****d up once your father knows about this.” He added looking over at Kara and noticed the cuffs and collar. “For f**k’s sake, Levi she’s banished. There was a reason why she was in Wycca Kingdom.” Levi growled so loudly that it hurts both Kara and Danny’s ears. The both of them lowered their heads in submission, clearly showing dominance over them. Levi isn’t just an Alpha by his title. More than that, he's suited for the position in their pack. Despite his young age of 17, he already had shown dominance, leadership, and resilience. He had lived up through the title. Even though he knew for a fact that if ever someone in Monleite Kingdom would know about him illegally taking a banished she-wolf in Wycca Kingdom, he too, might be banished for what he’s about to do. And as a second in command, Danny wanted to knock some sense into his mind. Levi can’t lose his title over some banished she-wolf. It is so not Levi. And Levi knew that. However, there was something different from Kara the moment he had felt her anguish and distress that had his wolf coming in urgency to help her. Levi felt like there was a pull between them and he couldn’t resist and just leave alone the girl in the Wycca Kingdom after finding out about her situation. It would definitely bother him if he doesn’t do this. Or worse, he might regret it. So he had taken the chance. “We’re taking her and that’s final.” Levi announced with much authority in his voice, showing that he was superior to his Beta. And although Danny is against this, he had no choice but to step on the gas and drive the car away from Wycca Kingdom. After a moment of silence, Kara muttered. “Where are we going?” Levi, smiled at her before answering. “To Monleite Kingdom, little pup.”
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