Chapter 47

1700 Words

Chapter Forty Seven: Mhryta, half-wolf and half-human. —   Kara Yhres’ Point of View   My mouth fell agape. “B-but that’s forbidden.” I stammered as I couldn’t even form the words in my mouth.  It was my first time hearing about this or actually meeting a Mhyrta in my whole life. There are Mhyrtas that exist in Monleiete Kingdom but they co-exists with the purebreds and one couldn’t actually differentiate them with the purebreds since we just all share the same physical attributes. The only different thing about the Mhyrta is that they have a gift. However no one actually knows where and how they are able to acquire certain gifts. Having these wide varieties of gifts allow them to be more powerful than the purebreds and pure werewolves and she-wolves don't really like the idea of

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