Chapter 46

1500 Words

Chapter Forty Six: Being held hostage. —   Kara Yhres’ Point of View   I winced in pain the moment I had regained consciousness. A memory had instantly flashed on my mind as I tried to move from my place. However the metal cuffs on my wrists had kept me from doing so. Flashes of Weres had invaded my mind as soon as I was now awake and it was vivid in my memory that the Wherzkil Pack was the one that I had encountered at the lake. The moment that they saw me, I instantly got out of the lake and ran towards the other direction. I used all my strength despite the clothes clinging onto my skin and despite the wind making me feel cold. However, as there were a lot of them; I got attacked in almost all directions and was pinned on the ground by more than three Weres. Immediately making m

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