Chapter 50

2000 Words

Chapter Fifty: The choice has been made. —   Third Person’s Point of View   Alpha Liam had his jaw clenched. The answer that had come from Kara was something that he had already expected. Since he had seen a vision of him being killed by Kara. However, he was hoping for a different ending as he was trying to convince the young girl to join his pack. But Kara Yhres had refused. “I’ll choose to be loyal to the Alpha Prince then.” She had answered instantly as soon as Liam was done with his question. She didn’t even need to second guess her own answer. Beside the fact that she’s really curious of what her future holds and what kind of history she has, Kara isn’t the type of she-wolf that can easily turn her back to someone that made so many differences in her life. For Kara, Levi is

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