Chapter 49

2000 Words

Chapter Forty Nine: Having no plan is the plan. —    Third Person’s Point of View   “Shit.” Beta Danny cussed. After a whole minute of letting reality sink in into their mind, that is the only word that he can mutter. Due to the fact that he was quite frazzled by the fact that Kara had been held hostage because of his negligence of watching over her. Not that it was entirely his fault but he had promised Levi to keep his eyes on Kara for the whole time that they will be camping around the forest. That being said, now that Kara has been put in a difficult position, he can’t seem to ponder at the thought that he’d partly be the one to blame even if it was Kara’s decision to take a swim in the lake. On the other hand, there wasn’t any sound coming from Levi the moment that he had rea

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