Chapter 48

2100 Words

Chapter Forty Eight: The choice is in your hands. —   Kara Yhres’ Point of View Before answering my question, a huge sinister smile was plastered on his lips. Which had instantly had the hairs on my arms rise at the very sight of him. Alpha Liam really looked scary. Most especially when seeing him with that facial expression and seeing the huge scar on his face as it had added another creepy factor. It was a sight that I never wanted to see in my entire life anymore. However, as long as this man is alive and I am in his hands, I’m sure that this isn’t the last time I’ll see him ever again. “Instead of just telling you why don’t I just show you?” Alpha Liam said, staring at me so intently that I was afraid of being just near him. Gulping, I replied with a question. “How will you sh

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